How can User Experience (UX) Lead your Business Website to Success?

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Are you about to get a website for your business? Then you must have an idea about the importance of the user experience. In that case, a user experience expert plays a vital role while developing a website. The user experience expert has designed a new objective perspective. It is requisite in both design process of a site and for information architecture. The integral role of this perspective cannot be denied or revoked.

Website development is a creative process which is accomplished online. While developing a website, people usually confer an interest on the designing and the brand reputation. The look and feel of a site are truly important for anyone. However, often we forget to concentrate on the principal thing that is the usability. The sole purpose of designing a website is increasing the trustworthiness of the brand in the market as well as the ROI generation. Both of these purposes depend on the usability of a site. So it is substantially detrimental to make a website successful.

Only a user experience expert can amplify the competitive influence of a company dramatically. It will directly hit the perception of the users. As a result, their interaction, as well as understanding with the brand, will start changing gradually.

User experience is synonymous with customer service. So to provide aesthetically gratifying experience to the customer, you need to concentrate on providing valuable information to them. It will gradually increase the traffic on your site. Along with that, it has a profound effect. It will create a definite brand predilection among your potential customers. As a result, the abandonment and bounce rate will be diminished significantly. However, for that, you have to provide complete latitude to the user experience experts so that they can arbitrate according to your business preferences. In that case branding, unique content, spontaneous functionality and excellent usability are crucial.

The influence of different social media on website design

Few people know that social media integration has a significant impact on website designing. That is why major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and others have permitted the business owners to publish the live content directly to their website with the help of XML feeds and APIs. It helps to integrate different social media platforms seamlessly. Along with that, you can efficiently manage the content of your site too.

People also include the link to their website on the official page of social media. It is done because the audiences share their experience directly with the owner through the social feed. It has different side effects too. Always keep in mind that your potential customers will see these conversations and feedbacks and according to that they are going to judge your brand. So if the feedbacks are not in your favour, it will go against your brand too.

So never drop random feedbacks on your website. Before integrating those feedbacks on your site, you need to take time to analyse it. In this way, you can create a favourable environment for your audiences. Apart from that always ponder over relevant content. The videos, posts or images posted by you should be related as well as entertaining for the visitors.

How to utilise Social Media for Customer Experience?

Users are no longer interested in company’s perception. In this era of Social Media, they love to join a direct conversation and also dig deep into the perspective of other customers about that particular company. So if you integrate the customer’s feed to your website, it will exhibit the company’s willingness to know their customer’s outlook. Now, if you check it from the technical point of view, you will get many advantages if you integrate the content of social media directly into your website.

It will help you to improve the SEO too. TweetDeck is an excellent tool. Utilising this tool, you can quickly identify the chatter in the social media group and also respond to the customers efficiently. Apart from that YouTube or Flickr are excellent tools that come with Flash players. If you want to have a media player to display the photos or the videos, don’t forget to utilise these tools. It will save your time and also reduce the development cost.

Responsive Design for better User Experience (UX)

In today’s world after the invention of the responsive designs and because of the burgeoning influence of social media, Content management system or CMS has turned into Website Management Systems. Responsive design is always preferable as it offers the better user experience. People now prefer to access the internet with the help of their smartphones. So, if your website works well on smartphones and tablets, the sheer amount of people will access it frequently. Responsive web design not only provides a better user experience but also boosts the ranking of your site and diminishes the bounce rate.

A right tool can make you the boss of your website. With the help of a scalable and well-featured interface, you can control your site, the customers and most importantly, the campaign management can also be done. However, you have to have an idea about the right features of the Website Management Systems which includes

  • Content management with drag and drop facility
  • Video player integration
  • Social media integration
  • Content updates from your phone
  • The functionality of creating a mobile-friendly or responsive version of your site
  • Rich-text WYSIWYG control
  • SEO friendly content output
  • Campaign analysis with Dashboard
  • Visitor profiling with Dashboard
  • Rollback control as well as Website versioning

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