Knowledge Base HTML Template

Free HTML Knowledge Base Website Template

The Knowledge base is an HTML website template available for personal and commercial use.

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Some notable features of this template include;

  • Easy to use: We have ensured that finding what you need is simple. A welcoming design that helps you quickly access the information you are looking for.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: The template has been designed to be visually appealing. It is clear and manageable, with colours and arranged elements that allow you to focus on the topic you are looking for.
  • Efficient search functionality: Need to find something? This template offers a search feature that provides results. We have categorised everything and added tags, making it easy for you to navigate directly to the topics of your interest.
  • Responsive across devices: Whether you are using a computer screen, a tablet or a phone, our template adapts perfectly to any screen size. You won’t encounter any formatting issues. Struggle with tiny text. Readability is always ensured.
  • Seamless navigation between categories: We have established connections between categories so that when you are reading about a topic, it’s effortless to explore related content by jumping directly from one category to another.

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