10 Websites to Learn WordPress for Free

WordPress is at the root of 40% of all websites, and the signs are that its market share will continue to grow. WordPress is simple to use, suitable for every kind of project, free of charge, and pretty secure. Anyone with basic WordPress knowledge can launch a website.

Why don’t you go further and specialize in WordPress? Indeed, there are many WordPress developers, but there is still a huge demand for experts. Jump the bandwagon and learn WordPress! Thankfully, you have tons of resources at hand to become an expert. Start your journey by checking these websites to learn WordPress for free. 

WordPress Lessons

The only downside of this resource is its plain look; a beginner won’t digest the content too easily in this format. However, the quality of the information is priceless. WordPress Lessons is the collaborative work of a team of WordPress.org experts – people who work on improving the WordPress core. The lessons start with the fundamentals and eventually move on to advanced topics. The ideal method of learning is to have already set up a WordPress instance and work on it. Practice makes you learn more easily and quickly.

Suitable for: complete beginners who want a full understanding of the WordPress ecosystem


  • Written by top-class experts
  • WordPress ecosystem is extensively detailed         

WordPress Codex

Like WordPress Lessons, WordPress Codex is not the most visually attractive resource. All things considered, people who want to learn WordPress should take a look at WordPress Codex. It’s the most complete resource for learning WordPress for free. It details every aspect of WordPress but also links to other precious resources. 

Check out WordPress Codex even if you don’t have any coding skills, but, ideally, you should have basic HTML and CSS knowledge. Some chapters, such as Troubleshooting and Advanced Topics, require coding knowledge. Studying WordPress Codex from start to finish is not simple at all, but you will learn a lot about WordPress and what it has under the hood.

Suitable for: complete beginners who want a full understanding of the WordPress ecosystem


  • Written by top-class experts
  • An in-depth explanation of each and every WordPress component


Is Udemy just a poor collection of low-quality courses or an excellent educational resource? Quora and Reddit are full of harsh debates about Udemy; there is no clear answer about the quality of Udemy’s courses. What really matters is that WordPress is an important topic on Udemy and it has plenty of classes on this topic. 

Many courses are free and cover all aspects of WordPress. And when I say all aspects, I mean all aspects! There are some courses that contain 30 hours of explanations! You need a lot of patience to watch all the videos, but, without a doubt, you will learn all the ins and outs of WordPress.

Suitable for: everyone 

Advantages: complete courses for learning WordPress from zero to hero

WP Beginner

WP Beginner is one of the most famous blogs for WordPress users. Over time, it has evolved from a simple blog to a fantastic resource for both beginners and experts. The blog is a great resource for learning WordPress for free, but the “Start here” section is the best place to start learning WordPress. It contains a few starter articles about creating a site, an online store, and a blog. “Glossary” is another section that is very helpful for beginners. Consult it to learn the specific terms related to WordPress. If you prefer watching videos, “Videos” is the WP Beginner section for you. Create a free account to watch all the introductory videos from the WP Beginner library.

Suitable for: everyone 


  • A large array of possibilities for learning WordPress
  • Glossary – the place to instantly find out what child themes, excerpts, permalinks, wp-config.php files, and many other WordPress terms are

Kinsta Blog

Kinsta is a hosting platform. The quality of the Kinsta services is beyond the scope of this article. However, the free resources and the blog are excellent and WordPress enthusiasts should study them. The Learn WordPress hub includes a few outstanding guides, most of them showing how to improve site performance. The blog is engaging because the articles are well-written, complete, and detailed. 

Suitable for: people who want to stay up to date with WordPress novelties

Advantages: cool articles 


You should try Udacity if you don’t find Udemy a particularly good resource for learning WordPress. Udemy is the best solution for newbies, while Udacity is more suited to people interested in learning how to code and create WordPress themes and plugins. Note that most courses are premium, but a few top-class classes are free of charge. Learning WordPress implies having a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, and PHP, and JavaScript is highly recommended too. While the free Udacity classes don’t focus on WordPress exclusively, many free courses center on HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. 

Suitable for: people who want to learn to develop WordPress themes and plugins


  • Free classes from top-class instructors 
  • Coding classes containing lots of practice exercises  

Make A Website Hub

This hub isn’t exclusively about WordPress, but you will learn a lot of things about it. This resource suits everyone who wants a solid theoretical foundation for crafting complex and user-friendly websites. Make a Website Hub contains dozens of articles about launching and managing a blog. If you are learning WordPress to launch a blog, you are going in the right direction. Don’t just learn WordPress, because managing a website implies many more things. Carefully read the articles about making money online, email marketing, domain names, and hosting.

Suitable for: everyone who want to build sites and online businesses based on WordPress


WordPress Tavern

By visiting WordPress Tavern, you won’t learn the technical side of WordPress. Still, tens of thousands of people visit this blog to find out what’s new in the industry. News about WordPress releases, major acquisitions in the industry, and major events are published here first. 

Suitable for: people who want to know about the new developments in WordPress

Advantages: useful, simple, and short articles


Learning WordPress is a smart decision, but, by itself, it’s not enough to get a job or start an online business. You also need basic knowledge of web design and search engine optimisation at the very least. This knowledge helps in crafting successful websites. Yoast is the most frequently installed SEO plugin and the Yoast blog is a great reference for WordPress users. The blog posts are mostly about WordPress, but there are also a few noteworthy SEO, website performance, and copywriting guides. Without any doubt, you won’t be wasting your time reading Yoast’s articles. Check out the premium SEO training if you are interested in learning from the best in the field.

Suitable for: people who want to learn not only WordPress but also how to craft good-looking sites

Advantages: well-written articles

Smashing Magazine

This is the last item on our list, but not because the quality of the information is questionable. In fact, Smashing Magazine targets preponderantly proficient to advanced WordPress users. Hence, you’d better check out the above resources before going to look at the WordPress section from Smashing Magazine. This blog isn’t just about WordPress – it deals with everything related to website creation. Yet, there are thousands of quality articles under the WordPress tag. 

Suitable for: WordPress users with at least a basic knowledge of WordPress



These ten websites for learning WordPress for free are enough to become specialised and eventually get a job in this industry. Some resources are for complete beginners and other sites target advanced users. The above recommendations range from simple to complex, so there’s no way that you won’t find a good educational resource for your requirements.

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