Amazing (Real-Life) WooCommerce Stores for Your Inspiration

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There’s no denying that WordPress and WooCommerce make a powerful combination. After all, they are both the most widely used platforms of their kind. Not to mention, they’re both affordable, flexible, and highly versatile solutions for anyone looking to launch an online shop.

And when it comes to ease of use – both WordPress and WooCommerce are perfect for even the most novice of site owners.

The thing is, sometimes creating a one-of-a-kind WooCommerce store proves to be challenging, especially true if you have no web design or development experience.

That’s why today we’re sharing with you 10 real-life WooCommerce store examples that you can use for inspiration.

1. Porter & York

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Porter & York is the perfect WooCommerce store example. On the homepage, it includes a stunning fullscreen image slider that transitions automatically. And with the clear CTA buttons, and an easy to use navigation menu, customers know exactly where to go when they want to order their custom cut of meat. 

Once on a product page, you’ll see a variety of images, product variables, and trust signals. Plus, there are full product descriptions and information about the meat you’re about to buy. And at the very bottom, there’s a section of products other people viewed.

2. Good Dye Young

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Good Dye Young takes a simple online beauty shop and turns it into something much more. The homepage boasts a featured products section, bold colour schemes, and interactive Instagram feeds for increased site engagement.

When it comes to finalizing a purchase, there’s an easy to follow checkout process making buying products from GDY a breeze. And since they’ve added a navigation search bar, it’s likely they convert more customers than most.

3. Hidden Grounds Coffee Co.

best looking woocommerce sites

Hidden Grounds Coffee Co. uses some of WooCommerce’s best features. To start, they use the discount and coupon feature to offer people free shipping on orders of $25 or more. 

They also use WooCommerce Subscriptions (a popular Woo extension) so people can order recurring coffee deliveries, which is a great way to earn predictable income. And with the ‘Quick View’ option, signing up for a coffee subscription only takes a few minutes.

4. Chuckling Goat

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Chuckling Goat, known as the UK’s leading Kefir producers, take a unique approach to the design and functionality of their WooCommerce shop. 

For example, when you arrive on the site, you see a beautiful video background image. You’ll notice the navigation bar is vertical and slides out from the side of the screen. There is also a convenient shopping cart in the upper corner you can view at all times. Lastly, shopping for products is as easy as clicking ‘Add to Basket.’

5. MiniPop

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MiniPop shows you just how an international brand can take advantage of the WooCommerce platform. After all, WooCommerce is 100% translatable. 

While shopping on MiniPop, you can filter products according to things like popularity or price using the dropdown. There are product variables and image sliders on product pages so you always know what you’re buying. And if you click on an image, it enlarges to a fullscreen lightbox, making the shopping experience that much better.

6. Strandberg Guitars

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Strandberg Guitars is another WooCommerce store that makes full use of the features WooCommerce gives online business owners. For instance, there’s a live chat feature that may just be one of the free options WooCommerce offers. There’s also a nice language switcher for global site visitors. And when it comes to buying something, each product gallery has high-resolution images that load blazing fast, as well as 4 sorting options: product type, product line, bridge, and offering.


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SHULTZILLA is an in your face WooCommerce shop that gives off a good energy right away. On the homepage, there’s a WooCommerce image slider that transitions quickly and has clickable links taking you to their online store, press releases, and more. 

In addition, you have the chance to use the limited time banner coupon, check out the detailed sizing chart, and even add your favorite items to the WooCommerce wishlist to buy later (which helps with cart abandonment).

8. Henry J. Socks

socks ecommerce store

Henry J. Socks gives you another perfect example of how WooCommerce supports a subscription based online store. Not to mention, there are customer reviews in a slider for social proof, social share icons for staying connected, and an opt-in form that entices people with a 10% off coupon.

9. Trendy Resumes

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Trendy Resumes does what most of our WooCommerce store examples don’t, and that’s sell digital items. Selling customizable resume templates for Microsoft Word, this site makes downloading sample resumes for job seekers simple. 

When you view a resume template, you’ll see color product variables that change the image in real-time. You’ll also have the option to choose the package you want, pay for it via PayPal (which WooCommerce supports), and download you templates right away.

10. Better Body Foods

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Better Body Foods has a clear CTA button encouraging potential customers to ‘Shop Now’ on the huge homepage hero image. There are links to recipes, all of which have a small thumbnail image, nutrition information, and a sorting system if you’re looking for something specific. 

The product navigation menu item is a huge mega menu, making site exploration easier. Not to mention, each product has a price, description, image, and nutrition dropdown section (which is unique).

And there you go! 10 amazing, real-life WooCommerce stores that you can use to model you own online shop after, no matter the size or type.

If you still feel like designing your own WooCommerce shop is a little overwhelming, but have a good idea what you want in terms of design and functionality, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

In addition to SEO optimisation, social media marketing, landing page design, and business branding, here at Keen to Design we specialise in eCommerce website design. And since WooCommerce is such a versatile platform, whatever vision you have for you online store can come to life, complete with all the technical, functional, and marketing details that are meant to generate you revenue and deliver an exceptional shopping experience to your customers.


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