30 Free Awesome Google Web Fonts to use in your Web Designs

awesome google web fonts

Various website such as Fontdeck, Typekit, Webtype etc offer premium quality fonts. Proficient web designers usually go for Google Fonts because you can access the plenty of options with different category and styles for no cost. Google Font Browser makes it entirely manageable for the naive web designers. They can easily choose the perfect web font. Along with that, they can preview their work to make sure their choice is thoroughly perfect.Below are our selection of 30 awesome free Google fonts: 


free google font
  • Roboto is one of the famous serif type Google Web Fonts
  • Can be ideally used for navigation menus, paragraphs or any headings in your website design
  • Available in 12 different Styles
  • Roboto also has Roboto Condensed and Roboto Slab in its family


questral google font
  • Modern Style font that can be used for body paragraph text and headlines on the site
  • Questral is only available in 1 Style
  • Has full circle curves in many characters


google web fonts
  • One of the Minimal best sans serif google font available in 14 different styles
  • Muli was designed for the primary use as a display font
  • Perfectly suits for navigation, subheading, headings and paragraph text on any website

Open Sans

best google fonts
  • Sans serif type font available in 10 different style variations and has a friendly appearance
  • Open Sans is great font all-around for web, print and mobile app design
  • Has another font Open Sans Condensed as well, which comes in 3 different styles


best fonts for web design
  • Has a sleek look and comes with 10 different weight styles
  • Perfectly suits for Headings and body text.
  • Lato is one of the sleek and elegant sans serif font.
  • Roboto and Open Sans are the popular pairing fonts with Lato.


free font download
  • Poppins is available in 18 different weight style variations
  • Designed by Indian Type Foundry, this font supports Devanagari and Latin writing systems
  • Perfect pairing fonts with Poppins are Lato, Raleway and Oswald


best google web fonts
  • Merriweather comes with 8 different style variations.
  • Designed with the focus to make reading on screen pleasant.
  • Can be used for headings, hero texts on the website.
  • Might not be suitable for paragraphs in website


google fonts dosis
  • Dosis is Rounded type sans-serif font
  • Popular pairings with Dosis are Open Sans and Roboto
  • Available in 7 different styles


arvo google web font
  • Arvo is geometric slab-serif font with 4 different styles Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Bold Italic
  • Suits for Heading texts and testimonials paragraph.
  • Might not suit best for navigation menu and paragraph text.

Alegreya Sans

popular google web fonts
  • Alegreya Sans is available in 14 different styles that convey a diverse pattern.
  • Provides pleasant feeling to the readers.


asap google web font
  • ASAP comes in 8 different style, Sans-serif type font
  • Has slightly rounded corners
  • Developed for screen and desktop use


handwriting google web font
  • Caveat is a handwriting type font with 2 different styles
  • Provides natural handwriting feeling
  • One of the best Google Handwriting font
  • It also has a sister family named Caveat Brush


proxima nova similar google font
  • 18 different styles perfect for any type of paragraph styles.
  • The name Montserrat is derived from the name of the place where the designer lives.
  • Montserrat is a free font that is available to download which is similar to the paid Proxima Nova popular font


popular serif web font
  • Oswald has 6 different styles
  • It’s a classic style type font
  • Perfectly suits for hero header text in website design


most popular google web font
  • Arimo is one of the fonts which is free alternative to Helvetica the popular font
  • 4 different styles width compatible font, sans serif type design font.

Noto Serif

serif web font
  • Noto Serif has 4 different style
  • Visually balanced across multiple languages
  • One of the perfect serif font for heading text


cabin google web font
  • Cabin is modern font with it’s own personality
  • Available in 8 different style
  • Letter b, g, p and q are slightly rounded
  • Perfect for any paragraph style weather heading or very small footer text


light google web font
  • Designed by the designerVernon Adams who designed multi-font, which is mentioned above
  • Oxygen Google web font is available in 3 different styles. Light, Regular and Bold
  • Designed as a section of a project for Linux Operating System


html web safe font
  • Anton is available in only 1 style
  • Perfect to be used on heading style and large size text

Libre Franklin

web fonts
  • Libre Franklin has 18 different style ranging from thin, light, regular, medium, bold and black
  • Favorite pairing with Open Sans font


good font for web pages
  • Signika is a sans serif font with a gentle character
  • 4 different styles which are light, regular, semi-bold and bold
  • It also has alternate version named Signika Negative

Patua One

digital web font
  • 1 style latino type font.
  • Patua One has thick curved serifs to provide the feel of smoothness.

Passion One

cool google web fonts
  • Passion One comes in 3 different styles
  • Perfect for huge title sizes.

