13 Free Invoicing Web Applications for Small Business

free invoice software

If you run a small online business, you’re going to need a specific set of tools to help you get paid.

In other words, you’re going to need some invoicing software.

Luckily, there are plenty of great invoicing software options in the market right now. And the best part is, many of them are free to use, which saves you on overhead and allows you to keep growing your business.

free invoice app

But how are you supposed to know which one is the best choice?

After all, what works for one business may not work for you.

To help you out, and guide you in making an informed business decision, we’ve rounded up some of the top free and premium invoicing web applications for SMBs.

So, let’s get started!

1. Zoho

zoho accounting

Zoho sets out to make online invoicing simple and affordable for freelancers and small business owners. It comes with features such as time tracking and online payment collection. It even comes with open APIs that allow you to integrate with third-party services such as PayPal, Google Apps, and Zoho CRM, all of which make managing your online business that much easier. 

Not to mention, you can enable automated reminders to those that owe you money, so you know you get paid on time, every time.

Other notable features of Zoho include:

  • Invoice in multiple languages and currencies to build an international brand
  • Send and manage invoices via the Zoho Invoice mobile app
  • Customize your invoice templates to match your brand
  • Create client portals for discussing estimates, creating projects, and invoicing for completed work
  • Accept credit card payment (and even store recurring customer card information is a secure location)
  • Print paper invoices and send by mail or set up recurring online payments that automatically send to customers

2. Wave Accounting

wave cloud based accounting

Wave Accounting is a free, cloud-based accounting platform built with small business owners in mind. For instance, easily track outgoing expenses, customize financial reports, and of course, create and send invoices online to everyone that owes you money. 

And to make collecting money even simpler, all you have to do is link your bank account to your Wave account and let the money automatically deposit where it needs to go.

Other notable features of Wave Accounting include:

  • Send auto-reminder emails for late payments
  • Invoice sending and management on mobile devices
  • Schedule automatic cloud backups
  • Accept credit card and bank payments (competitive transaction fees)
  • Create unlimited and fully customized invoices
  • Sync payments with your free Wave accounting software
  • Invoice in any currency
best free online invoice software

3. Invoice Home

invoice home app

Invoice Home lets you create original and completely brandable invoices. Or, you can choose from the hundreds of pre-designed templates and make the process of getting paid even faster. 

In addition, you can collect online payments via credit card, PayPal, Authorize.net, or Stripe, or even print and send invoices to customers. And you can always trust that the financial data and transactions you’re conducting online are safe thanks to Invoice Home’s software that saves customer data, product information, and reports in one secure location.

Other notable features of Invoice Home include:

  • Pick from tons of pre-made logos or upload your own
  • Manage payments on-the-go with the Invoice Home mobile app
  • Copy existing invoices to quickly create new ones
  • Use as many tax rules as you need to get the right payment collected
  • Send invoices via email with a few simple clicks
  • Get in touch with Invoice Home support if you run into an issue

4. FreshBooks

freshbook software

FreshBooks has long been touted the industry leader when it comes to free invoicing web applications. It’s a cloud-based accounting software that comes with standard features such as time tracking, subcontractor management, and integration with other software such as Basecamp and QuickBooks. 

What’s more, FreshBooks comes with expense tracking, team collaboration tools, and automatic payment deposits. That said, FreshBooks is only free to try for 30 days, so you can see if you like what it has to offer. So, be aware that if you decide to use FreshBooks, you’ll have to invest a minimum of $15/month after the 30 days.

Other notable features of FreshBooks include:

  • Double-entry accounting for a checks and balances system
  • Invoice management from any mobile device
  • Integration with apps such as Shopify, Gusto, and G Suite
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Automated recurring processes like reminders, recurring payments, and more
  • Invoicing for deposits (rather than collecting everything up front) and tracking the project (and what is owed) from start to finish

5. Invoice Ninja

invoice ninja app

Invoice Ninja is another one of those free invoicing web applications we feel can make any small business run smoothly. It has an easy to use interface, making invoicing easy on beginners and seasoned business owners alike. 

Plus, you can access Invoice Ninja anywhere you’re conducting business, including social media. This is a rare feature not found in many free invoicing web applications.

Other notable features of Invoice Ninja include:

  • Integrate with popular third-party apps like Zapier for managing other aspects of your business from one location
  • Customize your own invoice templates or choose from the pre-designed ones
  • Receive notifications when your customers read and pay their invoices
  • Accept payments via credit card, PayPal, ACH, and even Bitcoin
  • Set up recurring payments and send them automatically (weekly, monthly, or even annually)
  • Set your time-tracked projects to convert to invoices automatically
  • Define permissions so other people on your team can help with invoice management

6. QuickBooks

premium invoicing software

QuickBooks is another premium invoicing software that lets you try things out for 30 days and then you have to pay a minimum of $12/month. That said, this comprehensive accounting solution, complete with invoicing functionality is worth the premium price tag. 

To start, connect your bank account to your QuickBooks account, sync with popular apps for business management, and even snap pictures of receipt to help with expense reporting. Plus, customize your invoices in terms of color schemes, logos, and invoice fields to make sure your customers know what they’re being charged for and how to make a payment.

Other notable features of QuickBooks include:

  • Set up recurring invoices so you can focus on other business-related matters
  • Automatically add billable hours using Google Calendar, TSheets, or QuickBooks time tracking
  • Receive instant notifications when customers view and pay their invoices
  • Send out automated invoice reminders
  • Track mileage and add cost to invoices
  • Send estimates to customers before a project even gets started
  • Manage 1099 contractors

7. Paydirt

paydirt invoicing portal

Paydirt lets you create customized invoices that you can print or send as PDFs to customers online. But more than that, this invoicing web application automatically creates invoices from the work you log, making your life a lot easier. 

