How can you reduce the cost of a New Website Design or Site Updates?

reduce website design cost

Building a website needs innate knowledge about online behavioural patterns, usability and customer’s behaviour. So hiring a junior web designer will not be a right decision. You need to keep in mind that people usually prefer to interact with your brand through this channel. No other marketing channel can act as it does. So you have a cut through a tremendous competition and do so you have to be consistent. Then only you can achieve success in online branding.

Before hiring any digital design agency, make sure they have a fair idea about the online behavioural patterns of the customers. Then only the final creative solution can relate to the needs of the users.

Let’s check out some interesting facts about website functionality

There are various frameworks in which website can be developed, and that framework provides a seamless user experience. According to the recent survey, the loading time of a page plays a vital role when it comes to delivering the excellent user experience. Visitors can now interact with the web content without reloading the page again and again.

Not only that, different outstanding media tools have been invented so that customers can interact with the brand directly. For example, because of the ubiquity of iPhone applications, widget or Google gadgets customers can watch the online advertisement and at the same time, they can also interact with them.

Nowadays, virtual data can be smoothly blended with the real world. The website or mobile functionality have been augmented. For example, with the help of GPS, Android phone, or an iPhone someone can easily track the location of the user or local restaurants.

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Website maintenance and communication with your audiences

Before making different structural changes on your website, you should inform your viewers about those changes. At the same time, you have to keep in mind that an “under construction” page will not project a good picture among your audiences. So, changes should be made before it goes live.

A wieldy website dictates that if any functionality or navigation changes happen on the site, it should be intuitive and straightforward. In short, without informing the visitors, the maintenance should be carried out.

Interesting features of Web Design

Web 2.0 comes with the usage of big glossy buttons. But we often forget that the gloss will fade, and then it becomes annoying and an eyesore. So, instead of using these overly bright buttons we can go for attention grabbing, prominent buttons.

Left aligning websites are also fading off rapidly. Centre aligned website with fixed width is much preferred than this. People prefer these websites because it stays in the middle of the screen of the users which makes it user-friendly.

Nowadays, our focus should be on informative and engaging content and user-friendliness. The web designs that are not built accordingly will fade away gradually.

Slight Animation Effects in websites

Sliding effects are unquestionably crucial for web design. But it should be used only in the required fields. Sometimes animation is used for those elements which don’t demand it necessarily. For instance, if you want effects on image slideshows, you can use different JavaScript libraries like MooTools or jQuery. JavaScript has so many advantages. For example, here everything is pre-compiled so you can use it effortlessly. Along with that, it’s SEO friendly and mobile device compatible.

On the other hand, Flash can be used on different other elements like for complex animations, different videos with 3D capabilities. It’s both engaging and multiple platforms compatible. Different complex applications like interactive surveys, calculators, etc. can be integrated into your website with the help of Flash.

Creating a Search Engine Friendly Website

The primary requirement of an SEO optimised website is to adhere the W3C or World Wide Web Consortium standards and compliance. If this internationally accredited guideline is appropriately maintained, an excellent page layout along with different device and platform compatible website can be built.

You need to keep in mind that the Flash introductions or Gateway pages should be avoided. CSS or cascading style sheets ensures an excellent and proper website structure. Comprehensive usage of headings is crucial to delineate different segments of text. Along with that, the most valuable and relevant content should be at the top of the page.

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. cannot read images. So never use Flash or images for headlines or navigation. It should always be in text so that different search engines can index it efficiently.

Navigation and internal linking should be incorporated into the design. Don’t forget to add content and keywords based footer links on every page at the bottom. Apart from that, different blogs, social media feeds, and videos should be incorporated so that your website can undoubtedly appear in the search result.

How to get a website at a reasonable price?

You should follow these simple ways. Take a look

  • You need to have a good relationship with your digital marketing agency. Before hiring an agency, you need to confirm that they understand your business and the customers and they can deliver tailor options within your budget.
  • Targeting, Segmenting and Positioning is crucial. Targeting means whom you want to visit your website. Segmenting indicates the industry that you want to focus on and Positioning means what message you want to convey to your customers through your site. In short, just like the traditional market, you have to distinguish and evaluate your targeted audiences.
  • Avoid guesswork which can genuinely amplify the additional costs at the end of the day. So before investing money identify your goals and potential methods to achieve it.
  • You can choose 5 websites you like the most. It’s okay if it’s not from your industry. It will help you to articulate the features and the look and feel you want for your project.
  • Identify a realistic budget. Make sure if you invest this much you’ll get the return accordingly.

A great example of successful website design, a website designed by Keen to Design . It offers a seamless shopping experience to its customers. The sole purpose of developing this website was to increase the conversion rate and also to amplify the average order amount. Now let’s check out the chief ingredients of this site.

  • Uncluttered, new pages have been developed with smooth navigation.
  • Excellent use of the white page.
  • Big buttons.
  • Different safety valve options are included. For example, click to Call, Live Help, etc.
  • Simple yet wonderful design.

You can invigorate the design of your site in every 18 months. It’ll finally increase the performance of your site rapidly. But the best way to design an advanced website is to build it correctly so that you can avoid the ground-up redesigning of your site.

Designing a website can be a deceptive job. Building a new site seems easy and straightforward. But the real cost of getting a new one shocks so many people. So here is the shortlist of how you can reduce the actual value.

  • You can use pre-made templates which will reduce the cost the time as well. You can visit different marketplaces like Template Monster, etc. to get an existing template.
  • Structure of the site is crucial. You can reduce the development cost by reducing the number of pages of your site.
  • You can use stock photography which is clean as well as professional. Different photo sites with free stocks are available nowadays.
  • You can do some in housework like writing content, selecting themes, photos, and graphics, etc. Most importantly just keep it as simple as you can.

Just keep in mind that simple navigation system with attractive design can convert more visitors into the buyers than the complicated ones.

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