File Formats You Need To Have Your Logo Design In

logo design file formats

What format is your logo design file?

Well, when you get your logo from a designer, typically they will be sending you a JPEG or a JPG image, or possibly a PNG so that you can see what the logo looks.

It will open up fast on your computer. It can just email it to you. It is all perfect. However, that is not the logo that you want to be giving your signwriter.

It is probably not the logo you want to give your web designer or the person that’s printing your business cards or designing your brochures and that sort of thing. You want a high-quality vector file.

Now, you may already know, but a vector file is essentially I think of like a CAD drawing, like a drawing by an architect. Moreover, it does not matter how much you zoom in or out; it still looks the same. Also, the reason is that instead of being like a photograph or a sort of like a painting, all of the lines are like a formula.

They are calculated. So when you zoom right in, the lines are re-drawn, or if you zoom, like blow the picture right up to biggest size, it is not like theirs a curve which is made up of a hundred dot.

The curve is a calculation to say these are two points, draw an arc between these points. Also, so what’s powerful is it does not matter then what size they are going to be whether it is on a billboard or a business card. That is all going to look nice.

So, once you have your logo design and you have finished off with the designer, and you are happy with it signed off, make sure you have got a couple of things.

You want a high-quality vector file, and usually, that will be either an Adobe Illustrator file, so that would be like a .ai, or maybe it will be an EPS file or a PDF. Moreover, those other two file types, EPS, and PDF are a sort of export file from something like Illustrator which will have that information in them.

It is also great to have a JPEG, which is a good, high-quality size picture for things like maybe putting into a document or on some newsletter that you are making yourself. You also want a PNG file, which is the one that’s like got a transparency in it so that if you put the logo on top of the background colour or top of a picture, then you do not have like a white box around the logo. You can see the picture through the box at the size of an image.

If you can, get them in a few different sizes because you do not want to be putting a 1MB picture into every document you make otherwise you will blow out the scale of the material all the time. So if you have a few different sizes to choose from, then you can make it easier for yourself, and when you are emailing off those files, or you are putting it in your email signature it is not going to take a long time to download on someone’s computer.

Have those things somewhere safe and easily accessible. You do not want to be spending a couple of weeks trying to find them when you have just signed on for your signwriter to do your car, and they are ready to go, and you are going, “Oh no, I cannot find my logo,” or something. Moreover, a lot of graphic designers probably would just send you a new copy of the file if you could not find it if they are still around, but maybe they would have some clause where they charge you for a new one or something like that. So you want to be.. just its one of those things you want to hang on. It would be like having a passport or keeping your deed to your house or something. Like, make sure that it is somewhere safe and that you know how to find it whether it is in… Just store it in like Dropbox or an online cloud storage thing like that. Moreover, then you can just share it out to whoever needs to get a copy of it.

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