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For every webmaster, it is necessary to take care of the speed of the website. If your website is loading slowly, then you will end up facing multiple problems. First of all, you must be aware that the search engine rankings also depend on the speed of your website. You must focus on making your website load faster. There are multiple tools available online that you can use to test the speed and other stuff of your website. If you have never used these tools, then it is highly recommended to run few speed tests of your website to get things in order.

Moreover, you must test your website on a regular basis so you can keep things in control. If your website is loading slowly, then you will end up lowering your conversion rate which is never a good thing for any webmaster.

Testing Website Speed

We have curated a list of some free tools for testing website speed online. Most of these tools will provide you multiple features for free. However, there are few advanced features offered by these sites in their pro versions. If you are willing to invest money, then you can purchase one of the best tools for testing your website. Let’s go through the list of some amazing free tools for testing the website speed.


One of the best tools available online is Nibbler. Nibbler is a free tool for testing your website speed. You need to enter the address of your site and run a quick test. It will give you a score from 1 to 10. It will make you a complete report of your website from accessibility, SEO, and social media. You can use this tool to run some basic tests on your website. Nibbler also has a pro version where you can get unlimited reports. If you are willing to invest some amount, then you can use its pro version to unlock advanced features.


Pingdom is another great way to test the speed of your website. You can use this tool to get a complete analysis of your website. Moreover, this tool will provide you with the ways to make your website load fast. It will also let you know about the reasons why your website is not behaving well. It will explain the best practices that you need to follow to make your website good in every section. More importantly, it will save the tests for you so you can compare the performance reports over time. It also comes with a pro version that will allow you to use advanced features.


This tool can be handy for a web developer or marketer. You can only use mobiReady for testing your website. If you want to test the mobile readiness for your website, then it will provide you with the best results. All the tests performed by this website is based on W3C standards. It will give you complete analysis, and it will recommend the best practices to keep your website mobile ready. You can evaluate your website for mobile readiness and standards.


If you are looking to analyse and optimise your web pages, then pagelocity can be an excellent tool for you. It will allow you to get your website analysed thoroughly. This web application will also provide you with the ways to maintain the web page optimisation. If you are a developer, then this web application can provide you with the useful details about the markup including classes, tags, IDs, and Google PageSpeed. Moreover, you can also get chrome extension for this web application to run few tests on your website. It will also offer insights on headings, links, and keywords.

Load Impact

Load Impact is another great way to test the speed of your website. Moreover, it will run multiple tests on your website and will give you a detailed report. The tool will generate load from 10 different locations to get accurate page speed test results. You can also configure it to run load tests on a weekly basis. The tool also has a pro version. However, if you are looking for some basic speed tests for your website, then you can use the free version to do the necessary tests. With the free version, you can have ten tests per month.


WebPagetest is an open source platform, and it is developed and supported by Google. You can run a free website speed test from different locations. You can run simple speed tests using this platform, and it will provide you with the accurate results. Moreover, it will perform advanced testing including video capture, and content blocking. AOL originally developed it.


Here is another great way to test the speed of your website. You can use YSlow and it will analyse the web pages and will discover the reasons of the slowness of your website. It will use Yahoo’s 34 rules for getting high performance for the websites. It will provide you complete statistics and will offer you multiple suggestions to make your website load faster. You should consider using this particular tool if you are looking for the best tool for website speed testing. You can use YSlow for free, and it will help you make your site load faster.


If you are looking to find an easy to use tool for maintaining your website speed, then you should consider using GTmetrix. It will allow you to test the performance of your website and will determine the speed. More importantly, you will also be able to get the recommendations to improve the speed and performance of your website. You can also schedule monitoring, and it will help you analyse the performance of your website on mobile devices. Moreover, you can also use its premium plans if you are willing to pay.

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