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Gone are the days of business cards being your business lifeline; times have changed with the introduction of technology. However, business cards are still popular when it comes to exchanging contact information. People like something tangible; it’s good to exchange something physical.

The business card has evolved; it’s no longer just a list of your contact details, it’s so much more than that nowadays. A business card can be used to give others a small taste of where your talents lie. It’s especially important when it comes to creative industries; if your business card is boring, then why would someone hire you in the creative space?

A business card with just the right amount of information, and the correct design can help you stand out from the crowd and make others remember you. It’s great for networking and connecting with others, it helps you promote your business and your work.

The important elements that every business card should have

  • Your name and business name
  • Basic contact information such as email address and phone number
  • A word/phrase that tells people what you do like writer, web designer, photographer etc.
  • Your website URL to showcase your business/work

Now that you’ve got the basics, what next?

There are loads of things that you can do with a business card. Take the time to think about your business card design, and come up with some unique ideas to make you stand out.

Here are some things you could include in addition to the basic elements:

Focus on typography

Typography could be the most important component of business card design. A business card is a small space, so getting this wrong will confuse those who read it; you’ll be forgotten as they walk out the door.

A common error when it comes to business card typography is that it’s small, so make sure it’s big enough to read and highlight the important parts with big typography. A good card design also has a typography hierarchy and structure, just like other forms of writing.

Making sure your business card is easy to read, has the correct sized typography and is clear is the first step in creating a memorable business card.

A pop of colour

Black and white has its place in the design world, but colour is generally more striking and memorable; it will make you stand out.

Don’t forget that your business card is part of your overall brand. If you decide to use colour on your business card, it should tie in with the overall colour palette of your brand.

A great way to use colour in a smart way is to have a coloured edge on a thick business card. If your contact has a stack of white edged cards, yours will draw their eye and be easy to grab. You’ll be the first they get to, and the first on the list.  

A visual representation of what you do

Everyone loves a good image. Images are easy to see and can say much more than a mere phrase.

Show people what you do or your actual work in a clear image. It shouldn’t be ambiguous otherwise it will leave people confused; it should accurately portray what you do.  

Don’t be afraid of blank space

A busy business card will be too hard to read. If a business card is crammed with too much information, it will look messy; simple design can be hugely affective. A clear and concise message will be taken on board much quicker than one that is complicated.

Keep it simple and include only things that will make an impact.

Social media  

Social media is becoming the next big thing when it comes to digital marketing. If your company is engaged in social media, then add this to your business card. It’s a sure way to draw people in and encourages them to be engaged; the more interest you create, the more chance of them acting after your interaction.

Texture adds depth

Business cards are physical i.e. people see and touch them. Why not use this as a way to make your business card stand out? Raised text or images can create interest. The longer someone feels or looks at the card, the more likely they are you to remember you.

A business card that has raised or sunken text, or curved edges will draw attention.

A call to action

If relevant, including a call to action can help you gauge who is actually looking at and responding to your business card. It could drive traffic to your website or generate leads if it’s done right.

Telling the card holder what action they should take may be the best way to get results.  

Mistakes in Business Card

Some common business card mistakes can limit your business from potential clients. Some of the errors and solutions include:

Too many details

As a result of space limitation, it is not possible to get all the company’s details on a business card. Having too much information will make your card look cluttered and confusing to read. Limit your features to only the vital information such as name, job role, contact number and email address.

Inadequate Information

Your business card will be useless if simple information cannot be gotten from it. At a glimpse, anyone should easily see what service or product you offer as well as your contact information. Find a balance, without making your card appear too crammed, include the vital information.

Font Size and Color

When the font size used for your business card is too small, potential readers will be discouraged from reading. Also, light coloured fonts can be difficult to understand especially in smaller fonts rendering your card useless. Use a standard size, dark colour font and limit your text to only necessary information.

Inconsistency in your branding design

Every company’s brand image is just as important as the service they offer. Your business card should be consistent with your brand and other branded materials. A mismatch will make it difficult for intending customers to identify with your brand. When designing your business card, be sure to use the same colour schemes, logos, and fonts used on your website and other branded materials.

