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Quality, hand-crafted, professional results-driven web design & development.

Stunning websites designed to maximise
impact and generate results

We take the headache out of website design from the moment you say “Hello” to the moment you have a profitable, show-stopping, professional website that’s ready to go.

Stunning Designs for Everyone

Stunning Designs for Everyone

Our hand-crafted web designs are eye-catching on all devices and are built with an impeccable user experience in mind.

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 A Website Design That Google Will Love

A Website Design That Google Will Love

Our web design will help you reach the top of Google in style with our optimised and refreshed content.

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A Custom Fit That’s Made Just for You

A Custom Fit That’s Made Just for You

We’ll make a show-stopping website design for you that’s custom-fit, made-to-order and hot off the server.

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We Won’t Leave You Hanging

We Won’t Leave You Hanging

We’ve got your back even after your website goes live with unlimited technical support, video tutorials and a smile.

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High-Quality and Custom-Fit Websites

Coffee doesn’t energize us, but do you know what does?

It’s designing and developing stunning WordPress websites with an impeccable user experience for any business. That’s why all our designs are custom-made to be exactly what you need.

We don’t just phone it in, either. We’re experts at creating websites that are profit-driven and convert like crazy.


Not Happy? No Worries: We’ll Make It Right

We take every step to ensure you’re delighted from start to finish and even after that.

We developed a unique process that guides you through the design and development process. That’s why we guarantee you’ll be happy with our work.

If you’re not? No worries. We’ll back up your full website to the destination of your choice and give you a full refund, and a smile.

website design sydney
wordpress website sydney

High-Quality and Affordable Can Be in the Same Sentence

We designed our packages to fit your budget and give you a remarkable, custom-fit and high-quality website design with all the trimmings.

  • Built for high conversion
  • Optimised for SEO
  • Set up for lead generation
  • Social Media-Ready
  • Geared up to outrival your (business!) rivals
Design Packages
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100% True Blue & 0% Stubbies Short of a Six-Pack

We’re a bright group of bruces and birds who are the top web designers Sydney has to offer. We have heaps of passion for what we do and we’re stoked to help you any way we can.

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A Web Design Package For Every Business

We’ve got just what you need and within your budget.

From starter web design packages to advanced and premium ones, no matter what stage your business is in, we’ll create a custom-fit WordPress website that’s well suited, professional, SEO-optimised as well as stunningly gorgeous.

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We’re Here to Help: Website Design FAQs

What are the essential qualities of a good website?

There are several components that make up a good website design. Your website should have a great user experience (UX), it should be optimised for SEO and load quickly as well as having an eye-catching website design that’s well-laid out.

It should also include images that are in line with your brand and work well in your website design’s layout.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for website design, Sydney-based Keen To Design can take care of all this for you by creating a website that has all these elements.

How long will it take to complete the website design and go live?

The web design time frame depends on your specific needs. The process can take a few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the project.

If you define your specific needs and discuss them with us in your free consultation, we’ll be happy to estimate how long it will take. We’ll let you know when we provide you with a free quote.

Keep in mind that changes during the web design process can delay the project. As the top web designers Sydney has, we also diligently test your website after it’s done to ensure it works well.

What is WordPress website design?

WordPress is an open source and free Content Management System (CMS). It’s an extremely popular way to build websites and blogs. According to W3Techs, WordPress powers over 35% of the internet.

When it comes to website design Sydney-based businesses need, WordPress is a professional way to build a completely custom web design project. That’s why we use WordPress at Keen To Design.

What is website hosting?

Hosting is where your website is stored and served up so it’s available on the internet. Without it, your visitors won’t be able to reach your site.

It’s like having furniture, but no house to put it in. The furniture would be like web design and the house would be website hosting.

For professional web design, Sydney-based businesses need to have reliable hosting so their website is consistently loading quickly for visitors as well as being available around-the-clock, without errors.

As the top web designers Sydney has, we know how crucial solid web hosting is and that’s why we only use the best for our web design projects.

What is domain registration?

A domain name is the site address that you can purchase with a domain registrar. It’s the URL that you enter into your browser’s address bar to visit a website such as “”.

When you purchase a domain, you’re registering it. When you connect it to your website through editing your domain’s DNS settings to add your server’s IP address, a visitor can enter your domain into their browser. A DNS lookup occurs, which means your domain’s DNS settings are read. Your server’s IP address is found, it’s called, and your website is loaded to the end user.

Using a domain name for your website that reflects your business and brand helps you look more professional and is much easier to remember than your server’s IP address.

At Keen To Design, our top web design Sydney has to offer includes connecting your new WordPress website with your registered domain name.

What does SEO for a website mean?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving, or optimising, the online visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid results. This helps attract more visitors to your site because it’s more visible to them when they search for something related to your site’s content.

When you gain visitors, it’s called traffic. When you get traffic to your website through SEO, it’s referred to as being organic because you didn’t pay to be placed first in search results through ads.

There are several ways you can optimise your website for SEO such as through including relevant search phrases in your content. But, the most crucial aspect is making sure your website and its content answers your audience’s questions which they searched for in engines such as Google or Bing.

As a popular option for website design Sydney-based businesses engage, Keen To Design takes great care in updating your website with new content that’s SEO-optimised.

How much will a new website design cost?

It depends on your specific needs. We have several different web design package options based on the site and features you need. No matter your budget and which option you choose, we will create a custom WordPress website design Sydney-based businesses have been keen on when we have worked with them in the past.

Modern Web Design to Propel Your Profit

We want you to succeed because that’s when
we do, too. That’s why we’ll create a website
design Sydney locals, Google and the world
will love so you can boost your business to
its maximum potential.

Stanford’s web credibility research has shown 75% of users judge a business’ credibility based on their website design—Sydney-based companies aren’t immune, either.

Getting a website with profit-driven, impeccable web design Sydney locals and the world loves to browse can help put your business on the fast track.



A website is how your customers or clients find you. Telstra’s 2018 Small Business Report has demonstrated that 62% of users won’t shop with a company that doesn’t have their information available online and 48% will pass on businesses that don’t have a website.

If you want to increase sales, having a website is no longer optional. Fortunately, we can help you get online. We specialise in show-stopping web design Sydney businesses can thrive on.

Book a free consultation by clicking the button below to see how we can create a bolstering online presence for your business.



Need a Stunning Website? We’ve Got You Covered


User-Friendly Websites

We take great care in making sure our web designs are not only striking, but that they’re also effortless to use and navigate. We follow best practices for user experience and we develop websites using WordPress to ensure managing your site is straightforward.


Mobile-Ready Design

“In 2018, 58% of site visits were from mobile devices.” When you have us create your website, it means you’re getting the top team of web designers Sydney’s got and we make sure we develop websites that are fully responsive and work well across all mobile devices.


Custom-Fit and Hand-Crafted Designs

A web design Sydney-based businesses can get behind means a design that’s as unique as their brand. That’s why we develop websites that are built from the ground up and are customised to the hilt. You’ll get everything you need to grow your business.


Your Happiness is Guaranteed

We crafted a process that’s unique to us to ensure you’re informed and happy at every stage of the web design process. We know we can help you reach your business’ goals and that’s why we guarantee you’ll be 100% happy or we’ll give you your money back.


We're Here to Help

We won’t just build you a website. We’ll provide you with unlimited tech support so you won’t have any moments where you want to pull out your hair in frustration. Not on our watch! That’s why we also have extensive training videos so you won’t be left in the lurch.

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