Best Free Photo Gallery Plugins for WordPress

Best Free Photo Gallery Plugin WordPress

WordPress is one of the standard content management systems out there, and it provides excellent value to the users. It has always provided the easiest way to create your website and manage it properly. If you are a newbie to WordPress, and you are searching for the ways to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website, then you must know that there are unlimited plugins in the WordPress plugin repository.

These plugins can provide you with the way to enhance the functionality of your WordPress site. You can easily customise your WordPress site with few tweaks, and you do not need any coding knowledge to do so. If you have a portfolio website or a blog where you are sharing pictures and creating galleries, then you must know that few fantastic plugins will provide you with the best help you need.

WordPress provides you with the room for improvement, and you can always create amazing websites. Here, we will be shari

ng few popular photo gallery plugins that you can use to improve the current situation of your WordPress site. Moreover, most of the plugins are free and available to every user. Let’s have a better look at these photo gallery plugins for your WordPress site.

The first in the list is the beautiful photo gallery plugin by WD. The plugin has one of the most accessible user interfaces, and you can efficiently use it even if you are new WordPress user. Moreover, you can have multiple add-ons that you can use with this particular WordPress plugin. It gives you various features including Mosaic, Masonry, slideshow, thumbnails, and compact album view. You can use this photo gallery plugin without going through any hassle, and it will help you come up with a better result. Most importantly, the plugin is trusted by many users, and it has more than 300,000 active installs.

NextGEN Gallery is also one of the most popular photo gallery plugins that you can use for your website. If you are running a portfolio site or in entertainment niche, then this plugin can provide you with the best way to portray your images and photo albums. There are more than 1 million active installs, and many users trust this particular plugin. You can have all the critical features that you are looking for when using this specific photo gallery plugin. It is a complete WordPress gallery management system, and it has an easy to use interface that helps new WordPress users. You can use shortcodes to insert photo albums into the posts.

Envira Gallery is another powerful photo gallery plugin that you can use to create fantastic photo albums on your WordPress blog. If you have a business site, and you need to build stunning photo albums as the portfolio, then this plugin can serve you best. It has more than 100,000 active installs and excellent user rating as well. It is SEO friendly and optimised as well. The user interface is easy to use, and it is also easy to customise and extend. It has a responsive design, and it has beautiful gallery templates for the customization.

If you are looking for an easy to use option, then this photo gallery plugin can provide you with the best results. You can create beautiful galleries for your WordPress site with few clicks using this particular WordPress photo gallery plugin. You can also add photo categories widget, and you can also add information. If you need to create slideshows, then it can also help you with it. It also has a pro version that you can use if you are looking for advanced features. You can even get assistance from the plugin authors if you are facing any problems while using this plugin.

Galleries by Angie Makes

If you are looking for feature-rich photo gallery plugin for your WordPress site, then this particular plugin can provide you with the best results. You can also check out the demo before using the plugin so you can get a bright idea of how it works. Its main features include displaying images in 1-9 Mosaic, tiling columns, carousel, slider, linking images, and much more. If you are facing issues in using this particular plugin, then you can also contact support.


Another great option that you can have for creating fantastic WordPress photo galleries is using the FooGallery plugin. This particular gallery plugin will provide you full retina support, video support, and much more. Moreover, you should know that the albums are now built in as an extension, and all you have to do is to activate this particular extension to use this feature. It gives you the option of drag and drops reordering of the pictures. It also provides you built-in support for FooBox, and there are also built-in gallery templates. The plugin also has a multisite support.

Gmedia Photo Gallery has some great features that you can use to create excellent galleries and albums for your WordPress site. The photo gallery features include displaying related images for tags and categories, options to view the records on author profile, comments for Gmedia items and much more. You can also create custom fields for files and albums. It also allows drag and drops sorting for files in Album as well. You can add shortcodes to the posts. It has a friendly interface that will help you create galleries and photo albums even if you are a newbie.

Here is another excellent photo gallery plugin for your WordPress site. It is a simple plugin with easy to use interface. There are multiple gallery features that you can use including, two design layouts, two types of colour schemes, hover colour opacity effect, lightbox integration, multilingual translation ready, and much more. It has a clean and responsive design. It also has a pro version with multiple features including eight types of animation effect, five types of gallery design layout, and much more.

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