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The world of property development is highly competitive. Many companies are trying to take your clients and beat you to various contracts. With online a finite number of property developments up for grabs, the onus is on you to stand out from the crowd. This is impossible without an excellent website. In this day and age, property developers need a website that reflects the quality of the company. How can you provide excellent property development services if you can’t even develop a good website? 

This is a question many potential clients will think when they land on your site. Or, even worse, you don’t have a website for them to visit. In fact, research suggests that 56% of consumers won’t trust a business without a website. Ironically, the same research found that 58% of businesses still lacked a website. To put it simply, you need a website if you want to succeed in your chosen field. However, it’s particularly important for property developers. 

Thankfully, we provide a property developer website design service that’s perfect for you. By working with numerous property development companies, we’ve come to understand what you need from a website. As such, we’re best-placed to offer a service that caters to all of your needs. 

A Chance To Showcase Your Talents 

A supreme advantage of having a website is that you can show off your expertise and talents. For property developers, there’s one thing you do better than anyone else – develop and design properties. So, you have to show potential clients that you’re more than capable of handling the job. A website gives you a place to post images and videos of previous projects. It’s a prime place to put before and after photos, displaying precisely what you’re capable of. Without a website, you depend on word-of-mouth. Or, you put too much hope in your social media profiles. However, most clients will find your social media via the website!

Ultimately, you need a website to establish your brand online. It’s the only way you will show people the work that you’re proud of. Potential clients can browse your website and see how impressive your skills are. This alone is all it takes to generate extra leads and find some new clients. 

Creating A Brand Image

In your industry, image is everything. Clients will pay a lot of money to have you develop a property. It’s a sizable investment for them, so they have to be sure you can live up to the task. Seeing examples of your work is one thing, but they need to be sure that they’re working with an elite brand. Therefore, you have to create a brand image that showcases your worth. People need to view your website and instantly believe that you’re a top-class property developer capable of great things. 

All of this is done via exceptional web design services. We can help you build a website that reflects the precise brand image you desire. Most of our property developer clients are keen to push themselves as a luxury brand. After all, your focus is on taking properties and improving them. So, you want clients to feel like they’re getting a luxury service. We’ll design a modern and classy website that gives you a significant brand boost. Now, you can compete with your rivals and take some clients away from them. 

Bespoke Services Built Around You

Just like you provide bespoke property development services, we offer bespoke property developer website design services. This means that everything is built around you and your company. We provide suggestions the whole time, but the final decisions come from you. You have a huge input on everything, including:

  • Website layout
  • Colorscheme
  • Website content

This allows us to develop a site that meets your key goals and aims. If you want your website to generate a certain number of leads per month, we’ll design one that stands a good chance of reaching that target. Plus, the benefit of bespoke web development is that it makes your website unique. Nobody else will have the same design as you, so your brand can stand out. Again, this is excellent for your image as it makes your business look special. Generic sites are cheap, but you get what you pay for. A cheap site will make your business look cheap, and you don’t want that!

Target The Right Audience

Do you have an existing website that’s struggling to bring in more clients? Perhaps you feel betrayed that you spent a lot of money on a site that isn’t delivering on its promises. Usually, when this happens, its down to one main issue – you’re not targeting the right audience. 

A website that doesn’t target the correct audience will be a waste of money. You might draw in web traffic, but the site doesn’t appeal to them. So, all your efforts fall on deaf ears. With our property developer website design, we’ll build a site that specifically caters to your target demographic. This means we implement keywords and help you get into the desired search results. Thus, the traffic you receive will all be interested in what your business has to offer. Targeted traffic is far easier to convert into paying customers, allowing you to expand your client base even further.  

Create A Site That Fits Your Purpose

As mentioned earlier, you have a full say in how your website turns out. One of the big questions is what do you want your site to look like? What type of website are you hoping to produce? We have the ability to design a website for all types of property development companies. Some of our clients will want a basic site that shows off their services and acts as a contact point for clients. It still looks incredible and has exceptional design elements, but the functionality is simple. People land on the website, see what you offer, then click a button to get in touch. These websites tend to be quite small and are often referred to as brochure style sites. 

On the other hand, we can develop something more detailed and complex. We’ve had clients that want to advertise properties online as well as display their services. If you have property developments that are already complete, you may be interested in finding tenants or buyers. As a result, we can equip you with a website that lists all the properties for people to look at. This type of site is far more detailed and includes many more pages. But, if that’s what you’re after, we will make it for you. 

Struggling to work out what approach is best for you? Don’t worry, we provide expert advice throughout the web design process. Our team will ask a series of questions to get to know you better. From here, we can help you identify what type of website will work best based on your business goals and budget. 

Become An Authoritative Source In Your Industry

Our website design services do more than provide you with a nice website. We strive to make you an authoritative source within the property development industry. Why is this important? Well, clients trust authoritative sources more than others. You present yourself as a business with a lot of knowledge in your industry. Not only that, but you also set yourself apart from the crowd as the business that’s above everyone else. 

To gain this status, you need a website. From here, we ensure that your website climbs up the rankings to the first few spots. These positions are always viewed with much desire and signify that a business has a sense of authority. Suppose a client searches for property developers, and your website is the first they see. In that case, it instantly triggers positive connotations in their minds. You must be one of the most trusted and knowledgeable property developers if you’re the first result!

We solidify this further with the innovative design of your website, making you look modern and classy. The website content will also indicate that you’re an authoritative source by displaying your expert knowledge and skills to all of your web traffic. Again, it’s all about building trust with the consumer and encouraging them to make a purchase. 

Convert More Leads

On that note, our service will help you generate and convert more leads. Instantly, having a website opens the door to more leads via the online market. But, you still depend on a good site to convert them. With our website design, we ensure that your bounce rate stays as low as possible. We keep people on your website for as long as possible, pushing them through the sales funnel

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