Best Free WordPress Animation Plugins

best wordpress animation plugins

Are you in search of the best WordPress animation plugins? With the modern web designs, it is necessary for website owners to introduce animation on their websites. WordPress offers a great way to get started with it. If you are looking to create animations on your web pages, then you must know that there are multiple tools available to do so.

Creating animation with WordPress has become comfortable with the help of different free and paid animation plugins in WordPress. Here, we have curated a list of free animation plugins that you can use on your WordPress site to make things appealing to your customers.

Hover Effects Builder Free

wordpress animation plugin

It is one of the best free animation plugins available out there and will allow you to create amazing effects. It gives you more than 60 templates to add hover effects to the images on your website. List of features include:

  • 2D/3D rotation, flip and scale effects
  • Slide and fade effects
  • Customizable shortcode
  • Hover effects add-on for Visual Composer
  • Social share buttons

Reading Position Indicator

Another excellent option for creating animations in your WordPress website. Reading Position Indicator helps you create a vertical progress bar to show scroll progress of single entry.

  • Display progress on posts and pages
  • Adding colour styling
  • Background colour
  • Adjust opacity

WordPress Animator Free

It is another great tool for you to implement your creative ideas. You can create multiple animation effects to appeal your customers using WordPress Animator. Few of the prominent features include:

  • 45+ CSS animations
  • Display conditions on different pages
  • 11 tooltips styles
  • Hover effect to start and stop animation

Animate It!

animate it wordpress

Creating fantastic animation effects with Animate is easier. It gives you a lot of features that will help you add CSS3 movements to your website. The plugins give you multiple functions including:

  • Apply CSS3 animations on pages, posts, and widgets
  • 50+ Animations
  • Apply animation on click and hover
  • Button in editor to add an animation block in the post

Loading Page with Loading Screen

Another amazing option that you can use to introduce animation to your website is Loading Page with Loading Screen Plugin. You can create stunning landing pages utilizing these animation effects.

  • Screen display with loading percentage
  • Display the loading screen on all the pages
  • Select your own colour for progress screen
  • Edit the text showing the loading screen


One of the critical thing about this plugin is that it is based on a bootstrap framework which makes it responsive and user-friendly. The features Tabs provide includes:

  • Limitless tabs
  • Use tabs via shortcodes
  • Drag and Drop builder API integrated
  • Unlimited colour options

Niso Carousel Slider

Niso Carousel Slider is equipped with all the features that you would love to have an animation plugin for WordPress. A short list of things that you can create with this plugin:

  • Unlimited image carousel
  • Video carousel
  • Image lightbox support
  • Image caption support
  • Border and lazy load support along with four different image size support

Hover Effects

Another fantastic plugin for WordPress animation is Hover Effects. Most of the effects are using CSS3 features including transitions, transforms and animations. You can get quality features using this plugin:

  • 39 hover effects
  • Use in menus
  • Use in any element
  • Shadow and Glow transition
  • Multiple 2D transitions

WEN Skill Charts

WEN Skill allows you to create animated skill bar and circle. You can customize your charts according to your requirements. Moreover, you can use shortcodes in pages and posts.

  • Customizable charts
  • Reordering skill items from admin panel
  • Use shortcodes in sidebars, pages, posts, and text widgets

Ultimate Hover Effects

Ultimate Hover Effects is another great animation plugin that you can use on your WordPress site. It gives you simple, modern and stylish hover effects.

  • 85+ premium hover effects
  • Custom image width and height
  • 100% responsive
  • Unlimited colour options for title and descriptions

Animated Headline

You can use shortcodes to implement this plugin. It can be the best way to show animated headlines on your website pages. The features include:

  • 10 different types of animation effects
  • Complete settings in admin panel
  • Use shortcodes to add animation styles

Amazing Hover Effects

This plugin is a powerful one and has excellent hover effects collection. It is powered by pure CSS3 and iHover. The features of Amazing Hover Effects include:

  • 20+ Hover effects
  • Animation directions
  • Drag & Drop Ordering
  • Unlimited Hover Items

Smart Slider 3

wordpress animation

One of the best WordPress plugins available for creating sliders and it has every feature that you need to create amazing animation effects for sliders.

  • Content Slider builder
  • Slide Library with pre-made slides
  • Customizable controls
  • Smooth background animations

Master Slider Free Animation WordPress Plugins

Master Slider is another SEO friendly plugin that will allow you to create a responsive image and video sliders for your WordPress website. Some of the features include:

  • Create amazing sliders with 8 starter samples
  • Touch swipe navigation
  • Drag & Drop slider creation
  • User-friendly admin panel


It is another great animation plugin that you would love to have on your WordPress site. upPrev gives you animated buttons at the bottom of your pages and posts. You can add animated buttons in the page’s bottom right or left corners.


Icegram allows you to have beautiful options for a call to actions. It gives you the perfect opportunity to convert your visitors into regular customers.

  • Well timed popups
  • Action bars
  • Attention-grabbing toast notifications
  • Slide-in messengers

Page Animations And Transitions

This plugin will provide you multiple animations and CSS3 transition effects. You will be able to get useful animation styles using this plugin.

  • Set page in/out animation effect
  • Set page in/out animation duration
  • 9 different animation effects

CodeFlavors Floating Menu

If you are looking for a floating menu, then it can be a perfect choice. You can create an animated multidimensional menu on the left or right side of the blog.

  • Options for menu animation on page scroll
  • Menu position adjustment
  • Top distance adjustment
  • Menu titles

Parallax Scroll

Do you need a parallax scroll on your website? Well, this plugin will give you all the options to create parallax background image on your pages and posts.

  • Create header texts
  • Use shortcodes in pages and posts
  • Allow you to create content in custom parallax scroll post type

Image Hover Effects

Image Hover Effects allow you to add hover effects to the images with captions. You can also create multiple categories with different shortcodes.

  • 40+ hover effects
  • Color options for captions and descriptions
  • Numerous shortcodes
  • Easy admin options

Awesome Filterable Portfolio

free wordpress animation plugin

It is another amazing WordPress plugin which is best suited for designers, artists, and photographers to create outstanding portfolios. Some of the features of Awesome Filterable Portfolio includes:

  • Ordering portfolio categories
  • Customizable image hover effects
  • Configuring animation properties
  • Filtered items


Using WordPress animation plugins can add worth to your WordPress blogs. If you want to capture the potential customers, then these animation plugins can provide you with a catchy way to do it. You can use these plugins according to your requirements.

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