Plus, it sends email notifications when an invoice is overdue, accepts credit card payments, and displays unpaid, overdue, and draft invoices on a simple interface so you always know where you’re at in the payment process with each customer. Just keep in mind that Paydirt is not free. Though there’s a free trial, plans start at $8/month afterwards.

Other notable features of Paydirt include:

  • Send one-click invoice reminders
  • Create invoices in 52 currencies and 17 languages to reach your global customers
  • Try Paydirt’s Free Invoice Template demo to see how you can create invoices – visually
  • Enable automatic recurring invoices with flexible intervals
  • Receive a preview of any recurring invoice that’s being sent out for your approval

8. Brightbook

brightbook app

Brightbook is 100% free and suitable for contractors, freelancers, and small businesses. In short, this free invoicing web application lets you access your accounting system (including invoices) anywhere there’s an internet connection. 

It will also display how you’re doing financially in real-time, let you log unlimited bills and payments received, and even allow you to add as many users to your account as you want.

Other notable features of Brightbook include:

  • Export all accounting data
  • Send overdue invoice reminders
  • Upload a custom business logo that your customers will recognize
  • Convert quotes to invoices with a click of a button
  • Invoice in any currency you want
  • Duplicate and edit invoice templates to supercharge the process
  • Access customer profiles, complete with contact information and payment history
  • Receive payments through your PayPal account

9. Billdu

professional invoice maker

Billdu touts itself as a professional invoice maker for small business that aims to save time and make invoicing customers a cinch. To start, access your business from any desktop, tablet, or smartphone. From there, create simple invoices, complete with a ‘Pay Now’ button that customers can click right away. 

In addition, utilize the receipt scanner and expense management tools, go mobile, and even send out estimates and quotes to those interested in doing business with you. Keep in mind that although extremely cheap (starting at $1.99/month) Billdu is only free to try and is not free for life.

Other notable features of Billdu include:

  • Find out the moment a customer views and/or pays for an invoice
  • Get an instant view of unpaid invoices, expenses, and company balance in the intuitive dashboard
  • Send out payment reminders or overdue notices
  • Enable automatic invoice creation and mailing for repeat customers
  • Export invoices, expense reports, orders, and estimates in all the popular formats
  • Take advantage of the beautiful invoice templates to get started and use the invoice maker to customize them

10. CloudBooks

cloudbooks app

CloudBooks in an online invoicing software that offers users a 30-day free trial (after that it starts at $10/month) and comes with features such as time tracking, invoice, and other business management tools to help you grow and succeed. 

You maintain control over your invoicing cycles, can send unlimited invoices, and can get paid with ease when you use this powerful accounting software. Plus, there are required fields for taxes, so you never miss a beat and find yourself in trouble with the tax man.

Other notable features of CloudBooks include:

  • Add unlimited users to your account
  • Encrypt sensitive data with SSL certification
  • Receive 24/7 email, phone, and live chat support depending on your plan
  • Trust that your data is stored securely in the cloud
  • Send recurring invoices for repeat customers

11. Inv24.com

affordable invoicing app

Inv24.com is the perfect solution for small and medium sized business owners looking for affordable but basic invoicing functionality. 

With it, access your business’ data from any device, let Inv24.com handle the calculations, and never worry about having to download any software or applications, saving yourself disk space on your device.

Other notable features of Inv24.com include:

  • Enjoy cloud-based storage of your data
  • Create and send invoices with ease, no matter your experience, thanks to the intuitive interface
  • Pick from the pre-made invoice templates to get started quickly
  • Upgrade from free to premium for features such as statistics invoice tracking, price quoting, and PDF invoice formatting

12. Akaunting

Akaunting accounting software

Akaunting is a free accounting software for online businesses looking to manage their money without spending money. 

With it, you can access financials at any time so long as you’re online, trust that your data is safe and secure, and create invoices fast so you get paid when the time comes. And best of all, you’ll have access to a lifetime of free updates, meaning your free invoicing software won’t become outdated or vulnerable.

Other notable features of Akaunting include:

  • Track expenses so you know where all your money is going
  • Invoice in one of 38 languages and reach a global audience without a problem
  • Create client profiles and send invoices directly to them (and even give them access to the client portal)
  • Transfer money between accounts to keep things balanced at all times
  • Create vendor profiles for easier billing and payment management on your end
  • Automatically create invoices, revenues, bills, and payments for ongoing jobs
  • Provide customers discounts for being loyal to your brand

13. Due.com

due online invoicing app

Due.com is the last of the invoicing web applications we want to share with you. Perfect for freelancers and SMBs looking to spend time making money not collecting it, Due.com equips you with all the features you need to manage payment collection, and so much more. 

For example, get a quick glimpse of sent, received, saved, and paid invoices in the beginner friendly dashboard. In addition, create unlimited invoices, access your account from any mobile device, and integrate with PayPal and Stripe so your customers can pay with ease how they want to.

Other notable features of Due.com include:

  • Add personalized messages to each invoice
  • Send invoices in multiple languages and currencies
  • Work with any type of sales tax
  • Manage multiple businesses from one account
  • Apply discounts and even accept tips from customers
  • Easily supplicate existing invoices to streamline payment collection
  • Send payment reminders and even apply automated late fees for those that don’t pay on time

Final Thoughts

free invoice

And there you have it! 13 of the very best free and premium invoicing web applications for small businesses.

Running a small business shouldn’t be expensive, especially when it comes to invoicing.  After all, the whole point of invoicing is to make money and grow your business, not hold it back. That’s why investing in free or affordable invoicing software is so important. So, do your research and determine which invoicing features you have to have, and which ones you can sacrifice for now. Then, choose an invoicing web application that meets your needs and start getting paid.

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