White Space in Web Design & it’s Importance

white space web design

We are in an era forged by information, where must of what we read is online. Everything can be -and probably is- displayed on a screen, so design plays a great role here. It is important that designers create clear and smooth layouts for their projects. Whether websites, blogs, e-commerce sites or just newsfeed sites, the design must be simple and likable and white space will help to achieve that.

However, first, what is white space in web design?

Commonly known as negative space, it is a portion of space left untouched, the blank space. In web design, it is that space between graphics, images, columns, text, margins any others elements present on the website. White space is particularly used to smooth things out with elegance and design.

White space importance in web design

There are many reasons why white space is to be applied in web design, here are some of them:

Enhancing of content legibility: Users should see where they are heading while having a reason to keep on reading. White space between paragraphs and around images helps them to understand and to have a better experience while exploring the page.

It makes your page more interactive: As a general rule, visitors are always in a rush when navigating through websites. A decent proportion of white space allows fewer distractions that could slow viewers. It helps to draw attention exactly where it´s supposed to be.

Highlight Call to Actions (CTAs) in your Website Design

Make things bigger (pictures, buttons, and others.) might be a good way to draw attention to them, but surrounding them with white space can be as effective or even more.

Neat equals extraordinary

A remarkable and well-designed web page is just a matter of harmony between its elements. Solid layout and colour schemes are as important as the way you organise them and the space left between them. Using white space does not mean you are going minimalistic, but using it in the right proportions might give your site the elegance and appeal the viewer is looking.

It brings balance

A lack of white space in your web design might lead to confusion, disorganization and also makes it difficult to read and enjoy. Those are things you do not want your viewer to think while looking at your work. Now, going towards the opposite direction, an excess of white space could be associated with a lack of content and as a consequence the loss of the viewers attention.

The key to prevent that is harmony and balance, leaving space where it needs to be and in the correct proportion and you will see how your site obtains elegance and attractiveness.

Our society gives a gargantuan relevance to the visual presentation of the service, events, or whatever they are interested. Of course, colour impacts on that decision but so does organization and elegance, and it is there where white space takes place. With time and practice, the use of white space will become natural for you and the website design will look attractive.

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