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If someone tells you that you’ll get an opportunity to improve yourself at the time of running, commuting or even during your work out session, will you believe? Yes, it’s time to accept this fact because the best podcasts come with all these superb facilities.

It’ll give you the new knowledge to increase your wisdom, wealth, and health. You must know that it’s really tough to find the best podcasts. But thanks to our developer team and their tremendous hard work, we have finally listed the best podcasts on different niches including Design, Technology, Startups, Marketing, and Business. Without wasting your valuable time, let’s take a look.

15 Best Podcasts related to Startups

As an entrepreneur, you can learn in so many different ways. People usually take the help of articles, infographics, ebooks, etc. But sometimes you may overlook the reasonable option called the podcast.

It has become one of the hottest trends as so many leaders of the industry share their advice and experience through these podcasts. So if you want to improve yourself at your leaser time, then nothing can be better than listening to a podcast. Here are the best 15 podcasts for the startups. Take a look.

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This Week In Startups

Jason Calacanis’s This Week In Startups podcast will be one of the best options for all new startups. This entrepreneur puts the interviews of the investors in this podcast twice a week. You can listen to some of the greatest influential names in this industry. You can listen to the interviews of Travis Kalanick from Uber or Steve Huffman from Redditt and so on. This one is one of the best podcasts of the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Startups For The Rest Of Us

Rob Walling and Mike Taber created a fantastic podcast named Startups for the Rest of Us. This one is one of the best podcasts for the developers, entrepreneurs, and designers related to the software industry. In the last episodes, you’ll get to know about improving SEO, how to balance your professional life and personal life or how to host a seminar successfully and a lot more.


Mixergy’s Andrew Warner founded this fantastic podcast. Mixergy’s founders belong to companies like Groupon, Wikipedia. The inspirational stories and ideas are so compelling that it will change your perspective towards life and business. You can even subscribe the Premium Content plan to listen to the inspirational interviews of hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Startup Grind

Derek Andersen founded this podcast Startup Grind in the year 2010. He interviewed 1000 successful entrepreneurs. The first event was organised in the year 2011. Since then, over 50 events have been held.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is a successful author and a great entrepreneur. He hosts a podcast on iTunes that is top ranked. You can learn startup tricks from so many people ranging from entrepreneur to investors, athletes, chess prodigies and even musicians.

500 – Startup Founders Podcast

It’s a new podcast that should be listened to by all. Silicon Valley, as well as accelerator 500 Startups, runs this show together. You can listen to so many interviews of different entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers on this podcast. Each interview takes 17 to 24 minutes so you can listen to them during your lunch break.

The Full Ratchet

Do you want to think like the Venture Capital experts? Then this one is the best option for you. The Full Ratchet podcast publishes two episodes in a week. You’ll get to know the investors and why they selected a particular startup to fund. You’ll also get to know their portfolio strategies, exit strategies and other strategies.

Lean Startup

Mark Graban has a website called lean. He has been operating this site since 2005. Here lean means those products that are high-quality, safe, cost-effective and on-time delivery. Many among these podcasts concentrate on healthcare, and some of them informs about leadership techniques.

Standford’s Entrepreneurship Corner

This podcast is from Standford University focuses on entrepreneurship. This one is a weekly podcast and it’s significant because the guests are exceptional. From Geoff Donaker to Yelp even Task Rabbit and many distinguished persons are guests here.

Entrepreneur on Fire

John Leed Dumas is the founder of this podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire. It has already been awarded the best podcast of the year by iTunes. Its format will really impress you. Mr Dumas starts with the failure and aha! Moment of the guests and concludes it with a rapid fire round. Over 700 entrepreneurs from Barbara Corcoran to Seth Godin and many more have taken part in it.

How to Build a Rocketship

This podcast focuses on growing startups successfully. For that, it conducts interviews with various successful entrepreneurs like HubSpot’s Brain Balfour or Duck Duck Go’s Gabriel Weinberg and so on. They discuss the topics like raising capital, customer acquisition, self-funding and product development. If you are a startup founder, you need this critical content.

Product People

Justin Jackson and Kyle Fox host this podcast. They discussed how different products should be designed, developed and marketed. Anyone can take inspiration from this podcast as it revolves around various mobile apps, software products, and web-based products.


Kevin Rose, the Digg founder, launched this podcast that solely focuses on the personal lives of some high profile guests like Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh, Elon Musk and Biz Stone. You’ll get to know about their inspirations too.

Product Hunt Radio

Ryan Hoover launched this podcast that solely focuses on the products. For example, recently Ryan discussed productivity hacks that are time-saving. This podcast will help you to discover different new products and also amplify your growth.

Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

This one is an excellent podcast that covers all the marketing needs. John Jantsch discussed how to create incredible content, the importance of referrals or the rules of service and sales and so on. This one is the best solution for those who want to learn different techniques of marketing a particular product.

13 Best Podcasts related to Design

marketing podcast

If you are a web designer or developer and want to learn or experience new things, then these podcasts will be an excellent solution for you.

Here, the accomplished professionals of this industry share their experience, express their passion towards their work and the complexities they face in this long journey. So, if you are a designer or a developer and hunting for education along with entertainment, then you search ends here.

We have come up with 15 best podcasts that are hosted by the leading developers, designers, and engineers in the industry. These are not only informative and inspirational but also humorous. So you can learn even when you are relaxing or working.

The best part is you can listen to them anytime because they are available for both Android and iOS. These podcasts cover everything, from 3D printing to hardware design, wearable tech, CAD, electrical engineering, physical products and much more. So let’s take a look on 20 top podcasts for both product design and product development.


