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There are plenty of Chrome extensions out there that are useful for all of us. If you are a developer and designer, then you will find few fantastic chrome extensions that will assist you the best way possible. If you are looking to get things in shape and you want to make things easier for yourself, then you can use these chrome extensions. Most of the time, developers and designers face issues regarding speed testing of the website

You can find all the amazing tools integrated with your web browser that will help you in the best way. Here are ten best Chrome extensions for designers and developers and if you are a developer, then you should be using these chrome extensions. 

Awesome Screenshot

If you are working in collaboration with different designers and developers and you need to share a specific screenshot, then this particular tool can help you do so. You can take a screenshot and share it with anyone. Awesome Screenshot provides you multiple options for you, and it has different features that you can use. You can take a screenshot of selected area, and you can also do a screen recording with the help of this extension. It can be a useful extension when it comes to taking screenshots. This plugin is also helpful for designers to keep a screenshot of some best websites for inspirations.

CSS Peeper

If you are facing multiple issues in capturing the styles of a particular section of your site, then you can always use this specific extension. It is one of the best Chrome extensions for designers who do not want to get into the code. It will give you a perfect idea of the margins, colour codes, paddings, and all the code values of the distinct sections. With the help of this particular chrome extension, you will be able to pay more attention to the designs than code values. 

Breakpoint Tester

One of the most significant Chrome extensions out there that you can use to get things in shape. If you are looking to check the responsiveness of your website that you are building, then it can serve you like the best tool out there. You can use this tool to test the responsiveness of the website at various breakpoints. It will allow you to check the responsiveness of your website quickly. You can also use custom breakpoints to test the site’s responsiveness thoroughly. 

Web Developer

Well, there is no doubt that the chrome has made things a lot easier for all the developers and designers out there. With the help of different chrome extensions including Web Developer extension, you can check things in detail when developing a website. This particular Chrome extension will allow you to add a toolbar button with multiple web developer tools. You can enable and disable these tools when you are working on the development of a particular website. 

Alexa Traffic Rank

If you are an online marketer and you have been doing business like web development, designing and blogging, then it can be the useful extension for you. If you are making comparisons of different blogs, and want to check the traffic ranks and other analysis of a particular website, then this extension can come handy. You can get the desired results by checking your website Alexa Traffic Rank in the country you are living, and how many sites are linked to your website. 

PHP Ninja Manual

PHP Ninja Manual is here to save the day for all the PHP developers. If you are writing codes, then it is possible that you have forgotten few specific functions. Sometimes,  it can be tough to remember all the functions. If you are facing problems remembering the PHP functions, then this extension will provide you with the function that you are looking after. It has a complete PHP 5.5 documentation with multiple examples in different languages. It is one of the most significant chrome extensions that every web developer should have. 


ColorZilla is a must have chrome extension for all the designers out there. You can get a colour reading from any page and the extension will quickly adjust this colour and will paste it into another program. If you are a web designer, and you want to save time and make things easier for yourself, then you can use this particular extension to make things better for yourself. It comes will multiple features that you can use to make things a lot easier for you when you are designing specific pages. 

DevTools Autosave

Another fantastic choice for web developers is the DevTools Autosave. This particular Chrome extension will allow you to save the changes automatically that you are making to a specific file. If you are making changes to the web page’s CSS and JS file with the help of this extension, then it will also save the changes to the source file of the website. It is another most useful Chrome extension available for the developers who want to save time while making necessary changes. 


One of the most prominent chrome extension every developer and designer should have is the YSlow. The extension will help you check the speed of your web pages. Not only will it provide you with the test results for the speed of your website, but it will also offer you many suggestions to take care of your website maintenance and performance. It will check your site from 34 rules which are identified by the Yahoo’s performance team. It is a must have chrome extension for every developer and designer for testing purposes. 


If you are a web designer, then this chrome extension is useful for you. You can create designs, and then you can export them into CSS files. You will also be able to explore multiple tools that you can use. The extension will provide you with the best tool to edit photos in the best way possible. You can add layers styles, and you can simply get them into a CSS file.

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