How many domain can you register for your business?

Well, this is one of the most asked questions by our clients, to make it simple you can register an UNLIMITED number of domains as long at it relates to the product, location and services you provide.

After many research on various websites, we were not able to find exact information in regards to the number of domain you can register for your business, to clear our confusion we called auDA ( administer of the .au domains), and a friendly team member made us clear about the number of domain that you can register with your ABN and ACN.

how many domain name can you register

15 Easy tips for choosing domain name

When you are thinking of registering a new domain name for your business website, it might be difficult to find the perfect name that’s appropriate for you and has not been used by anyone else. We should always remember that domain names are rented and not purchased. There are many things to be considered before you register your domain and below are our 15 easy tips that we have gathered from our years of experience, many hours of online research which might be useful for choosing the perfect domain for your new business.

Keep your domain name shorter and comfortable to remember

One factor that we must take into account is the length of the name, the shorter, the better. The name of your domain should be between 30 characters and no more than that, in this way, it will very more comfortable for your customer to remember and search your site.

Name that explains itself

You must choose a clear name that does not need further explanation, so you do not have to repeat letter by letter to someone who wants to enter your domain name. So, choose one that explains itself.

Don’t use digit numbers

You must take into account that your domain name does not have any number to replace words like a “to” instead of “2”, because this would make the name of the domain much harder to remember and find. For example, don’t use instead of

Choose the correct extension

We must choose the proper extension, that is, choose between,,, The extension of is widely used by many businesses and can be used for a page of any topic, while is more educational institutes.

Don’t use Jargons

Try not using jargons in your domain name as it might be hard for a group of people who can not understand the meaning. Go for word that is simple, familiar and comfortable to recognise

Choose Reliable Registrar

When buying our domain, you must go in search of a reliable domain registrar. You can find many domain registrars on the internet, but you should go for the best known since the least known could close and we would be without a domain.

Don’t wait for a long time to register

You must find the domain in the fastest way possible, since, in a matter of minutes or hours, someone else may want the same as you and buy it leaving unavailable for you, so you should not wait too long.

Make it Very simple

Try making your domain more straightforward. Avoid the use of complicated words, numbers, hyphens between words and all kinds of signs or acronyms, things that would make it more complicated.

Chose automatic renewal option

Another thing that we should look for before buying our own web domain is to choose the automatic renewal option. In many cases, the owners of the business have forgotten to renew their domain and to lose it.Therefore it is better to have the option of automatic renewal.

You can’t have any name or word known by another brand in your domain as this can end up to have problems regarding copyright and trademark issues.

Make use of domain name generators

Many websites help in generating domain name that matches with your prefered name, those that are relevant and available. Make the most of those freely available tools where you can save a lot of time and get a wide range of options.

Get all social media URLs for your domain

Check for all social media URLs that are available for your domain and register them. You can just create them and enter the information about your business later. To save time, you can log on to the website where you can find all the social media URLs at once.

Be aware of domain abuse

If you are going to buy or acquire a web domain that has fallen into disuse or has been abandoned by its former owner, find out that it has not infringed on any error such as: spam resulting in a Google Penalty. To investigate that there are different options.

Avoid using hyphens in the domain name

Make your domain name memorable

One of the best things to do before choosing the name of our web domain is to think on a long-term basis about all these tips carefully and find others if necessary. Try getting feedback from your friends and relatives about the domain name before you proceed with purchasing the domain name.

Well, the more advice we follow and the more opinions we get, the better the choice of finding the perfect, relevant and valuable web domain we want.

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