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Web design packages that are pre-defined sets of services offered by web design company

Business Basic Package

Ideal for small business, contractors and consultants

Starting from* $3,400 incl GST View Inclusions

Professional Website Package

Ideal for growing small and medium businesses

Starting from* $6,800 incl GST View Inclusions

Advanced Website Package

Ideal for business that needs a professional & modern presence

Starting from* $12,800 incl GST View Inclusions

Premium Website Package

Ideal for established business looking to expand to next level

Starting from* $24,800 incl GST View Inclusions

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  • tennis school website design
  • home loan provider website
  • modern ecommerce website
  • refinancing service provider website
  • wordpress custom website design
  • elearning website design
  • chiropractor website
  • ecommerce website
  • professional web design package
  • real estate website
  • ent clinic website
  • property developer website
  • budget web design
  • transport services website
  • website for wealth management services
  • small business wordpress design packages
  • chambers website
  • mortgage broker custom website
  • equipment developer website
starter wordpress website design package

Business Basic Package

Ideal for small business, contractors and consultants.

Starting from* $3,400 (incl GST)

  • Up to 8 Pages Custom Website Design
  • 100% Mobile & Tablet Friendly Responsive Website A mobile and tablet friendly responsive website is a website that has been designed and developed to adapt to the size and orientation of the device it is being viewed on, whether that is a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.
  • Develop working HTML/CSS website to best practice web standards HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two essential technologies used to create and style websites.
  • Self Editable Pages through WordPress Content Management System WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and manage a website through an easy-to-use, web-based interface.You can use the WordPress page editor to create and edit your content. The page editor allows you to add text, images, and other types of media to your pages, and format and style your content using a range of tools and options.
  • Integrate SEO best practices to increase visibility in popular search engines
  • Up to 10 Premium High-quality Stock Images included
  • Test and debug the beta version of the website before the launch
  • Enquiry forms on various pages/ Blog capability
  • Online training access with short video tutorials that are easy to follow
  • Development of interactive prototype to finalise design & functionality
web design and development pricing

Professional Website Package

Ideal for growing small and medium businesses

Starting from* $6,800 (incl GST)

  • Up to 15 Pages Custom Website Design A custom website design is a design that is created specifically for a particular website, rather than using a pre-designed template.
  • 100% Mobile & Tablet Friendly Responsive Website
  • Develop working HTML/CSS website to best practice web standards
  • Blog capability / Easily add more subpages after launch via CMS
  • Goal focused great looking design (Additional time allocated for design)
  • Test and debug the beta version of the website before the launch
  • Keyword research / On-page SEO optimisation
  • Up to 20 premium high-quality stock images included
  • User-friendly advanced contact forms / Conditional fields
  • Online training access with short video tutorials that are easy to follow
  • 4 rounds of revisions | Draft design- 3 rounds | After development – 1 round
  • FAQ section / Newsletter management system
website design packages

Advanced Website Package

Ideal for business that needs a professional & modern presence

Starting from* $12,800 (incl GST)

  • Up to 24 Pages Custom High Quality Advanced Design ( With 10-14 different layouts)
  • User Experience(UX) Focused Design / Detailed Page Layouts
  • Engaging User Interface (UI)
  • Blog capability / Easily Add more subpages after launch via CMS
  • Test and debug beta version of the website before launch
  • Keyword Research / On-page SEO Optimisation
  • Up to 20 Premium High Quality Stock Images included
  • User-Friendly Advanced Contact Forms
  • Online Training Access with Short Video Tutorials that are easy to follow
  • 5 Round of Revisions – Draft Design- 4 Rounds | After Development (coding) – 1 Round
  • FAQ’s/ Careers Page
  • Advanced Performance Optimisation
custom website design packages

Premium Website Package

Ideal for established business looking to expand to next level

Starting from* $24,800 (incl GST)

