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Responsive mobile friendly WordPress websites

Responsive mobile friendly WordPress websites

Providing an optimized experience for those viewing your site via smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

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Ranking in Google and other search engines

Ranking in Google and other search engines

We optimize your site for the search terms that give you the best chance to be found by prospective customers.

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Designs that attract, engage and convert

Designs that attract, engage and convert

Delivering a friendly experience for the user– making it clean, meaningful, actionable and visually appealing.

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Unlimited tech support at no extra charge

Unlimited tech support at no extra charge

This is simply unheard of in the web industry. You can call us 20 times a day if you need to and you’ll never receive a bill.

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10 website mistakes

you don’t want to make in your site

In this FREE report, we reveal the 10 Critical Website
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See What Other Small Business Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Us

Mani Dahal
Mani Dahal

Rug Arts

"Keen provided support and advice on building my online store. They have listened, suggested, and created a site that we are extremely proud to present to our customers. I have found these young guys diligent and passionate about their work. I felt comfortable approaching them for advice and assistance at any time."

Zahid Ahemd
Zahid Ahemd

Zahid Brush Cleaning

" It’s amazing that such a service is possible at such a reasonable price.It's been a pleasure working with you and getting exactly what I need because you understood exactly how I wanted my site to look. You have done a great job on my website, and I definitely am going to recommend your service to some of my business associates."

Sameer Shrestha
Sameer Shrestha

SAGE Home Loans

" I came across Keen to Design website while I was searching for a logo designer for re-branding my business. I have always found them diligent and passionate about their work. Their services exceeded my expectation at all levels. Have a look at my site and you will understand what I am talking about."

Beautifully designed and crafted websites for your business

Beautifully designed and crafted websites for your business

We do not just design websites, we also implement proven strategies that engage visitors and drive more leads, customers, and revenues to your business.

Alignment, balance, contrast, emphasis, proportion, proximity, unity and white space is the essential components we focus on every website design. Caring structure, context, clarity and understanding of the message. Good design is always pushing all limits related to inspire successful communication regardless of medium.

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Guaranteed quality web design or your 100% money back

Don’t pay a single cent if you are not happy.

We are dedicated and committed to ensuring that our customers have a great experience, every time. This includes providing the quality result for all of our clients, superior service at great value. If you’re not happy with our web design Sydney services, we’re happy to restore to the backup of your choice and issue a 100% refund.

Our goal is outstanding designs for each client every time. We reinforce the expected standards with the designers and developers.

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Guaranteed quality web design or your 100% money back
Get more from your next website without the $2000 price tag

Get more from your next website without the $2000 price tag

Good website design is expected to inspire communication which is possible when the optical components within a visual material exercise user-centric approaches and fundamental principles of design.

  • Increase your inbound leads. Generate more sales.
  • Get more quality, targeted traffic.
  • Tap into new markets.
  • Multiply your profits.
  • Get more bang for your marketing buck.
  • And smash your competition!
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Plus We’re 100 % Australian Owned & Operated

Get custom design, 99.9% uptime and unlimited, local technical assistance.

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Starter Website Package

Package Starting $880. Ideal for new startups and businesses on a tight budget.

Single page 100% responsive, professional, hand-crafted website for getting your business online and increasing awareness of your small business.

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Business Basics Package

Package Starting $1180. Ideal for tradies, contractors, consultants or small business.

Website design for business who require a professional & modern online presence, but are not looking out to generate leads, customers or sales.

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Recommended Web Package

Package Starting $1480. Best suited to business needing a modern presence.

For established business who are ready to take their digital marketing to the next level, looking to boost leads and turn browsers in to buyers.

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Premium Web Package

Package Starting $1880 . For business looking to generate online revenue.

This package comes with a fully featured ecommerce online store with unlimited products, easy to use product management web application system.

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FREE Website Audit

Price $89, FREE for a limited time !


Simply complete the form and we’ll reply personally with an estimated date of completion. You can expect your website audit to be completed within 3-4 business days depending on our current queue.

