How to fix BigPond email issues in your iPhone and Mac?

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Do you have a BigPond email account, but are facing email issues on your iPhone or Mac computer? Has it appeared to stop working overnight suddenly, or can you no longer seem to send outbound emails anymore?

Much of the above is likely linked to Telstra platform changes which have resulted in BigPond email issues. Learn how and why this is happening, and how you can quickly and easily fix these problems.

Changes to Telstra mail and how it might affect your BigPond email account

As Telstra rolled out some significant changes across their email platforms, there have been notable impacts to their customers as well. They have been shutting down their BigPond brand in lieu of their new Telstra Mail email service.

The specific problem plaguing countless BigPond account holders is that once Telstra rolled out their changes, their email accounts apparently stopped working. In particular, this affects clients who had more recently created Outlook-hosted BigPond email accounts.

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How can you address this problem and get your email working again?

Once Telstra invokes their email changes, you are required to set up and modify some of your device’s settings to continue using your email as expected. It’s a hassle, but it’s necessary. You have to manually update your email setup on all devices where your email account has been installed, such as your iPhone, iPad and Mac computer. In the majority of situations, the Telstra Mail account has to be re-added as a new account instead.

If you happen to have the older POP account mode, you’ll likely have received an email from Telstra informing you that there’s no action required, and your email should continue to work across all devices as expected. So for these users, no additional changes are necessarily required, but it may be recommended to do so to get the upgraded improvements. You’ll have to follow the same process of re-adding your account if you want to start taking advantage of the newest features now being offered by Telstra Mail.

Either way, it’s advised to get some professional assistance if you intend to delete your old email accounts, so you don’t lose your sent mail history, or your contacts or other important data.

Setting up POP BigPond mail accounts using Apple mail

If you’re not affected by the above issues, but instead are trying to simply set up a POP BigPond mail account on a new Mac or Apple device, a common problem encountered in this process is that your email may appear as “offline”, meaning no outbound messages can be sent.

To check and configure your settings correctly, go to your Apple settings and preferences, then navigate to the Accounts tab and click “Server Settings”. Unselect the “Automatically manage connection settings” option, then select the option “Use TLS/SSL” and set the authentication dropdown option to “Password” instead. Save these settings, and your outgoing mail server should now appear to be online and work as expected!

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