  • All the Features from Advanced Web Package
  • Up to 35 Pages Custom High-end UX Focused Design ( With 15-20 different layouts)
  • Prototyping/UX discovery –UX research & design based on tests and experiments.
  • Development of Information architecture into a Sitemap
  • High-fidelity Prototype with Dynamic Content and Conditional Logic
  • Effective Collaboration for Draft Design – Easy Feedback & Quick Iterations
  • Technical and Competitor Analysis / Keyword Mapping
  • Digital Strategy Recommendations
  • Custom-coded relevant Plugins and Modules
  • Rigorous Internal Quality Assurance Testing
  • Keen To Design Website Care Plan included for 1 Year

* The prices and inclusions shown are intended to be used as a reference only and may vary based on the requirements of the web project.


Features included in all our design packages

handcrafted design

Uniquely crafted design from ‘scratch’

google analytics setup

Google Analytics Setup

social media integration

Social Media Integration

photo slidewhow

Images Slideshow

photo gallery page

Photo Gallery

Hover or active effects refer to the visual or functional changes that occur when a user interacts

Hover/Active Effects

testimonial slider

Testimonial Slider

enquiry form

Enquiry Form

Extra features that can be added to your website

crm integration

CRM Integration

membership portal

Membership Area

extensive filters

Extensive Filters

product catalogue

Product Catalogue

custom quote forms

Custom Quote Forms

appointment booking system

Appointment Bookings

event booking

Agenda/Event Calendar

Unique website designs that stand out from the rest

We don’t just design beautiful websites, we also implement proven strategies that engage visitors, drive more leads, customers, and revenues to your business.

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Real reviews we’ve received from our customers

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“The team at Keen to Design are very professional and were quick to respond with any questions I had. They are technically capable with custom development and made the process smooth and easy.”

Marketing Vestamatic

“Keen to Design understood what we were trying to achieve through our website and promptly start building our website from the scratch. They not only built the website but they did all the SEO. We had a significant increase in the organic search for our website and as a result we decreased our need to pay for Adwords. We’re very happy with the service that Keen to Design provided.”

Arrow Abseiling

Keen to design provided support and advice on building my online store website. They have listened, suggested, and created a site that we are extremely proud to present to our customers. I have found these young guys diligent and passionate about their work. I felt comfortable approaching them for advice and assistance at any time.

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“Professional and great communicators who respond to your requests diligently while providing valuable insights. Our online presence has improved dramatically since engaging Keen To Design’s services.”

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Website Packages FAQs(Answered)

What is custom website design?

Custom website design means creating a website that is unique to your organisation. Your website is the face of your organisation and encapsulates your brand identity. Having a custom-built website will make you stand out from the crowd and allow you to portray your brand image the way you want to; it allows you to have consistency of your brand through your digital platforms.

What can cause delay in the website design and development process?

There are two main reasons that can cause delays that occur during website design projects, namely:

1. Absence of content
No content, no website. Content is the backbone of any website, if it’s lacking then the launch of the website will most definitely be delayed. Whether you’re undertaking this aspect yourself or outsourcing it to us, ensure that this is part of your planning process.

2. Approval turnaround times

Delays in approval can interrupt the process. Making the approval process as simple as possible will ensure that the project runs according to schedule. Red tape or a lack of time to review design steps, can lead to delays. Where possible, approval and feedback should be delegated to a small amount of people who can make decisions quickly.

What is required from you (the client) to get the work started?

Knowing what you want at the start is key here. Having as much detail as possible about your requirements will assist us to provide you with a website design that meets all of your needs. Your availability (or lack of it) can have a large impact on the design process; we will need to be in regular contact with you. We also need the following from you at the start:

Whether you’re writing the content yourself, or outsourcing it to us, we’ll need as much information upfront as possible. If we can’t get the content onto your website, we can’t go live, it’s as simple as that.

If you have photos that you want to use, we’ll need these at the start. If you’re outsourcing that part to us, you’ll need to have an idea of the type of images you want.

Other items
We’ll require high quality logo images, links and other information that you want included on the site, at the start of the process. All of these aspects affect the layout and design of the website.

