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In today’s modern period, the advancement in technology has taken many turns. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, we have seen plenty of great tools to make things easier for the online entrepreneurs.

If you are also running an online business in the shape of an e-commerce store or any other form, you must consider using multiple website chat software available out there. The fundamental purpose of using these chat software is to improve your customer support. There are various companies out there who are using these free website chat software and providing the best solution to their clients.

If you have an online business and you are searching for the perfect platform that will help you take the client’s support of your business to the next level, then you should consider using one of these best ten free website chat software. We will be sharing few details about these chat software and how they can help you maintain the reputation of your online business. Let’s go through the details that you need to focus on.

Zoho Chat

website live online chat

Zoho Chat is one of the most popular chat software for website available out there. You can use this chat software to maintain high-quality customer support, and it is an easy to use the tool. First of all, it provides excellent user satisfaction, and it will meet all of your requirements as well. You can establish a live conversation with the people who are visiting your website. It is one of the best ways to increase the conversion rate of your business.


live help now free chat

This specific live chat software will provide you almost every solution in a single package. It is one of the most powerful live chat solutions available online. You can train new customer support agents with the help of the Whisper function in this particular live chat software. The software will allow the admins, seasoned operators, and trainees to whisper to each other so they can help each other. It is one of the best suitable solutions for small and large online businesses, and you can take your business customer support to the next level.


bold chat free website

BoldChat is another great solution if you have a large business. It will help you take care of your customer support problems, and you will be able to take the tech support to the next level. BoldChat has free and premium versions that you can use, and it will provide you with the best platform to take care of the problems that you are facing. However, it can be expensive for small businesses. If you have a large business and you are willing to spend money, then BoldChat can be the best option for customer support.

Comm100 Live Chat

best free live chat software

It is one of the popular live chat options available, and it has a simple user interface that will help you understand the complete system. Moreover, you should know that it integrates with the Salesforce. You can do not this particular chat software according to your requirements. You can also receive ratings for the chat operators using this specific chat software, and it will assist you to get a clear idea of the overall support system you are running. You can use this chat software as a web-based service as well as desktop application.


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Live Person is another good option if you are looking to take the customer support of your business to the next level. Moreover, it was one of the first options for live chat software on the internet. However, to enjoy the complete features, you will have to invest a good amount of money, and it is not affordable for the small businesses. The software also integrates with Facebook and Salesforce. If you have a large business and you are willing to pay, then this specific software can be a good option for you.

HappyFox Chat

HappyFox Chat live chat

HappyFox Chat is another great option for improving the customer support for your business online. It is easy to use and provide a user-friendly interface. It will meet your requirements, and many companies trust this specific chat software. Moreover, the software also has a great rating overall. This software helps to improve the user experience of your customers.


add live chat to website

Olark is another free tool that you can use to talk to your customers directly. It will help you improve the conversion rate of your online business, and you will be able to receive the desired results. It has a great interface for users that makes it easy to use and will meet your requirements correctly. It also has a premium version available if you are willing to invest in a good tech support solution.

Pure Chat

pure chat website software

Pure Chat is one of the simplest solutions available online for improving the customer support of your business. If your website is on WordPress CMS platform, then you can use its plugin for WordPress, and it will make things much easier. You can handle all the queries you are receiving from the visitors on your website.

free live chat software for my website

You can leave this specific live chat software in the discussion of free live chat software solutions. If you are in search for an easy to use and efficient live chat software, then this can be your perfect choice. If you don’t want to invest your money and require a free live chat software to improve the customer support of your business, then it is the right choice for you.


free live chat software for website

If you are an owner of an e-commerce store, then Velaro is one of the best options available out there. You can use this specific if you want to improve the conversion rate. It has a built-in Customer Relationship Management tools that will help you in making suggestions to the clients who are shopping at your store. It also has a premium version that will you if you are running a large online store. The bots will gather the information about the customer’s behaviour, and then you can use this information to make the necessary changes and improving the overall sales.

Website Chatbots: The Good, the Bad, and Making It All Work for You

website chatbots

Chatbots are definitely having a moment.

Most of us have encountered one somewhere on the web. For many consumers, the first chatbot experience takes place on Facebook. Certainly, Messenger chatbot use is increasingly common on brand and company pages, and you could probably think of a few examples you’ve personally used right off the top of your head.

While chatbots are still often built on top of messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, more and more business websites are experimenting with direct bot implementation these days, with varying degrees of success.

