Colours theory in Web Design and Why it matters

colours theory web design

A single picture is worth a thousand words! It is easy to choose your favourite colour and go towards your web design project, and that is because you like how it looks. There are of elements to consider too, such as photos, layout, content, and development. The primary purpose of this post is to focus on the importance of colour and to give you a background on why it deserves your full attention while working on web design.

Colours theory in Web Designs

A major part on how your web page reflects derives from which colour do you choose. It also makes a significant impact on how the public perceives your work. Taking a good look to other designs may help you to get a much better understanding of how colour works on their perception. A web page with a high recognition could have dangerous consequences changing the colour scheme when it is expected to well maintenance.

It is clear that colour plays a significant role, not only in web design but also in brand design, marketing, and other areas. Moreover, such a great importance resides on multiple reasons, all of them coming from our minds. There are some of those reasons.

Colour helps you remember

According to many psychologists “living colours” are more appealing to the senses because they boost your memory with scenes of the real world. Creating a memory from a colourful scene is way easier because they can be processed more efficiently than a transparent one, so as a result, you can remember them better.

A visual era

In the pre-historic era, the olfactory sense was our prime mean to survive, for that reason it was vital. Nowadays, we assimilate approximately 80% of our experiences through our eyes. Vision has become the primary source, very different than our ancestors who relied on their pre-historic noses.

Colourful emotions

A colour is very much related to feelings; it is not unusual to see a colour and have an emotional response towards that colour. Blue, for example, is linked to sadness and calm while yellow expresses happiness, light, and caution. It is within our nature to naturally associate them with our emotions because it is hard sometimes to represent what we feel into words.

Web design is primarily a visual mean, and the colour is a powerful weapon to enhance it, understanding its meaning gives you an invaluable way to make your website a great project. Choosing the right colour is not only picking the one you like, but it is also choosing the ones who will make your website robust and full of personality.

Feel free to experiment with each colour, use different shades while working and deciding the scheme for your site. Have in mind that every person is completely different and that most likely colours mean something else for every one of them. Of course, it is impossible to satisfy everybody´s necessity so as a last recommendation, think about the target of your website before taking any decision.

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