Web Design & Development in Sydney

Delivering digital solution at one of the lowest
rate in Australia without compromising on quality.

Are you looking for web design in Sydney? Keen to Design is a website design Sydney agency offering web design and development services for small & medium-sized businesses throughout Australia. In the cutthroat competition that exists today, it is crucial that you set yourself apart from the crowd. Also, what better way to do that than creating an engaging platform for your business that will increase your web traffic and drive up your sales.

The design and structure are the first things that an impressionable customer will notice while visiting your website which makes web design an anchor for customer retention. The design may be clean and subtle or surprising and fiery, Keen to Design can help you in providing the best solution to all your web design problems.

At present, customers research over 90% of all their purchasing decisions online. This fact makes it extremely important for the customers to like what they see when they visit your website. A smart, user-friendly design will help to increase website traffic several folds which in turn will increase sales for your business. We will combine your vision and our ability to provide you with a remarkable platform that will undoubtedly increase sales for your business.

We love what we do and are fortunate to work with clients who love our small digital agency for what we do, contributing to some of the small business in Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Central Coast and North Sydney.

A fully working business website design is one of the most crucial components of having a business in Sydney, Australia. A company website allows you to spread out information about your products and services to your target market in the vicinity of their homes without much effort. Similarly, it also helps to create business and drive in sales from the previously untapped market. Thus, it is quite important to create a website that creates a sense of awe among your customers to set you apart from other competitors in the market.

We are a team of leading-edge Web designers and developers that can help you solve all your web design problems under one roof. We understand that every business caters to different needs; thus, we focus on creating a website that’s best for your customer base. People make impressions about a website in under 5 seconds, so it is essential that the interface is appealing as well as practical. In the cutthroat competition that exists today, every audience gained is a step towards driving up sales for your business. Hence, moving away from the masses and creating something unique stands first in everyone’s to-do-list. Moreover, we can help you do just that.

Websites have more purpose than just aesthetic pleasure but good design is the cornerstone of Keen to Design. Programming and website designing go hand in hand. We believe that good design should firstly focus on being able to communicate well while still retaining its aesthetic values intact, that form should follow function.

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Why us for Website Design in Sydney?


User-Friendly Websites

Websites we create are easy to navigate along with being aesthetically inviting. We create platforms that anchor the attention of the customers so that your web traffic is consistent with the sales your company makes.


Mobile Friendly Design

At present, most people look up information about businesses on the Internet through mobile devices. Moreover, to tap into this market, your business needs to have a website that runs smoothly across different technological platforms. Moreover, our team of web developers in Sydney will help you to achieve just that by creating a site that’s suited to run smoothly on mobile devices as well.


Original & Unique Quality Design

We start all our projects from scratch which ensures that 100% of the websites we design in our Sydney agency are original and unique. It provides the web audience with a taste of novelty which in turn helps to get hold of their attention. Moreover, by anchoring your audience’s attention, you can make the dissemination of information more efficient.


Customer Satisfaction

We put our complete focus on customer satisfaction. This fact will be visible to you since the first meeting as our team is always more interested in getting your vision on paper first. Your insight towards the website of your dreams is always our top most priority.


Guidance & Support

We provide complete support regarding the configurations of the site at every stage in development. We not only create an engaging website but also help you get familiar with its quirks. This guidance will enhance the way you interact with your customers via the website and how they, in turn, react to your services.

If you are looking for a web design in Sydney for a new website or an existing site, but aren’t impressed by what you’ve received from the other designers so far, then look no further. 

With our expertise and your valuable insight, we will get you a website that’s practical as well as appealing. Contact us now to get high-quality web design delivered fast from Sydney’s leading designer.Some other reasons to choose us are: 

  • Web Application Specialisation

  • Qualified and Experienced Web Design Agency Sydney

  • Attention to detail and Quality Design

  • Website concept to completion, advice and best website design Sydney service

  • The whole design process is fully managed and overseen

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