WordPress Website Design Packages

As a website owner, it’s your job to establish a strong online presence that focuses on a creative, brand-centred design. It should be easily managed, updated, and modified to suit your needs – long after your web designer has finished.

What is the Website Design Process Like?

Although every web developer will likely have their very own web design process, no matter which design package you choose, there is a general process that should be followed.



This involves a discussion between you and your developer about what you envision your WordPress website to look like and do for readers and customers. This should also include a project scope, work schedule, and the software that will be used on your site.



This is when your developer creates a wireframe for you to approve. In other words, you will know exactly what your website will look like before your developer even gets started.



Once your developer knows what your website is supposed to look like, the real works starts. Depending on how complex your site is, this may take some time.



After your entire website is built, your developer will extensively test it to make sure everything looks and functions the way it should and more importantly, as you want it to.



Once your website has received the final stamp of approval, your developer will make it live for all to see.

Why us for Responsive Website Design Packages?

Customer Focus

We understand that every business has its vision and strategies. And with us, you can be assured that we will incorporate all your ideas into the end product, that is your business website. We cater to our customer’s every need and make sure everyone involved is satisfied with the result.

Unique designs

As we do not work with pre-designed templates, every website we design is unique. We start every project from scratch putting the entire focus on your brand identity. As we are open to all sorts of customization that fits your business needs, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Integrity and Work Ethics

At Keen To Design, we demonstrate a strong work ethic. We believe in consistent improvements as we have a strong commitment to giving our clients the best their money can get. We also deliver our services on time and without going over your budget which is always a plus!

Engaging User Experiences

A nicely designed website can capture the customer’s attention at first sight. And smart design and user-friendly detailing will help the customers to take the next step and make the buying decision. Here at Keen to Design, we understand how important it is to hold your audience’s attention long enough to achieve just that.

Retain Brand Identity

Sometimes while looking to make a web design unique, it is straightforward to lose focus on the main agenda for business: Brand Identity. However, we understand this concern thus we focus not only on creating a unique platform but one that complies with your brand identity as well.

Trying to set up an online presence for your business is difficult, but with our skill, we can help you create a website that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional with the least hassle for you. We are dedicated to providing a one-stop solution to all your web design problems.

Website Packages for Small Business

Nowadays, we cannot think of running a business without an online presence. So each business especially, small scale businesses face constant dilemma before getting an online presence because of its price.

A website is a key to improve your brand identity among your valuable customers. That is why almost all the businesses, from the business giants to the new startups, each one works towards getting an attractive online presence. However, if you want to maintain your online presence, you will need a responsive and engaging website design. The popularity of online businesses has been increasing each day. That is why some companies get a site that can be transformed into an advanced e-commerce portal in the future.

Blind trust can lead to massive spending

Due to such a rapid increase and demand for website development, several web development companies have launched themselves in the market. They thrive on providing the best service to the client at an affordable rate. However, you can’t blindly rely on these web designers as developing an advanced website needs a strong knowledge and base on it. Therefore, before choosing a cheap website development company, you need to do thorough research. Most of the website design companies prepare a package depending on the requirements of your business while many already have a pre-planned package. But, are they worth it? Let’s check out.

Should you rely on pre-planned packages?

The website design companies that provide you with pre-planned packages may easily offer you a final quote. However, the requirement of each business is different from the other. Since not all of them are the same, you need to be sure that your package is not the same as others.

While the offer they provide you is luring and pocket-friendly, you may end up with spending more at the end. According to market experts, these cheap web designing companies make it more tempting to attract clients. Usually, business owners don’t see the drawbacks coming in the future. As a result, carrying out research is extremely important.

Even when you have a fixed budget, you should prefer reaching out to the web design company who are affordable and have years of experience in this field. Don’t take it wrong. If you do not understand the difference between cheap and affordable, a lot of problems will wait for you in the future that you are not even aware of.

What are considered to be cheap websites?

