9 Trending eCommerce Niche Products to Start a Successful Start-up

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In today’s blog post we are covering about the trending ecommerce products in 2018. People who start a business with nothing and convert it into something set an example for the world. We are not talking here in this post only about the millionaires. We are here talking about those brave hearts who take the challenge to create something new, something that has been established because of their continuous hard work. Business cannot solely depend on advanced technology and getting funds from the investors. It’s all about the constant effort to find different creative ways to become successful.

In this world of the Internet, business owners get so many options to start an advanced eCommerce startup business. eCommerce is the best channel to sell different products. There are many hit products available on the market. They are the best way to begin a thriving online eCommerce store. The best thing about this is you can start these businesses with the budget of less than $150. Check out these nine fantastic ways to start an eCommerce business with trending ecommerce products. Take a look.

Stylish Backpacks

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Entrepreneurs are mainly online shoppers. They don’t like to run from one store to another to different products. Their only demand is to get quality backpacks with sophisticated designs. These extraordinary backpacks come with Bluetooth, chargers, RFID, etc. These are known as smart backpacks, and people prefer these products because they are durable, well-made and premium products.

You can keep a good profit out of it. You have to pick the suppliers carefully. The products have to be high-quality and durable. Then only they can justify the hefty price tag.

Garden Devices

garden ecommerce products

Youngsters are tech-savvy and love to follow the latest trends. They are very much conscious about their well-being and health. Therefore they are careful before consuming any food. Nowadays a modern trend has been followed by everyone. People love to grow different herbs in their kitchen. It has opened a growing market for new devices.

These devices alert people when their plant needs soil fertilisation. Along with that, these modern devices water plants on time. Sometimes an additional lightning facility is incorporated with these devices to fasten the growth of the plants. Fishes do the rest of the work. They prepare the soil and water is filtered through the soil. In short, these smart devices are ideal for the urban environmentalist.

You can invent your creative designs. Attach an affordable price tag initially and establish yourself as a brand.

Leather Bags

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Nowadays people prefer to buy those products which last long, for a lifetime. Poorly made products are cheap, but they are not going to not continue for long. Buyers have to replace it frequently. In that case, people prefer those items which will value their hard earned money. What can be better than leather bags?

It fits the philosophy that if you buy it once it lasts for the lifetime. It’s a legacy that you pass on to your grandchildren. As quality speaks for these durable products, you can keep your margin high. This one is the best way to make more money at a time. It’s an excellent business idea. You don’t have to push people to buy cheap, low-quality products. You are selling the best product so you can always set the margin high.


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Nowadays people prefer to buy from those online stores which can deliver their favourite drinks that are not available in traditional shops. It proves that eCommerce is the best solution to cope up with the demand of the non-mainstream products.

These shops usually keep different varieties of wine, whiskey, cider, beer, etc. and the best thing about these small eCommerce shops is they connect the buyers to the local and artisanal producers.

Personal Planners and Notebooks

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Previously notebooks were known to be the old-school product. However, now they are recognised to be trendy because they bring your focus back and connect you with self. Beautiful notebooks inspire people to write something. They can write down their daily plans and goals which will lead them towards success.

If you want to start a business with these journal notebooks, you can import them and sell on your online store, or you can hire a designer and start your brand. Always keep in mind the language of your customer while creating these fantastic notebooks.

Phone Accessories

powerbank ecommerce stores

Nowadays, no one can think even a single day without their smartphone. They take care of it carefully. People always want to be connected with the loved ones and office colleagues. However, their smartphones don’t permit that always. Charging the phone has become a problem for the young generation. Technology has made it easy. Portable power banks can charge a phone any time anywhere. People in their backpacks or purses can carry it.

So if you start your online eCommerce store with this must-have item, you’ll earn a significant profit amount. People choose it according to the colour, size, weight, and capacity. Start selling these items at a discounted price and make more profit.

Beard oil for men

beard oil ecommerce

Nowadays men even love to pamper themselves. Beard is the identity of men. That is why they love to pamper it more. The increase of lumberjack helps in marketing those cosmetic products and different accessories. Men usually keep them in their bathroom.

There are so many professional brands nowadays. Beard has turned into a fashion. It’s not even a taboo for an office look. So this growing sensation will help you to start your own business. Keep branded products only because the demand for these products is vast and you can even take a good profit out of it.

Clothing and wood glasses

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People nowadays are very much fashion conscious. Along with that, they concentrate on the manufacturing and materials too. Affluent people are bending towards environment-friendly lifestyle. So brands are focusing on sustainable production and the quality of the materials.

Technology has opened a new door for eye-glasses. Wooden glasses are trendy and fit on kind of lenses. These things are usually affordable, so people love to add this whimsical touch to their look.

You can begin your new eCommerce online store with these products. Start with an affordable rate to attract the attention of the customers.

Coffee Scrubs

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This one is a fantastic product for health. Coffee scrubs work as an exfoliant for both body and face. These are unused coffee grounds. So you can sell the waste without wasting it. It’s a healthy trend that is followed by everyone. Along with that, people also love to get quality morning brew. So you can buy mass coffee to give fierce competition to your rivals.

You can earn extra amount of money by selling the leftovers. So follow this eCommerce trend and take your business to the next level.

Designer T-shirts

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You’ll find thousands of t-shirt stores on the Internet. It’s an excellent business idea as the marketing of these items can be done easily. You can wear it and express your creativity with exceptional designs. The success depends on the creativity of your designs. Remember there are lots of stores in the market. So if you want to differentiate yourself from the rivals, show the uniqueness of your product. Choose a theme with a unique design that can stand apart from the crowd.

At first, buy thousands of blank t-shirts and choose a local printer who can print your unique design. After that attach your branded shipping level and showcase those products on your eCommerce website. Keep one thing in mind that the quality of these products should be excellent. The best thing about this business is you can start it with a budget of $130.

Now let’s check out why these products can be sold online so quickly.

Why these niche products have huge demand?

eCommerce gives endless opportunities to the new merchants so that they can reach the global audiences. You can educate them about these new quality products. As a new owner of an eCommerce website, you can target a specific group of audiences. So many advanced tools have been invented through which you’ll get to know everything about your targeted audiences.

You can even trace the locations of your customers and reach them quite quickly. Before investing choose the product according to your knowledge. If you are selling a particular product, you have to have an expert understanding of it. Then only you can gain the confidence of your customers. In this way, you can build your credibility in the market.

We have presented here a few ideas to start a successful eCommerce site. The best thing about these ideas you don’t have to have a huge budget to start it. You can even begin these businesses with less than $150 in your pocket.

The internet has become a vital equaliser through which you can establish a successful business within a short period. However, that zeal and passion for taking a challenge should be there in you. Then only you can reach the top. Always keep in mind that in this vast world of internet the possibilities are endless. The sky is the limit. So take the challenge and create a new eCommerce start-up to become a successful entrepreneur.

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