Are chatbots right for your small business site? First, let’s define what a chatbot is and how it works, then we’ll look at their use on websites in more detail. Finally, we’ll examine some steps you can take to maximize their benefits, for your brand, your site and most importantly for your users.

The Bot Invasion: How Chatbots Work

At its core, a chatbot is code—a piece of software that responds to specific text input with a preprogrammed response, creating a dialogue between your user and the site, through the bot’s interface as displayed on your site.  

Chatbots are typically used to perform simple customer service functions, such as:

  • Answering questions that may otherwise be covered in FAQ sections on brand websites
  • Providing an automatic way for interested prospects to request further information about products, offers, and services and capture lead information
  • Performing user feedback surveys and collating responses
  • Handling basic customer service tasks

Essentially, bots are great for streamlining customer interactions and resolving straightforward problems. They’re not ideal for replacing human interaction altogether, but they are effective at sorting out simple requests and issues from the more complex ones, handling the former, and forwarding the latter to a human agent.

good chatbots

Adding a chatbot to your website doesn’t require hiring a developer to code one by hand for you. These days, chatbot solutions abound, such as Instabot or Intercom for WordPress sites. SaaS chatbot integrations help even small businesses with bootstrap budgets take advantage of this powerful technology.

Chatbots: The Good

Right off the bat, some of the benefits of a well-programmed chatbot are obvious. You can provide more customization and personalization in user interactions. Your chatbot can address returning users by name, for example, and remember their preferences or specific concerns.

Bots also save you and your company time and money by freeing up personnel for tasks that require human input. Letting your chatbot take some of the load off your customer service team by addressing basic questions and concerns, for example, means that your live agents have more time to devote to taking care of customers with more complicated problems. That leads to more satisfied customers in two ways:

  • The customers with basic questions will get the answers they need nearly instantly; and
  • The customers with bigger issues will get the personal touch they crave.

Another potential advantage is heightened privacy protection, especially for industries that regularly deal with sensitive personal information such as banking, health care, and insurance. Chatbots built on third-party platforms such as Messenger don’t belong to your brand and any information transmitted through those bots ultimately may be at risk. Integrating a chatbot on your own site keeps your sensitive user data in-house and confidential.

The Downsides of Chatbots

The biggest risk you run with adding a chatbot to your website is degrading your user’s experience on your site.

You may wonder how that can be. Surely chatbots can only help users, right?

Not necessarily. As with any piece of software, a chatbot is only as good as its coding. More specifically, it’s only as good as it is programmed to be. If a user asks a question the chatbot lacks the code to respond to in a helpful way, the user will only wind up frustrated.

example of chatbot

That’s especially true when a chatbot is presented as if it were a human being. If your bot’s interface says something like “Hi, I’m Rosa, how can I help you today?” and is accompanied by an image of an actual person, some users may assume that a real person is on the other end instead of a piece of code and act accordingly. If “Rosa” keeps offering nonresponsive replies, the user’s frustration level will only increase.

Some chatbots may not be ready for primetime, so to speak. While many available solutions appear to be well-coded and highly responsive, others seem to have missed a few steps in development. If the bot you install on your site wasn’t properly tested with actual users, the result could be disastrous, especially when your users find the bot experience unpleasant or unhelpful.

Making Chatbots Work for You

If you’re considering adding a chatbot to your website, you can improve your chances of a smooth and successful rollout with a little preplanning and strategy work.

First, take a look at examples of innovative and useful chatbots on the web and study their use. How do these bots serve their audiences, respectively? What functions do they perform, and how does that performance trump what a human could do? Where are the opportunities for the website, the brand, and the user there?

Next, sketch out and then formalize parameters for your site’s new bot. Think about how things can go wrong and what you can offer right there on the page for your frustrated user as an alternative resource. Examples could include immediate links to fleshed-out “help” sections on your site and a call-now button to reach a live agent.

Commit ahead of time to using the chatbot to augment your human-driven customer service team, not replace it. While it’s perfectly acceptable to suggest users try your bot as a first line of inquiry, don’t ever make them feel that’s all you’re willing to give them. You’ll find your users abandoning your site—and your company—in a hurry.

Finally, make sure you have the resources to host a chatbot. Resources includes actual hardware and software necessary to make sure the bot runs as it should without slowing your site down, which can harm your SEO and overall user experience. It also includes company resources (time, budget, personnel) to keep the bot updated and properly programmed, as well as address problems and customer complaints in a timely fashion.

Chatbots may seem like cool new toys, but they should never be deployed without first engaging in serious analysis and consideration. However, with a little planning and a solid deployment plan, a bot might help everyone involved, including your users.

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