Insufficient contact details

With little or no contact details, it will be impossible for interested customers to reach you. The purpose of giving out a business card will be defeated if your company is unreachable. Include several methods of communication like contact number and email address.

No company tagline

Customers will identify more with a card that has a tagline or brand promise. Without this, people will not be sure of what services or products you offer. Always include your company’s motto on your business card.

Empty back

While many people struggle to get all the information on the front of the card, it is sometimes necessary to put some info on the back to allow even distribution of information.

Quality of the paper

People will notice if the quality of your business card is of a low quality which may affect customer’s perception of your brand’s image. It will be worth it to invest in a high-quality paper.

Big cards

People are more likely to trash cards that are unable to fit into their wallets or pursues. Stick to the standard size for complimentary cards.

Glossy Business cards

Glossy business cards make it impossible for people to take notes on and though they look beautiful, it might get hard to read if the light reflection is too much. Using a matte finish paper will make it easier for people to understand your card and make notes if necessary.

Excess white space

While it is important to avoid clutter on your card, leaving too much white space can make your card look tacky and also limit the amount of space available for the necessary information. Limit the white border space around your card.

Uncommon shaped cards

While cards without the conventional rectangular shape may look catchy, it might not be convenient to carry around as it will not fit into most wallets. Such cards will quickly be discarded as compared to the traditional rectangular cards. Do not compromise functionality for aesthetics, stick with the rectangular shaped cards.

Plain and boring cards

No one will give a second glance when a card is dull or boring. Such cards will be quickly forgotten and discarded. Include some colours to make the card appealing.

Grammatical errors

Grammar and spelling errors can discourage people from using your services. It also shows a poor representation of your brand. Always proofread before printing to avoid mistakes.

Pixelated design

The pixelated design on a business card can present your brand as cheap and unprofessional. Use large resolution images instead of enlarging small photos.

Lack of understanding

Although cards with QR codes are great to reach online and offline customers but it will be futile if people do not know its purpose. If you have to use QR codes, give an explicit instruction of what needs to be done.

Not having your business card with you at the right time

The purpose of a business card is to reach prospective clients. This purpose will be defeated if you leave your business cards at home or in the office. Always have a stack of cards in your wallet or bag.

Wrong timing when giving out business cards

Timing is essential when giving out business cards. People are quickly put off when your business card is the first thing you give them upon meeting them. Do not offer your business card out until it is necessary.

Exchange of business cards

Asking people for their business cards when giving them yours will indicate business interest in the future. Always ask for one when you give out yours.

Not stating your position

A business card without info on what service you offer or your job description will make it harder for people to remember your card even when your name is written on it. It is the most critical information on your business card, do not fail to include names, position, and services rendered.

Business Card Design

Your business card being an essential representation of your company professionally is as important as your website design. The appearance of your business card design, as well as the details on it, can go a long way in determining how serious your company will be taken. At Keen to Design, we create the ideal business card for small and medium business in Sydney.

We will deliver a masterpiece for your company or business within a short period. Whether you want a creative or simple business card, we have the right skills to handle your job. With several years of experience, we will ensure you get the best and most efficient business card regarding design, communication, and functionality.

We will not compromise regarding materials and design, so every client is assured of an original and high-quality job. We understand that your business card can be a great marketing tool used in advertising your products and services.

Many people do not get full benefits that come with having the right business card and end up with setbacks in their businesses. We can create a dazzling version for your company by helping you design or redesign your business card.

In summary

You can use your business card to give people a small taste of your talents. Just because it’s a form of business communication, it doesn’t mean that it has to be “vanilla” or boring. Whether it’s through a business card or an email, making a first and lasting impression is key. Why not use your business card to stand out?

If you’re in a creative field especially, use your business card as a sample of your work, not just a list of your contact details. If your business card is unique and creative, it is guaranteed to create interest, which translates into more business.

Whatever field you’re in, make sure that you put some thought into your business card design. If it’s done well, it can prompt people to act; if it’s created without much thought, it can stop people from acting.

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