7 Reasons your Website Loads Slow

website loading slow

Do you own a website and is your website loading slow?

Well, there can be various grounds of the slowness of your website. If you are looking to get to the bottom of all the problems you are facing, then you must consider running multiple tests that will help you find the right reasons for the slowness of your website. You should know that slow loading time can cause various damages and it can ruin your site ranking as well. To rank your website higher positions in search engines, then you must consider paying attention to the reasons why your site loads slowly. There are various things that you will have to take care of when you are creating a website.

Also, SEO of your website depends on the response time and loading speed of your website. If your website is loading faster, then you will be able to rank high. We will be sharing multiple reasons why your website is loading slow and how you can make it load faster than before. However, you will require performing few basic and advanced tests so you can avoid all the problems related to the slow loading time of your web pages. Let’s check out the seven reasons why your website loads slowly.

Dense and malicious code

One of the leading causes, why the speed of your website is decreasing, is the dense and malicious code files. You must know that your website should have a clean code. If the code of your website is not clean, then you will face unlimited problems. The best way to avoid malicious code files is to use the right theme for your website. If you are using WordPress as a CMS, then you must consider buying a premium theme with clean and functional code. Make sure that your website has a clean code with no malicious scripts. If additional scripts are running on your website, then the loading speed of your website will get affected in a bad way. By using a clean and functional theme and using the reputed plugins, you will be able to avoid such problems.

Server Performance

If you have a clean code and professionally developed website, and you are still facing slowness on loading of your website, then you must get in touch with customer support of your hosting server. If the server performance is not great, then you will experience such issues. It is always recommended to use high-performance servers for your website so you can avoid all the problems. Selection of the server matters a lot. If you have a large size website with massive traffic, then you must consider buying the right hosting plan for your website. Websites running on shared environment usually face many problems including the slow loading speed. Always select the perfect server and server location to avoid this particular challenge.

Large Image Sizes in Websites

There are many reasons why the speed of your website is getting affected. One of the main reasons is to use large sized images without any compression. If you have a magazine and you have to post high resolution and high-definition pictures and videos, then you must always consider compressing the images before posting them. There are multiple useful tools and WordPress plugins like wp-smushit that will help you compress the images for you. By compressing the images, you will be able to reduce the size of the images, and your website loading speed will get better. It is another great way to improve the loading speed of your website, and it is also one of the other factors of slow loading speed of your website.

Useless Plugins

We have seen sites with plenty of unnecessary plugins. If you have installed many plugins that you are not using, then it is the time for you to get rid of all those plugins. It does not matter if those plugins or add-ons are in use or not. If you have useless plugins, then they are weighing on the server, and it will create conflicts with codes of other plugins and theme files. Make sure that you are getting rid of the useless plugins to avoid the slow speed of your website. Usually, there are malicious code snippets included in some plugins, and if you have these plugins installed, then they can create many problems for your website. It is also one of the main reasons why your website is loading slowly.

Outdated Software Versions

If the CMS, you are using, is not up to date, then you will also face problems like slow loading speed of your website. The best way to avoid the problems is by using the updated software versions. If you are not using updated software versions, then you will end up facing huge issues. Moreover, the outdated software version will leave you vulnerable to multiple security threats, and you will end up eradicating your website. Make sure you are keeping the CMS up to date.

No Caching

Another important reason that most of the webmasters do not pay attention to is not to use caching. Caching will help you in countless ways. If you are not setting up the caching of your website, then you will not be able to speed up your website at all. Caching helps to improve the speed of your website, and your website will load faster. Even if there is a problem with your website, the caching will keep your website online in the last active state. It is one of the most valuable tools to use if you have a website.

Ads in Clusters

Well, we all have seen websites where you will have to find the content in between the groups of ads. If you are using too many ads on your site, then it will affect the speed of your website. Moreover, it is not wise to use too many ads on your web pages as it can affect the SEO and ranking of your website as well.

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