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learn wordpress online free

WordPress can be used for your own or business sites and furthermore for your online organisations. WordPress is among the most mainstream stages utilised for distributing.

For this reason, a lot of online instructional exercises and sites are accessible to help you with understanding the ideas about WordPress.

Instructional exercise sites enable you to deal with various WordPress issues and enhance your general learning about the WordPress.

We have gathered ten best WordPress instructional practice locales that give you appropriate information on WordPress Web Design and its development components.

WordPress Lessons

There are a lot of excellent instructional exercises accessible onWordPress Lessons, which can legitimately direct you about how to utilise the WordPress. It has distinctive classifications including WordPress for the Beginners, Designing your WordPress web page, and Development.

You can take in the essential information and also the utilising the propelled components of WordPress through these instructional exercises. The site is free of cost and anybody can learn through accessible instructional activities.

Some of their important instructional exercises are:

  • Prologue to Blogging
  • Building up a Color Scheme
  • Approving a
  • Utilizing Themes
  • Playing with Fonts


Tuts Plus offers a lot of courses and books at the same time; you can likewise discover instructional exercises on their site. It is refreshed time to time, and the nature of the instructional tasks are great.

A significant portion of the instructional tasks is about WordPress subject advancement and modules. Every one of the instructional exercises is straightforward, giving the best learning background to the per user. The instructional activities are free of cost, and anybody visits the site to gain from them.

Some of their prominent instructional practices include:

  • Making Custom Fields
  • An Introduction to Keeping WordPress Lean
  • Building the Plugin
  • Reestablish Admin Menu Separators
  • Rundown Posts by Post Type

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is known as a standout amongst the most well-known outline sites on the web. Numerous mainstream WordPress subjects have been discharged under their name.

There are instructional exercises accessible for both halfway and propel level clients. Instructional activities are free however these are just distributed once in a month.

Some of the prominent instructional exercises include:

  • Things You Need to be aware of WordPress 3.9
  • WordPress Performance Improvements That Can Go Wrong
  • Better Dependency Management in Team-Based WordPress
  • How WordPress Came to Be and Where It’s Heading
  • Adjusting Admin Post Lists in WordPress

Level up Tutorials

Level up tuts gives a remarkable learning condition identified with WordPress. You will discover both fundamental and propelled level instructional exercises on this site.

The instructional activities are accessible as an arrangement. You can pick the one which you like. Every one of the instructional activities available on the site is free, and anybody can gain from them.

Exercises included on this site are:

  • Magento Community Tutorials
  • WordPress Basics
  • Tweaking WordPress
  • Android Development Tutorials
  • HTML5 Tutorials

 iThemes WordPress Tutorials

iThemes WordPress instructional exercises incorporate a lot of video instructional exercises. A lot of instructional activities are accessible about tweaking the WordPress and styling the site with utilising CSS. The instructional exercises available are free of cost.

Some of their acclaimed instructional exercises include:

  • Making Product Variants in iThemes Exchange
  • iThemes Sync Overview
  • Trade Add-on: Custom URL Tracking
  • Overseeing Themes in iThemes Sync
  • Trade Add-on: Featured Video


Wphub gives you everything that you need to think about WordPress. The site offers excellent WordPress topics, modules and hosts. The site likewise highlights some top-notch instructional exercises to assist any individual who needs to take in the rudiments of WordPress.

Every one of the instructional exercises accessible on the site is free.

The absolute most prominent instructional exercises that Wphub highlights incorporate;

  • WordPress, Linux Server and Database Options
  • Making a Responsive Navigation Menu in WordPress
  • Making a Simple Theme
  • Understanding the WordPress Plugin API
  • Step by step instructions to Configure a WordPress Theme


Wpmudev contains a broad range of instructional exercises identified with WordPress, extensive and little, basic and complex. You will discover the variety from fledgelings to the master levels.

Every one of the instructional exercises is entirely free, and you can without much of a stretch read them. The instructional training is separated into various parts in light of the length of s.

A portion of the well known instructional exercises are:

  • Centering Your WP Front Page
  • Shield Unsatisfied Visitors from Leaving Your WordPress Site
  • Give Your WordPress Site Security
  • Show Your WordPress Posts on a Facebook-Style Timeline


Digwp is an ideal approach to find out about WordPress. The blog gives brisk tips, and duplicate and pastable codes.

Alongside every one of these, instructional exercises are likewise given with the goal that everybody can take in the most essential and propelled stuff about WordPress. The instructional activities are free and you can without much of a stretch go to the site to gain from them.

Some of the popular instructional exercises include:

  • Reinforcement and Restore Theme Options
  • H5 Theme Update
  • Debilitate Default Dashboard Widgets
  • Getting Background Updates to Work
  • DIY Alternative to WordPress SEO Plugins


Wpbeginner enables you to broaden your energy about WordPress. This site gives well ordered WordPress instructional exercises that are straightforward and take after the accepted procedures of the WordPress.

Their WordPress instructional practices contain original illustrations, tips, and hacks that enable you to learn WordPress speedier. The instructional exercises are free of cost. You can without much of knowledge go and read them.

A portion of the prominent instructional exercises are:

  • Step by step instructions to Install WordPress on a USB Stick Using XAMPP
  • Step by step instructions to Unblock Limit Login Attempts in WordPress
  • Step by step instructions to Remove the Login Shake Effect in WordPress
  • Step by step instructions to Prevent YouTube from Overriding Your WordPress
  • Step by step instructions to Insert Ads inside Your Post in WordPress

WP Squared

WP Squared Link

WP Squared is a blog for WordPress, however, contains numerous instructional exercises for the per users. The instructional activities are centred around arranging modules and topics for the site. Every one of the instructional tasks is accessible as aides which are of brilliant quality.

Every one of the instructional activities is free, and you can read them to enhance your WordPress understanding.

Exercises this website include are: 

  • Instructions to Survey, Your Readers with a Google Forms-controlled Survey
  • Deal with Multiple Sites for Free with MainWP
  • Instructions to Sell Digital Downloads with WordPress
  • Catalyst your WordPress Sidebars and Widgets
  • In-Post Pagination to WordPress

In Conclusion, You can take in all you need to be identified with WordPress from these instructional exercises. The reason for these instructional activities is to enhance your insight into WordPress with the goal that you can accomplish the most out of it.

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