PSD to WordPress Conversion

psd to wordpress conversion

PSD to Responsive WordPress  Site Conversion

PSD is a native format of Photoshop and allows you to save all presentations, retouching, new creations made with this program. It keeps files with bits of colour and allows to store all layers, and channels that exist in the image file. PSD has almost no compatibility with other programs, so it is recommended that after you have designed the theme for your website in Photoshop, according to your business needs, you do the conversion to WordPress.

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Using a WordPress site gives your business an advantage over your competitors. However, having a WordPress site is not enough to achieve success in your endeavours. Much more is needed. The best solution is to opt for the conversion of PSD to WordPress.

Pixel Perfect PSD to WordPress, the ideal solution

WordPress is widely used, mostly by developers to create personalised and business websites and blogs. WordPress includes a wide range of features, plugins and much more, which helps you get websites that are easier to use and trustworthy.

Why opt for the conversion of PSD to WordPress?

If you are planning to build a highly optimised website, which can be managed effortlessly and with a custom design, then you should opt for the conversion of a PSD design to WordPress. Other reasons to choose PSD to WordPress conversion would be:

Improve the facets of the WordPress website

It is a common fact that users never visit a boring site. Therefore, the most crucial factor that makes a website successful is appearance. The conversion of PSD to WordPress gives you the freedom to design a website taking into account business needs.

The technical knowledge required is much lower

The main benefit of converting PSD to a WordPress theme is that you do not need any technical expertise to manage the site.

During the conversion process, you get a web-based user interface that allows you to manage the site and make all changes, whether editing, adding or deleting content, all with a custom design thanks to the creation of the template.


There are many WordPress plugins (add-ons) available online, which can be added to the website to work according to your business needs.

Easy accessibility

Since you can access WordPress through the Internet from anywhere in the world, you can quickly update from anywhere. You will not need to take HTML files to update and upload them. Instead, you just need an Internet connection to access your WordPress user interface and make changes.


The conversion of PSD to WordPress helps you reach potential customers in a very efficient way. WordPress is free and easy to use. By converting PSD to WordPress theme, small and medium businesses have to make a one-time investment.

You can design the theme in Photoshop according to your business needs and then convert it into a WordPress theme, which saves time and money.

Social Networks Integration

Conversion gives you the advantage of correctly linking your WP site with several social media – a sure way to attract traffic to your site. The conversion process also allows you to add several essential sections to your WordPress site from newsletters, online payment gateways, various types of contact forms, and much more.

With each passing day, we find several technological advances that revolutionise the way we work. That makes it imperative for companies to keep pace with the ever-changing market space. Therefore, if you are still working with PSD we strongly suggest to do the WordPress conversion and welcome your website to a new era.

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