Why ASP.net is not the right choice for your website project?

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Whenever you are working on a web project, you will have to look for the option which is easy for you. There are multiple languages that you can use for creating a website project.

If you are not sure how you can create the perfect website, then the first thing that you need to decide is the framework that you will be using. ASP.net is not the right choice for your web design project because of various reasons. Moreover, if you have never worked on .Net, then you must never consider using it for your website project.

There are numerous important things that you will have to consider first when you are selecting the right language for your website project.

Most of the IT experts usually refer .Net for creating websites. The reasons behind it is that they are usually Microsoft certified. We all love Microsoft products, and they are the best. However, when it comes to creating websites with.Net, it can be expensed, and it can create multiple issues for you. Here are few reasons that will help you understand why you should never use ASP.net for your website project.

Overheads and expenses

First of all, if you are going to start your website project on .Net, then you must know about the added expenses and overheads that will make things difficult for you. As a large organisation, your IT experts will recommend ASP.net. However, if you are selecting this specific framework for building your websites, then you will have to bear a lot more expenses as compared to other options. There is no doubt that it is powerful and tremendous and it is also used to build large corporate applications as well. However, it also comes with the overheads. Moreover, you will have to use Microsoft SQL server and database which is robust and expensive. This specific kind of hosting is a lot more expansive than other open source options.


Before you go on to choose the .Net framework, you must consider checking out the usability as well. There’s no doubt that it is a popular framework but mostly it has critical usability problems. If you are doing your research online before selecting the perfect option for working on your website projects, you will be able to find that .Net has multiple reported cases of usability problems. You won’t find enough developers and development tools when you are using ASP.net for your website projects. Site usability is one of the most important factors that you will have to consider when building a website. Make sure that you are choosing the perfect framework to get started with.

Longer development cycles in ASP net

If you are looking for rapid development when creating a website for your organisation, then ASP.net is not the right option for you. It will take time, and it usually has longer development cycles. If you are searching for fast turnaround, then you should do your research and choose the perfect option for building a website. You must know that the .Net is a rigid option, and it will make rapid development a lot harder for you. If you are selecting ASP.net, then you will experience longer development cycles, and it will also increase your budget. As compared to other option, it is harder to complete the project quickly using .Net.

Not suitable for Search Engine Optimisation

Whenever you are working on a website project, your primary concern should be the SEO of the website. You will have to create a site using the perfect platform that will improve the chances of good SEO. If you are using ASP.net, then you won’t be able to achieve good search engine optimisation results. It can be difficult for you to improve the Search engine optimisation using .Net for your website. You will need to make various adjustments with your SEO strategies when you are creating your website using ASP.net. The basic reason is the rigid structure of the .Net which makes search engine optimisation harder.

Meeting standards

Another most critical thing that you should know about using .Net for your website project is meeting standards. You should know that it is challenging to generate fully standard compliant HTML when you are using .Net framework for your project. If you are looking to create best quality code, then it will become difficult for you using .Net framework. It is one of the most important things that you will have to keep in mind when selecting the .Net framework for creating your website. Make sure that you are well aware of such issues before you decide the perfect framework for building your website.

.Net is best for some projects

Well, there are specific reasons why .Net is not the best option for your website projects. However, it does not mean that it lacks the power. It is a robust framework, and it is perfect for many web applications. .Net can be the ideal option for you only in some instances. If you ever need to merge your site with some sort of internal corporate systems, then you should consider using .Net framework for your website. Moreover, you should know that the .Net makes web services expose quite easy. If there is any tight integration required, you can quickly achieve through a web service layer. .Net is not the best option for your regular website project. However, if you have specific requirements where you need .Net, then it can be easier for you to create a website using ASP.net.


Whenever you are working on a simple website project, you should always consider selecting the perfect framework that allows you to create a website without any problems. You must know that .Net is not the ideal framework for every website project. There are multiple reasons not to use it unless you have specific requirements.

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