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contrasting colours

With the advancement of internet technology now most of the businesses are finding it crucial to have their online presence to gain customer focus and attention. Designing a website is a tricky job as the design of a site is the first thing that the visitor notice. Similarly, the colour combination of the website also makes a significant impact on the overall view of the visitor. In today’s post, we will cover some of the tips to ensure the usage of perfect contrasting colour to enhance the website readability.


The right use of the colours of the website designing can make or break the deal for you. If you want your website to attract the potential customers not only through the content but by the presentation also then put a little extra effort in using the colour palette for your site.

Harsh tones cast a bad impression

Although the use of bright colours may seem beautiful and radiant, however, if you are selecting a colour scheme for your website it would always be wise to choose the warmer tones. The colours should not be harsh to feel pungent at first glance because if the visitor ever visits your website, they may feel uncomfortable due to the whole harsh colour scheme of the site. So, it is always wise to avoid the use of the harsh colour scheme.

Discuss the business colours

If you are getting a new website for a business, then it is advisable to take into consideration the brand colour that the company is currently using. Most of the time the colours a business use in its logos becomes the identity of the business. So you have to keep in mind to use the similar colour scheme to give the site brand identification.

Consider the target audience

While creating a website, one of the most significant factors that matter is to consider the target audience at almost all stages. Moreover, when we talk about a colour contrast for a website, we have to admit the target audience as well. If the site is targeted towards females, then the use of colour would be different as compared to the one targeting male audience.

If you are designing a website for the elders, then the colour scheme should be suitable and calm that does not hurt the eyes. Similarly, you have to watch for the industry the website belongs.

contrast color palette

Understand the personality of the colours

Another essential aspect to be kept in mind while selecting the colour palette is the personality of the colour. As we are cognizant that each colour has a unique personality and by choosing that colour we imply that personality on our website. Some of the examples include black consider as the colour of power and sophistication while pink depicts the feminism. On the other hand, red portrays passion, danger and zeal while purple represents royalty and success. So while creating a site always make your colour selection according to the personality of the colour and what your website is portraying.


Experiment with colours

It is quite annoying to use a single colour for the entire website. It not only creates a dull impression but also discourage the visitors from visiting again. So to make your site more attractive, it is imperative to choose an accent colour for highlighting the critical areas or the information. However, the selection of the right accent colour is not easy, and you have to try various colour combinations to get the right one.

Background colour

The background colour of your website is just like the wall of the room. You have to choose the colour very carefully as it would slightly increase or decrease visitors’ interest. While selecting the background colour, consider the type of website you are creating. For example, if you are creating a content-intensive site, then the background colour should be neutral or white. This is because while building an informational website, the primary focus should be on the content and the neutral colour of the background which diverts all the attention on the content.

While on the other hand, if we have to create a website for business then there are two kinds of background colour selection for brand promotion or services promotion.

  • If the site is focused on brand promotion, the background should include the colour of the brand.
  • If the website is for the promotion of the service, then like the content-intensive sites the background colour should be neutral to bring the focus to the content of the site.

high contrast web design

Use the colour contrast checking tools

If you are creating a site for the first time or if you are not sure about the colour selection, then the best way to confirm your decision is the use of tools available for the colour comparison. There is a humongous variety of tools available online which helps the website designer to choose the perfect combination. The use of tools would not only offer the variety of combinations, but it also saves your time. Try to use these tools to get the best idea regarding the various colour combinations for your site.

Avoid the use of black

The use of black, although some classic, however, if you switch the black with the darker tone of grey, then it would offer a more subtle colour to the viewers. Moreover, if you use a darker shade of grey, then you will not be able to recognise it even.

Always prefer readability

One thing that is most crucial in the whole website designing process is the readability aspect. All the colours that we choose are entirely based on the fact that they enhance the readability of the text. However, there are specific rules that we have to follow while selecting the text and background colours that can improve or decline the readability. Avoid the use of a dark background with the lighter text as it causes irritability in the eyes and also causes reading discomfort.

The colour combination is the most crucial part of website designing process. Always seek the help of experts and latest tools to come up with the best colour combination that not only attract the visitors but also enhance the potential customers.

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