Well, as the dictionary translates cheap stands for something inexpensive. However, it may not always be the same as it also represents meanness, shady and small value. If you want your website to be popular among your contemporaries and clients, you wouldn’t want it to look shoddy or cheap. Cheap always doesn’t imply being affordable especially when it comes to a significant online presence that generates productivity.

Just like you wouldn’t want to buy cheap clothes or house, similarly, you shouldn’t strive for cheap website packages as well.

Why do people look for cheaper options?

You’ll get many considerable answers. But the most common belief that works for this mindset is the cheaper, the better. However, this may always not be the case. Some of the other prominent reasons behind choosing the more affordable website packages include

  • A limited budget
  • It’s a small start-up, and the owner doesn’t want to spend too much on building a dwebsite.
  • The owner believes that social media can entirely give a boost to his business

If the things mentioned above are your beliefs too, then you can be wrong. Getting a website at a discounted rate may seem to be a great deal, but it is always recommended to conduct proper and thorough research to know if they can provide you with the best service or not. Keep in mind that it’ll represent your brand in front of the worldwide audience.

How can cheap website designs prove to be expensive?

While you may not have thought of it, but some of the website design companies can offer you cheap packages, proving to be expensive later on. The website design industry is complicated and competitive. Thus, it is your responsibility to research and choose the best.

Outsourced projects

When you get a cheap deal, you may feel lucky that the experienced personnel will do the project at an affordable rate. But, usually, the companies that offer cheap deals outsource your project to interns or freelancers.

Although it isn’t a bad thing, sometimes it can prove to be expensive. You cannot always rely on the new developers to make your website fully functional.

Pre-set templates are used

Often these cheap website designing companies use pre-set templates. All they will do is make a few changes to make it visually attractive. Thus, they will proceed to sell you the old design claiming the website to be brand new.

There is nothing wrong in getting a website designed from pre-set templates, but sometimes, these companies do not make enough changes. It makes the look of the site copied from someone else which makes it very unethical.

Lack of research

Often the website design companies have a tight deadline to meet. If you are looking forward to getting the website designed in a short time, you may often search for who would do it in cheap. Although it may sound like a good deal initially, later on, it can tend to become a problem. This is because the companies offering you a cheap package within a short time may not research thoroughly.

A website built with the lack of research, may not help you to drive enough traffic. This will lead to a lack of knowledge regarding the target audience and even demographics. The lesser the lead generation, the lower will be your traffic, and eventually, you’ll not get enough productivity out of it.

Lack of originality

If you are paying for a custom designed website, you wouldn’t like your website to be looking like someone else’s site. A website which does not have a unique and real design is usually cheap, and this can eventually, harm the reputation of your business negatively.

Moreover, there wouldn’t be any way through which you can stand apart from your competitors. That makes it count as an expensive mistake although you get a cheap deal.

Lack of support

Often the companies providing cheaply designed websites do not offer enough support. The lack of support can further prove to be a big problem when you are trying to customise your site. Some of the issues you may have to face include lack of communication, unable to meet the given deadline, no update about the website.

Most of the times, the companies may not even provide you with enough support fixing the deadlines and errors. You need someone to update you about the website constantly, and this is not possible without staying in touch steadily.

Your design is answerable to you, and thus they should update you regularly, and it shouldn’t be you who invariably chases the designer for a website. The lack of after-sales support makes it more problematic.

Why does your business need a custom web design?

Rather than going for a cheap pre-designed website, you should always look forward to getting a custom web design as it can serve you various purposes. Some of the significant benefits include the following.

  • It helps to improve your brand image
  • The custom designed websites are SEO-friendly
  • The custom websites are unique and help you stand out from the crowd
  • You can enjoy more productivity and excellent brand recognition.

No matter how appealing it sounds, you shouldn’t ever look forward to settling for a cheap deal as it can prove to be expensive later on. So, before finalising a quote, you should research the market thoroughly.

wordpress website design packages can be a cost effective solution for businesses looking for website

How to Save Money on Website Package Pricing

There’s no denying that investing in a professional web developer to build and possibly maintain your WordPress website is going to cost more than if you did everything yourself.

