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Custom Web Design Sydney

Results-driven website design & development for growing businesses

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What we do

Whether you require a simple website, a fast web application, or need your site to get found.

wordpress website design

WordPress Website Design

We use WordPress CMS for small, medium and large-scale digital builds. It’s simple, flexible, and straightforward to use.

ecommerce website design

eCommerce Web Design

Standard and bespoke eCommerce solutions. For retailers, charities, business-to-business organisations and everything in between.

search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Results driven, cost effective ethical SEO services. Expect only best practice search engine optimisation techniques from our expert team.

custom web development

Custom Web Development

We leverage the best technologies to bring your web development projects to life. From backend to frontend development.

website maintenance and support

Maintenance and Support

New functional requirements. Monitoring of server performance, security updates & software upgrades.

website design sydney

Why choose us?

  • Transparent upfront pricing for certainty and peace of mind.
  • Deal directly with designers and developers building your site, not salespeople.
  • A team driven by decades of passion and experience.
  • No-pressure sales and heavy handed sales tactics.
  • Clear expectations – No surprises at the end of the project.
  • A unique and tailored approach for each project.
  • Delivered on time and on budget without compromising quality.
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Risk-Free Website Design in Sydney

We take every step to ensure you’re delighted from start to finish.

Our unique collaborative process allows you to share your insights.

That’s why we’re so confident in our work. We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you’re not happy? No worries. We’ll back up your full website to the destination of your choice and give you a full refund, and a smile.

Stunning websites that’s designed to maximise impact and generate results

Work with a professional web design company to give your customers a website they’ll love.

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Modern, professional, and clean designs

We offer superior user experience, eye-catching design. Complete mobile responsiveness for every website.

SEO friendly website development

Our web design agency will help you reach the search engine results page in style. With fully optimised and refreshed content.

A custom fit that’s made just for you

We’ll make a show-stopping website design for you. That’s simple, custom-fit, made-to-order, and hot off the server.

We won’t leave you hanging

We’ve got your back even after your website goes live. With technical support, video tutorials, and friendly service.

Custom website design

High-Quality and Custom-Fit Websites

Coffee isn’t enough of a buzz for us.

It’s designing and developing stunning WordPress websites with an impeccable user experience. That’s why all our designs are custom-made to be exactly what you need.

We don’t just phone it in, either. We’re experts at creating websites that are profit-driven and converts.

Custom WordPress websites

Combining Excellence and Affordability

We have designed our packages to fit your budget. Remarkable, custom-fit and high-quality website design with all the trimmings.

  • Built for high conversion
  • Optimised for digital marketing
  • Lead-generation ready
  • Social media marketing
  • Set up for success

Sydney web designers experienced with large, complex builds

We want you to succeed because that’s when we do, too. That’s why we’ll create a website design Sydney locals, search engines and the world will love. So you can boost your business to its maximum potential.

The Sydney Opera House is a performing arts center located in Sydney, Australia.
  • Improved navigation, site structure, and page layouts.
  • Improved desktop and mobile performance across site speed, accessibility, best practice and SEO. Measured by Page Speed Insights.
  • A reliable, faster site that incorporates accessibility standards.
  • Providing your marketing team with improved flexibility and control. When editing and creating new pages.

Real reviews we’ve received from our customers

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“Showed genuine interest in getting the best outcome for my website. Their creativity reflects an intimate understanding of current trends in web design. I highly recommended them to anyone looking for custom web design services.”

Lucas Fishwick

“I highly recommend Keen To Design. They created a magnificent rebuilding of our website. They were speedy, very responsive to our complex needs and highly professional in every aspect of the process.”

Conflict Resolution Network

“Keen To Design provides an outstanding service for all website related functions. All queries and requests completed instantly and quality of work excellent.”

Marcus Hill

What do we promise with every build?

Easy to navigate

We take great care in ensuring our web designs are striking and effortless to use and navigate.

We also follow best practices for user experience. Developing websites using WordPress to simplify website management.


The world’s gone mobile, and our designs mirror the trend. Mobile phones are a huge part of our modern day culture.

With more people than ever using their phones to get online and visit your business website. We’ll ensure your site is not only easy to use on any device, but looks great on every devices.

Bespoke design

Every website we build is unique and designed from the ground up.

We don’t believe in using third-party templates. All our designs are custom-built to client requirements and aimed to convert.


When you work with us, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Helping to answer all your questions and ensure you understand the process. The result? A website that brings your ideas to life to help your business grow.

Mobile first approach for design

To reach the widest audience possible your website must be mobile friendly. Rather than creating separate websites dedicated to desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

We create one unified site that renders across all devices and screen sizes. Taking a mobile-first approach, visitors get nothing short of an optimal viewing experience.

Our mobile friendly designs are fluid, flexible, and never sacrifice quality or functionality. Best of all, no matter how your visitors access your website, navigation is a breeze.

Our web designers know what it takes to hook your target audience. From the start and leave a lasting impression.

web designers sydney
website design services

Redesign and website migration with care

Several potential issues can arise during a website redesign and migration. If done without care, redesign can have detrimental effects on a website. Decreased search engine rankings and loss in site traffic revenue are some of the issues.

