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Okay. So we have been doing some business card printing for some of our clients, and so I have been doing some contemplating about what is actually on the business cards. It does seem like sometimes you will feel like you need to put your entire contact details on a card. I am not sure that is the case.


Think about it. When are you going to use a business card? It usually comes in handy if you are meeting people or it might be you are leaving them somewhere where people might pick them up. So I would think that the essential things that you would want on a business card will be the company name and logo, your name, your email address, a phone number preferably one that is directly contacting you or where the person who answers it will be able to find you and your website. Also, if you want people to be able to visit your office, probably an office address or a home address or something like that.


So apart from that, you could put an impact statement or some text that says this is what you do. So it could be a list of services or just a sentence or two that says we provide the best service in our area because we do this. So think about the benefit, why you are different, that kind of thing.


I do not believe it is necessary to put on things like ABN, P.O. Box, multiple email addresses, qualifications. Many times, people will have some letters or whatever they append to their name. I am not sure whether that makes a difference to the way people interpret who you are and what you do. I think you need a fax number, or probably don’t even need a fax these days, but many people still have a fax to receive or maybe send occasionally.


Also, things like business registration. Yeah, not convinced that it is necessary. Maybe if you are a builder you might want to put your license number on there, I guess. You need what the essential information that goes on there is. Because the idea is to create a card that has every possible imaginable way of contacting you. I mean, you could get away with just having a name and a phone number or name, logo and a website, but if you cover website, email, phone, and if you have an office then the office address, they are all the key ways that people will try and find you.


Moreover, on your website, of course, you can have the other information. Like you might have your postal address on your site, ABN, things like that. If people email you, often people put in your email signature things like a mobile and a landline phone. You can put both or the same thing on the card. However, what I would like to avoid is getting a card that is too messy. So like if it looks like there is a lot to read on a business card, I think it looks untidy, or it is a bit unnecessary.


Also, generally speaking, there is no reason not to use both sides of the business card. It does cost a little bit extra amount but there are two sides and the first thing people do when you give them a card, they skim the front so they might read your name, look at the picture, and turn the card over, which has nothing on the back. Hopefully, you are there filling the blanks and annunciate what you want to tell them. However, the way that I see it, people look at the front of the business card, turn it over, read what’s on the back. They say, “Okay. Yeah, I understand what you do.” The website, something like that, so they can find you.


At present, it is an excellent idea to have a mobile-responsive internet site. So people looking at their website on their phone then they can find you easily and not have to pinch and scroll too much. However, especially if you are handing out a card, I guess if they go and sit down at their table, one of the things they are probably going to do is punch your website into their phone and see what’s on there. So you need to be cognizant of that.


There are various ways you can prepare a business card. So you can have rounded corners, you can get them cut out of steel, you can have laminate coatings of matte or gloss or transparent polymer cards you can get now. There are heaps of different options, but the basic idea of a white card that’s got printing on it that has some contact details is still the essential element.


So yeah. Just my thoughts on business cards. I am happy if people disagree with me. I have seen lots and lots of different cards. I am a fan of rounding the corners off because I feel like they fit better in your wallet and you do not damage the edges, and it does not add very much to the cost. So the radius can be usually just a few millimeters and just makes it easier to hold on. So I hope if you are getting business cards made that you do not try and jam it full of every possible, imaginable information.

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