Our Capabilities

Typography, colour, form, balance, alignment, contrast & texture. We are passionate about these things and goes to great lengths to create beauty with them.

Web Design

Web Design

Great looking websites, regularly updated with detailed, relevant content themed to core topics targeting the right demographic, appearing in search engines so that you get more enquiries, sales and opportunity.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Promotional collateral that accurately identifies your organisation and compliments your brand is essential. This information can be the reader’s first impression of you and your company; it represents you in your absence.

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Social Media

Social Media

By combining our expertise in social ad design, we create designs that work as a visual communication for our clients and the open market. We have an ability to convert imagination into realism.

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Web Design Services Sydney

There are many layers of expertise that go into creating a great website. Behind every successful launch are a team of coders, designers, and experts in digital marketing all working towards one goal, creating a powerful online presence.

At Keen to Design, we understand that your site is an extension of your brand – which is why we deliver only goal-oriented sites designed to convert leads into sales and provide a greater return on your investment.

Keen to Design is a full-service one-stop shop for all your website design and online application needs.

Graphic Design

You want a website that enhances your brand which is why we focus on more than just developing beautiful sites. Our in-house graphic designers will also ensure every graphic, line, font, and colour scheme stays true to your business identity.

Landing Page Design

Need a landing page that grabs a visitor’s attention and spurs them into action? Then talk to us and use our expert guidance and design skills to get yourself a great landing page that helps to convert visitors into leads, and leads into paying customers.

Web Application Development

If it is a web application, you are after we can help with that too. We keep you involved at every step of the design process, resulting in an application that is intuitive, fast, efficient, and does everything you need it to do.

You, or your customers, will never again have to fight slow and clunky software that ‘s hard to navigate, and time-consuming to learn.

Digital Marketing

We want your site to get off to a flying start, which is where our digital marketing expertise comes in.

You do not just want traffic; you want highly targeted traffic. Our expert knowledge of and experience with search engine optimisation and social media strategies will ensure your website gets all the traffic it can handle to improve your bottom line.


Whether you just need a great looking website to enhance your online presence, a fast and intuitive web application, or just need your site to get found.

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