Antic Slab

classic web font
  • Antic Slab font comes in only one style
  • Designed to use for the title of magazines and newspapers
  • Best use for testimonials on the website

Didact Gothic

best modern web font
  • Didact Gothic comes with only 1 style and is  a sans-serif font
  • Designed to make suitable for learning


top web design fonts
  • Archivo is sans serif typeface family which comes in 8 different styles
  • Formerly designed for highlights and titles, now can be used for both print and digital
  • Excellent pair up with Roboto


web logo font
  • Viga is Sans serif type font and comes in only one style
  • Highly suitable for just headings only as it makes it easier to read on the screen.
  • Its a very different type font with strong personality


beautiful web safe fonts
  • Rounded type font perfect for lightweight display
  • Quicksand comes with 4 different style variations
  • Designed using geometric shapes as a core foundation


web fonts
Devnagari typeface family designed a respect to Roboto
 comes with 6 different styles
  • The famous pairing with Yantramanav is Open Sans, Late
  • This font is suitable for heading, paragraph text and small sizes text within the website.


ramabhadra google font
  • Ramabhadra comes in only one style which is Regular.
  • Perfectly suits for large size text.
  • One of the best Google web font for headlines.
  • The letter styles are slightly rounded at edges.

Google Web Font in WordPress Websites

If you choose WordPress blog, you don’t have to worry about editing CSS or embed HTML codes. You can install your favourite Google fonts like Roboto, Muli, Lato etc. by installing a plugin named Easy Google Fonts.

Choosing the right font is a hectic task. The perfect combination of the fonts and colour needs exceptional creativity. Different typography and fonts are available from which you can choose the best one to show your creativity. Only make sure one thing. It should be user-friendly and readable so that your customers can understand it effortlessly.

Importance of choosing best fonts for Web Design

With the improvement in technologies, websites have become one of the most prominent tools to attract maximum customers towards any business. If you are a regular visitor to the internet, you must have come across various sites which are designed with the superb colour combination and numerous advanced features, but, still, for some reason, you don’t click on it to check it’s products. Sometimes people even ignore their articles.

It happens because of not using exact font according to the web design. Always keep in mind that the typography you use makes a significant impact on your customers. First of all, it encourages the visitors to read whatever you have written on your website. Second, it engages them so that they can stay on your page for a longer time.
You can choose the expert professionals to get your website done, or you can do it on your own. If you are hunting for great work at a nominal cost, then Keen to design can provide excellent solutions to you. Let’s check out why fonts are so much important in web designing.

As a new designer, you may think that font is not so crucial for your website. In short, it’s not a big deal. But according to the experts, fonts have the power to make or break a whole site. Always keep in mind that fonts or texts comprise the majority of your site, and unpleasant website will still take the audiences away from your site. Let’s check out why web designers concentrate on font style.

To make your first impression right to your audiences

Most of the designers think critically before selecting any font. It is because your first impression will be your last impression in front of the viewers. So choosing the right font is exceptionally crucial. If it doesn’t look good or if the web font doesn’t go with the look and feel of your site, the audiences may not stay on your site for a longer time. So it should look professional and superb so that it can appeal your customers.

Fonts help you to make your website stand apart from the crowd

Choose a perfect font that matches the tone of your site or content. For example, in a legal website, you can select a font that looks funky. It should genuinely reflect your professionalism.
Now, the question is how to choose the font so that it can make an enormous impact on your visitors. Here is some expert’s advice. Take a look.

Typographic hierarchy

Typographic hierarchy is genuinely an essential factor. You need to figure out your hierarchy and implement it correctly. Along with that concentrate on the subheadings as well as the title which will help you to get the reader’s attention and it will help you to hold them on your website. You can even make specific fonts bold, and you can also change the colour of various words to emphasize them.

The size of the font

Everyone knows that people face problem to read small size fonts and if those words are seen in a low resolution, it’ll look even worse. So always keep the size of your font large so that people can easily access them on their mobile phone or tablet.

Avoid justified text

Always try to utilize the benefits of flush left or centred typing. Different visitors check your information on different devices. For example, your website may look different on a PC than a mobile device. In that case, justified text can quickly create problems.

Avoid double hyphens

The key to success is smart punctuation. So always try to avoid em and en dashes. Instead of that, work with typographer’s quotes.

Use special effects carefully

Special effects should be used correctly and carefully. At first, try to figure out what your customers want from your page and use the special effects accordingly. You can highlight texts with colour so that customers get attracted towards it, and the overall look of your page can be enhanced. Along with that, arrange the individual icons, starbursts, and buttons properly.

Adjust the contrast

The contrast between the colour of the font and the background should be perfect. Light font with dark background looks fantastic. Similar wise, if you have already entered a lot of things in the background, make sure the fonts look simple. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to understand for the customers.

White spaces

A lot of white spaces work as a design element. It also helps to understand the information quickly.

Web fonts that go with everything

Before choosing the perfect web font, don’t forget to compare the compatibility. Viewers cannot access some of them because they have to download it from a different remote server. Then only they can see those fonts exactly how the web designers see it.
So choose something that is compatible with most of the web browsers such as Verdana, Arial, Trebuchet or Verdana etc. Serif fonts are also useful such as Georgia or Times New Roman.

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