GM Home Loans

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  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development
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Industry: Finance/home loans

The home loan industry is a complicated field, so it was especially important that GM Home Loans’ website was crisp and clear in its layout and design. Every individual audience that the company works with needed to be able to identify the relevant information quickly. To create that kind of user experience (UX), we at Keen to Design first focused on a boundary-less design and a crisp kelly-green, navy blue and white color scheme.

On top of that foundation, we next built a straightforward audience-based information architecture, aided by visual cues such as blue-and-white iconography. Differentiation features stand out in the middle of the home page by reversing the color approach to use white text on dark blue background, with primary-color icons for accent and focus. We followed that with a logo gallery of financing institutions GM Home Loans has worked with, to build client trust and brand reputation, then a basic footer with a dark grey background for quick links.

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