That said, there are some ways to save money.

Ask for adjustments to the web design packages

There’s an old saying that goes “you’ll never know unless you ask.” This is 100% true and applies to website design packages. If you’re trying to save money, but want a professional to help develop your website, try asking if there can be any adjustments made to the package of your choice to lower the price. You never know, you might be able to take out some unnecessary services.

Choose a small design agency

The smaller the team, the less people there are to pay. Of course, you never want to hire a design agency that is strapped for time and manpower. This might lead to a poor quality website. However, choosing a smaller agency over one of the larger web development companies is likely to save you some cash and give you the same end product.

Offer to pay annually

Many web design agencies offer ongoing maintenance long after your site has been developed and pushed live. If this is a service you’re interested in, ask if you can get a discount by paying for the entire year upfront, as opposed to monthly. This locks a solid year’s worth of business in for the agency and has the potential to save you lots of money. The same is true for WordPress web hosting. Many web hosting providers offer a discount on those willing to pay annually.

Choose an affordable platform

There’s no sense in having your website built on an expensive, complex platform or content management system if it’s not needed. In fact, most websites – no matter the size or kind – can be built on the WordPress platform with ease. This is even true if you plan to scale and grow.

Provide your site content

One of the best ways to save money and time on your overall web design project is to provide your own content. This means webpages, images, graphics, product descriptions, and more. Doing this means you don’t have to pay your design agency, or someone else, to write your site’s content or create your site’s visual appeal.

Stay Flexible

Web design agencies often have a lot of revolving projects on their plates. This is why when someone needs something “right away” they charge more. After all, a rushed project comes with a higher price. If you plan ahead of time and remain patient, you can save a lot of money by letting the web developer take some extra time to finish your website.

Are you ready to let Keen to Design create a one-of-a-kind website you can be proud of? Then get in touch with us today and let’s start planning!

Why should I use a professional website designer?

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for. If you want a website that is unique, high quality and skilfully designed then you’ll need to engage an expert. In this digital age, an organisation’s online presence is vital to their operations. If you want your brand to be professionally portrayed then using an expert website designer is the way to go.

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a valuable resource. Building a website can be time-consuming. So it’s important to consider the trade-off between investing your time in the project or hiring an expert to handle it for you. While building a website yourself may save money in the short term, it may not result in the desired look or user experience, and may not integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. On the other hand, engaging an expert can save you time and ensure that the final product meets your needs and expectations.

Can I use photos taken from my mobile phone on the website?

Yes, you can use images from your mobile or other sources for your website. However, it’s best to use high-quality images from any source to present a professional image to your potential and current customers. Using low-quality, pixelated images can make the entire website appear cheap and unprofessional.

Do you provide training to make changes to the website?

Yes, we do. We develop video tutorials for specific websites that allow you to make changes to your website. They are comprehensive and easy to follow. We also provide private training sessions to those that require face to face training.

Who will write the content for my new website?

Only you know your industry and business inside out. So, whether you write your own content or you get us to do it for you, you will need to be heavily involved in this part of the process. You will need to provide vital information about the industry, your business, your customers, as well as any technical jargon that is industry specific.

Regardless of which option you choose, we will organize and structure the content in a way that best fits the layout and design of the website.

I don’t have any login details for my current website, how can I find them?

If you’re not aware of where your website is hosted, visit Here you’ll find where your website is hosted, and from there you can contact your hosting provider for the login details of your website.

Will your designed website be optimised for search engine rankings?

Yes, our designed websites are built with Google SEO in mind. We adhere strictly to Google SEO guidelines to ensure that your website will have a high ranking on Google and attract more traffic. Following these guidelines helps to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and can be easily found by potential customers

Is there a cost involved to move my current website to your company?

The majority of the time there is no cost to move your current website to our company. The only time there would be a cost involved, would be if your website is very large or complicated, with lots of additional features. You can either contact us to get an idea if there would be a cost involved, or discuss it with us in your first consultation.