Actionable tips to avoid unreliable follow unfollow on your Instagram Account

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Instagram has proved to be a great social platform that allows people to interact with each other socialise too. It is essential to understand its significance regarding creating new opportunities for people by allowing them to get involved in startup businesses. It is vital to shed light on different dimensions that are taken into account in this regard. As there are many advantages of Instagram, some people face several issues as well. Like every other app, it also has certain drawbacks that must be dealt with to offer unmatched and beyond description experience to its users. The follow unfollow game is a top trend, and it is so annoying. This needs to be dealt with as a number of people have got affected by this trend. People spend a tremendous amount of time to create a worth-praising profile in order to get new followers. Their efforts and contribution go in vain as they see their following numbers are on the rise while followers are declining. You need to worry about as this is the follow unfollow game that we are discussing here. The behaviour of such account users cannot be predicted as they might follow you for days before unfollowing you and there are certain stinky people who play this game for the matter of seconds. Here are the 8 actionable tips that can play an important role in avoiding unreliable follow unfollow on your Instagram:

Spot and identify the follow unfollow account!

The first and foremost thing that you must start doing right away is to spot and identify such accounts. This will help you in recognizing them once they send you a follow request. There are certain things that are common in case of all the follow unfollow Instagram game. These accounts can easily be identified as they are following hundreds of people at the same time. All you have to do is to monitor their profile. In addition, they do not have any followers which are one of the biggest sign that another account is going to play this game with you. Another important sign is that they are not active and they have limited or no post on their account. You can also identify them by focusing on the quality of the content uploaded to their account. If any account has the aforementioned things, beware. unfollowers instagram

Be creative in terms of the hashtag!

There is another strategy as well that can protect you from becoming a victim of follow unfollow Instagram game. This strategy is solely focused on your creativity. You must figure out different creative strategies in terms of hashtags as these are going to make your account a protected one. People cannot detect your account if you start using different hashtags that are unique yet creative in nature. For instance, if you are using #DIY, there would be millions of posts related to different spheres of lives. You must use #CreativeDIY as this will make your account a protected one from follow unfollow Instagram game players.

Be specific in terms of the hashtag!

In addition to being creative, you must also be specific enough. If you are a makeup artist and you are teaching your follower’s different DIY techniques, you must try to be specific enough when you add a hashtag to your post. You can use different hashtags like #DIYmakeup or #DIYmakeupideas to make the entire concept more attractive. This is going to give you an edge over your competitors as people can easily get to your Instagram profile. You will also succeed in getting rid of follow unfollow Instagram games. Specific hashtags will get you more traffic and only relevant people can access you.

Quality control of the account!

You must make sure that your profile is attractive enough that everyone starts following you. It must be attractive and filled with amazing content. This will make people your regular followers and people who are into follow unfollow Instagram game, they will also start following you on regular basis.

Too many hashtags must be avoided!

Hashtags are important but using too many hashtags is not a good idea. People do not prefer seeing so many hashtags. It is important to understand different techniques that can help you in managing your hashtags. It is also important to understand the different dynamics of hashtag game and how it can help you in avoiding follow unfollow Instagram games. unfollow instagram

Follow a unique strategy to deal with follow unfollow Instagram game!

You must identify different accounts that are fake or spam. It is also important to understand the fact that these accounts can be easily dealt with by following simple techniques. Blocking them is the ultimate solution. Before you follow someone back, make sure you are following the right person and someone interested in follow unfollow Instagram game.

Mark your target audience!

The best way to deal with this thing is to have a track of followers on Instagram and unfollowers Instagram. This will help you in determining your target audience. You can mark your circle and you can use different hashtags and ask your followers to use that particular hashtag in their posts. This will help you and your followers in having the right track of what you are doing and you can also track their performance without any interference from the agent of follow unfollow Instagram game.

Engage your customers proactively!

Last but not the least, the most important thing is to engage your customers. It is a common fact that a number of your followers unfollow Instagram account as they are not engaged through your content anymore. Therefore, you must be focusing on strategies that can help you in having the right kind of approach towards your clients. In addition to it, you should also focus on several techniques that can play an important role in engaging your target audiences. You must be proactive in terms of customer and follower engagement. Lastly, this will deter the follow unfollow Instagram players.
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