How much does the website cost in Sydney, Australia?

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Everything depends on your needs and demands. Find out how much a website design in Sydney, Australia costs and get to work.

When a company or small business decides to open a professional site, thousands of questions arise as to how much it will cost, or if it will be cheap. The investment in a web page is proportional to the design of this; therefore, there is a secret formula that allows determining the price of a web page.

If you are considering a web designer to make a professional website or remodel the one you already have, this article will help you get a little familiar with Australian market prices.

Website Design Cost

You can put yourself to work and create a website, blog or online store. Despite not having the technical knowledge to do so, there are very intuitive platforms that allow you to create a site quickly and simply. In this case, the price of the website will be meagre, since, in most cases, the payment of domain and hosting is faced.

This low investment is also consistent with the result you will have since by choosing platforms such as Wix or WordPress, it is difficult to satisfy your professional needs and those of your business.These options are always somewhat limited since you depend 100% on these platforms and your knowledge of web development.

In the sector, you can find prices of website, blog or online store very different for the same project. Ideally, you can compare budgets to make the best decision possible.

When comparing them, read the fine print and find out what is included and what is not. Many times, the result of the website is not the desired one because certain aspects were not included in the initial budget.

In addition to comparing budgets, you should also keep in mind to make a sufficient investment to reach a minimum of specific quality. Since you are determined to create a website, do it minimally well and don’t let the price of the site be a factor that slows you down or conditions you.

What to keep in mind when making a budget for a website?

  • Is it a new web page or a redesign?
  • Is a detailed document provided with all the requirements by the client?
  • Do you need a blog or a content manager (CMS)?
  • Do you have the necessary graphics?
  • Does the web have to be adaptable to mobile phones with responsive design?
  • Should you add multimedia content, videos, etc.?
  • Do you have to create the texts of the sections or does the client already provide them?
  • Do you have to integrate with social networks? SEO ?
  • Do you need an online store?
  • Do you have to offer a maintenance contract?

Elements that influence the price of the web page and prices

Once you are clear about what type of web page you want and that you want a customised design and development, then you must know what the primary variables that influence the price of a web page are. If you combine them according to your needs, you can get a pretty clear idea of the cost of your future website, and you can deduce if it will be more expensive or cheaper.

Choosing and hiring the domain

When you have validated the idea you had in mind, you have set a strategy (and achievable objectives), and it is clear that you want a web page, it is time to choose the name for your business, and with it, the web domain. The domain is one of the most important things since it will be the first thing your users will see, along with the name itself. In fact, it is an essential element that, although to a lesser extent, also intervenes in the price of the website. In fact, depending on the TLD (domain extension) that you choose, it may become more expensive than hosting. The reason is simple. A domain .com .us or costs, depending on the provider, from $ 10 to $ 15 per year in Australia.

Choice of Website hosting

The hosting is another fundamental element that intervenes in the price of the website. Although it is still not too high, if we see the cost per year, some may scare you (usually pay between $1.99 to $39.99 per month, although it is advisable to do it annually since you save a lot of money). The price range between which this element move is the most varied, depending on the provider you choose.

Choice of a High-Quality Design from a Professional team

The cost of a web page varies depending on who is responsible for making the budget. The professional options considered are a web design agency in Sydney or a freelance web designer that, although the result may be similar, they have apparent differences in the way of working, communicating and exposing their work.

As only one person faces the project, it incurs fewer expenses and can offer a more competitive website price. On the other hand, the final rate of the website will be higher in the case of opting for a web design and development agency. These types of companies have professionals with specific knowledge of different areas that deal, each, with the part of the development of the website in which they are professionals. Naturally, the work of a professional team is reflected in the price of the site. The rates of the developers depend on the state, and in the Australian, prices vary between $25 to $160 per hour.

Website size and requirement

As each project is unique, each web page will have its own needs. Therefore, the price of the web page, blog or online store will vary depending on the size and design of it.
A small website with the usual pages (home, blog, about me, services and contact) is not the same as one with several dozens of services, different points of sale in different countries and different languages.

As each web project is unique, each website will have its own needs. Therefore, the price of the site will vary depending on the size. To be able to give close rates we are going to list a series of assumptions. A basic web page created from a template goes from $ 35 to $ 200.

If you opt for a customised design made to measure, the price of the website can be between $1800 to $ 9,000 or more, your imagination being the limit, that. The more functionalities you have, the more the price of the website, blog or online store will increase.


In conclusion, the most important thing to do when you decide to create a website is determining all the parameters for it. This way you will know exactly what you are looking for and can establish the budget to achieve this goal.

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