Finding the Right Web Design Courses in Sydney

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Are you considering switching careers to become a web designer or a web developer? Or are you interested in expanding your knowledge and experience in the web design space? We have you covered!

The internet and the web are the future. An exponentially increasing trend the number of jobs in the tech space are becoming available, and it’s becoming more and more important for people to become web savvy.

Armed with web design skills, the opportunities are endless. Whether you want to create your own website, or contribute your new skills by joining a startup, or even if you’re becoming a web designer at a well-established corporation – it all starts with learning about web design and upskilling in this area.

What are web design short courses?

Web design short courses are essentially a learning opportunity in a more condensed form than a regular university or TAFE course. The primary focuses of these courses include:

  • User experience, also known as UX, and the user’s interactions with a digital platform, website or software
  • User interface, also known as UI, including content, layout, graphics and visuals

By sharing the expertise and experiences of successful industry professionals, they provide valuable opportunities to learn both the hard and soft skills required as a web designer.

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Here are a handful of things you can expect to learn about through web design short courses:

  • Creating prototypes and wireframes
  • User research and interview strategies
  • Interaction design
  • Information architecture
  • Graphic design
  • Typography
  • Functional layouts
  • So much more…

Advantages of taking a web development short course

There are many online resources and tools available to help you get started in the web design and development space. However, the majority of these are not enough to give you the practical skills required by job agencies and companies looking for skilled web designers.

This is where the courses fill the gap. Whether it’s in a couple of days or a few months, these short courses are an effective way of upskilling and becoming qualified, with plenty of relevant and impressive projects to fill your portfolio. This is hugely advantageous when applying for a web design role!

Additionally, they’re an excellent way to transition from one role to another. Without having to give up your current job, these courses can often be completed in your own time, or once a week in the evenings. This flexibility makes it much more accessible.

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Best web design courses in Sydney

We’ve searched high and low to find the right web design course in Sydney, many which offer both on-campus and remote options! This exclusive list is your one-stop-shop for kickstarting your design skills and expertise for the 21st-century web.

General Assembly

General Assembly is an educational organisation specialising in design, marketing, data and technology. With campuses across the globe, they are at the forefront of web design training, offering part-time and full-time courses as well as bootcamps. Whether you want to go onsite at their Sydney CBD headquarters, or study online, opt for whatever suits you and your schedule best.

You’re guaranteed to be attending classes designed and led by some of the web industry’s top UX designers. From their highly popular User Experience Design course to their HTML, CSS & Design circuit, General Assembly is a great launchpad for a successful design career.

Check out the General Assembly design courses and classes to find out how they can help you become the UX designer you’ve dreamed of becoming.

Academy Xi

As one of the leading Sydney-based edu-tech companies, Academy Xi provides practical courses across design, innovation and the digital sphere. Whether you’re wanting to learn on your own, or if you’re interested in setting up a corporate or team training program, they’re an outstanding choice.

In particular, they offer a fantastic UX design course which can be joined in 5 different ways:

  • Launch – a one-day intensive bootcamp to get the fundamentals under your belt
  • Accelerate – study full-time for one week for a fast-tracked experience
  • Elevate – 10 weeks part-time is a more flexible option
  • Transform – 10 weeks full-time is the most comprehensive and immersive offering
  • Online – a self-paced environment for those who want to manage their own time

Academy Xi prides itself on educating the next generation of digital change-makers. Want to be a part of this exciting endeavour? Browse through their course options to see what else they have to offer. It’s an impressive line-up!

Sydney Community College

Sydney Community College offers a thorough 10-week UX design course, which has a particular focus on technical skills and tools to boost your way towards success as a UX designer.

There are no pre-requisites, so basically anyone can sign up and get started! Learn and work together with your peers, as you venture towards building up your repertoire of UX design work and knowledge.

They also have a UI design course, which is equally popular and will give you a strong foundation of UI design as well as becoming familiar with the most common UI software. These are both top-rated courses that will be greatly beneficial to anyone interested!


PeakXD is an Australian experience design organisation, which offers a variety of UX training options. Whether you want to attend their 3-day UX design course which they run in almost all Australian capital cities, or if you’d prefer to arrange an in-house training session with your current company, they can cater for your requirements.

Through practical and hands-on activities and projects, you’ll learn about web design methods, common UX tools and methodologies, and plenty more. Perfect for sharpening your existing skills, or kickstarting a new field of knowledge, PeakXD provides training and mentoring to get you where you want to be.

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Get started today!

Look through the top Sydney web design courses listed above and consider which works best for your goals, interests and commitments. Whether you want to pursue a creative career in web design or amplify your existing skills in your current field of work, these courses guarantee to help you get there!

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