Arrow Abseiling

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  • WordPress Development

Abseiling—the professional or athletic use of doubled ropes to scale down the face of a building, rock face or other vertical surface—certainly provides some dramatic imagery for any website, and Arrow Abseiling’s new site is no different. The company provides high-rise window cleaning, painting and other services that require this unusual method of access. And such an interesting brand required a special website. 


We started with a shade of red that’s every bit as dramatic as Arrow’s services, and built a ruby and charcoal colour scheme that echoes the tones in Arrow’s evocative logo. Paired against the tonal white background, these colours draw attention to the movement, shades and drama in the imagery we selected to display, especially on the home page. 


The featured content tiles are highlighted by contrasting stripes at the top to offset from the background and boosted with a minimal pop-out (not pop-up!) effect on hovering for additional visual focus and readability. Below, a horizontal list of Arrow’s USPs (unique service propositions) paired with two-tone iconography helps sells the brand’s skills, expertise and safety. 

abseiling company website