To avoid these potential problems and ensure the website’s continued success. There are several important steps to take after website redesign:

  • Testing the website to make sure all pages and features are working correctly.
  • Updating any broken links and redirecting old URLs to the new ones.
  • Submitting the updated sitemap to search engines. To ensure that the new pages are being indexed and ranked.
  • Monitoring the website’s performance for ongoing technical issues.

WordPress to eCommerce Website With Everything In-Between

Our web design team offers a wide assortment of services. Striving to provide the highest quality web design services from start to finish. Help you grow your business, build a loyal customer base, and generate more sales.

Tailored User Experience

A fantastic website isn’t just about the eye-catching aesthetics. An intuitive design that significantly meets the website objectives. and improves the user experience. From the original wireframe, low fidelity website design to the final design.

Ongoing Website Optimisation

Besides offering design and development services, we also offer to provide website support. We take over your site management and handle the admin side of running an online business.

From content management systems support and training to managed website hosting. As well as highly-advanced online security enhancements. You’ll never have to worry about maintenance, support, or digital presence again.

Sydneyis home to a vibrant and diverse community of designers and creative professionals

100 % Australian owned and operated

We’re a bright group of bruces and birds who are the top web designers Sydney has to offer. We have heaps of passion for what we do and we’re stoked to help you any way we can.

Easily keep your content up to date

Built on a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use content management system. Designed to ensure your website continues to drive sales moving forward.

Intuitive Website Backend

Our intuitive backend makes non-technical members easy to update and manage the content. You and your marketing team can easily change images and update graphic designs.

Previews and Future Publishing

See what the page will look like before you post your changes. Complete content when you have time and schedule for publishing in future.

website design

A web design agency you can trust

Creating a great website requires a web design team with expertise and skills. An Australian web design agency with a group of coders, web designers, project managers, and online marketing experts. All working toward the same goal: establishing a solid online presence.

Web Design FAQs

Some of the most often-asked questions and answers our team hears. These questions may assist you in selecting the best web design agency for your project. 

What are the essential qualities of a good website?

Several components make up a good website design. Your website should have a great user experience (UX). It should be optimised for SEO and load quickly. As well as having an eye-catching website design that’s well-laid out. It should also include images that align with your brand and work well in your website design’s layout.


What Is WordPress Website Design?

WordPress is an open source and free Content Management System (CMS). It’s a popular way to build websites and blogs. According to W3Techs, WordPress powers over 35% of the internet. WordPress is a professional way to build a completely custom web project.

How long will it take to complete the website design?

The web design time frame depends on your specific needs. The process can take a few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the project.

If you define your specific needs and discuss them with us in your initial consultation. It will be easier to estimate how long it will take.

We’ll let you know when we provide you with a free quote. Keep in mind that changes during the web design process can delay the project. As one of the best web designers Sydney has, we also test your website after it’s done to ensure it works well.

What is website hosting?

Hosting is where your website is stored and served up so it’s available on the internet. Without it, your visitors won’t be able to reach your site.

It’s like having furniture, but no house to put it in. The furniture would be like web design and the house would be website hosting.

It is crucial to have a reliable hosting provider so that the website is loading fast for visitors.


What does SEO for a website mean?

SEO stands for Search engine optimisation. It’s the process of improving the online visibility of a website in unpaid results. SEO helps attract more visitors to your site. As it’s more visible to them when they search for something related to your site’s content.

When you gain visitors, it’s called traffic. When you get traffic to your website through SEO, it’s referred to as being organic.

There are several ways you can optimise your website for SEO. Such as including relevant search phrases in your content, making site technical error-free.

Can you design for my specific industry?

Over the years, we’ve built websites for various industries. For small and medium businesses, to the legal, education, health, and construction industries.

Even if we are unfamiliar with your industry, we can quickly grasp its complexities.

We take the time to ask questions, to ensure that we understand your sector and your business and clients.

What is domain registration?

A domain name is the site address that you can buy with a domain registrar. It’s the URL that you enter into your browser’s address bar to visit a website such as “”.

A domain name that reflects your business and brand is much easier to remember.

What are the components of web design services?

Web design service includes various tasks necessary to create a functional site. These may include consultation with web developers. Planning and structuring the website project. Testing the website for functionality and deploying the website live.


How much will a new website design cost?

The cost of website depends on your specific feature needs. We have several different options based on the site and unique requirements.


What is the role of a web designer?

The role of a website designer is to create the look, layout and overall design of a website project. They are also responsible for choosing the colour scheme, font styles, and images.

What is the difference between a website builder and a custom website?

If you’re an individual or small business looking for a quick and budget-friendly way to create a basic website with limited customisation and functionality, website builders might be the ideal option for you.

However, if you have specific design requirements, unique functionalities, scalability needs, and the budget to invest in professional web development company, custom websites might be better suited to your needs.

Do you offer Google Ads?

We don’t offer Google Ads. We can recommend a digital marketing manager who specialises in Google Adwords.

sydney web design

Get your existing website redesigned by our Sydney website design agency

From starter web design packages to advanced and premium ones. No matter your business’s stage, our full service digital agency will create a custom-fit WordPress website. A website that’s well-suited, professional, SEO-optimised and easy to use.

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