Edgemade is an excellent podcast that shares various exciting stories of independent design. This podcast focuses on product design as well as development. You’ll get to know the latest trends from the experts and leaders of the industry. Also, they inform about various innovative and creative designs of today.

3 episodes of Edgemade that we like are
How to Prepare Something Intuitive with the help of FiftyThree
Tile’s Nick Evans teaches how to find simplicity
Faraday’s Adam Vollmer’s A Bicycle for the Bicycle

Civil FX

Civil FX is an excellent option for those product designers who are associated with Lumion, 3ds Max, Sketchup, Revit, and InfraWorks. This podcast is specially designed for product development and design. So, they will find this podcast extremely informative.

You should check these three episodes of this podcast.
Episode 56 – If you want to optimise the Real-Time Performance.
Episode 49 – You will find 5 excellent predictions for construction and design.
Episode 48 – This episode stated that CAD should not be recognised as the future of Design.


Lars Christensen is an award-winning manufacturing and design expert. He mainly focused on manufacturing, designing, and engineering and created a superb podcast. This particular podcast helps people to use CAM and CAD software so that the experts can successfully design and develop their own products. You need to visit and don’t forget to check these 3 episodes.


MakerCast is a podcast for the makers. Each week you’ll get new episodes that show uniqueness, drive, and skillset. It also includes different interviews with skilled manufacturers and designers. You’ll get to know their experiences and stories behind their success.

99% Invisible

This podcast is all about architecture, design and the 99% invisible activities that help to improve our world. Host Roman Mars, the co-founder of Radiotopia, created this excellent podcast. You will find it on iTunes. They have already reached 80 million downloads. Mars was the principal speaker of TED in 2015.

Three episodes that you need to focus on are:

  • Johnnycab (pt. 2, Automation Paradox)
  • Tube Benders
  • Norman Doors

The Innovation Engine Podcast

3Pillar Global helps in lifecycle management. It is also known as one of the best software product development companies. They offer the Innovative Engine Podcast that focuses on different corporate innovations through company culture, various invention, and strong leadership.

These 3 episodes are the best.

  • The Sports and Fitness Space Innovation with Simon Ogus
  • Productivity in different sectors with Laura Vanderkam
  • The Creativity Myth. This one is with David Burkus

The Product Design Show invented The Product Design Show which is a weekly podcast dedicated to product development and design. Vince Penman and Allison Toepperwein are the co-hosts of this podcast. Vince Penman is Kiasmus‘ s managing director, and Allison Toepperwein is a spokesperson and a renowned writer. You’ll get to know about the engineering behind industrial and consumer products through this podcast.

3 episodes you should watch

  • Biomimicry (Nature Inspires Design)
  • Complex Products Materials Control
  • Parametric Architecture


ZURB is a product design company that’s been serving since 1998. This podcast focuses on product development as well as design and shares insights from different influencers. You can listen to each episode during your lunch break because it takes just one hour.

3 superb episodes from this podcast that we like  are

  • Braden Kowitz: How to find harmony between Engineers and Designers
  • Marissa Louie: The design’s emotion
  • Wesley Yun: Connecting the Physical with the Digital

O’Reilly Design Podcast

O’Reilly Media focuses on sharing knowledge through different podcast episodes. You’ll get to know how accomplished designers are shaping IoT, Domains and other Businesses through their excellent designs. It’s a great inspirational podcast for the product designers and developers.

Episodes you should listen from this podcast are

  • Ben Yoskovitz (How to use Metrics to create Successful Companies and Products)
  • Designing for Ecosystems
  • How to Serve the IoT by combining Industrial and Interaction Design

Industrial Design with David Klein

David Klein is an accomplished industrial and product designer. He is also an instructor and works at Denver’s Metropolitan State University. This particular podcast can be operated through iTunes. It serves as an excellent resource for industrial product design and development.

Don’t forget to check out these 3 episodes

  • 002: Industrial Design
  • 004: Design Process
  • 005: Invention and Innovation

Board Makers

Board Makers focuses on different parts of product design and development including designing, building, and producing keyboards. Both custom and mechanical keyboards have been covered here. Check out SoundCloud for all the episodes.

These 3 are the most impressive among those episodes.

  • Episode 14 – Production lead times, Crowd-sourcing keyboard concepts and Massdrop shipping.
  • Episode 20 – Challenges, Tipro, and Firmware of Small Batch Production
  • Episode 22 – Ethics of Industrial Design, Electromagnetic Switches and Mechanical Laptop

The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

The Amp Hour Electronics is basically a premier electronics podcast. It concentrates on news, projects and the movement of the maker. Chris Gammell and Dave Jones have included everything about electronic design in this podcast. It includes components, circuit design, industry and a lot more. Along with that, they have a weekly show. They record it live without editing.

    The Spark Gap Podcast

    The Spark Gap Podcast explores all the systems that utilize embedded electronics and also the community that encompasses these things. Karl Bowers and Corey Lange hosted it. Karl Bowers is an electrical engineer. Corey Lange is also a computer and electrical engineer. Here you’ll get in-depth research and advice on how to use electronics in product design and development.

    15 Best Podcasts Related to Technology

    technology podcast

    Nowadays we are surrounded by different technologies. People usually try to avoid the podcasts that are a little too imperceptive or profoundly technical. Podcasts help to understand what we use, why we are using it and how its made. The history of these podcasts often affects the approach towards technology. It also helps you to take better decisions. Today we are going to reveal 15 best podcasts for technology that will open a new window for you so that you can lead a better life. Take a look.

    Why’d You Push That Button?

    Sometimes we suppose to control something, but instead of that, it starts controlling us. You can take the example of your phone. Whenever it buzzes you check it. But have you ever thought why you check it every time? Is it essential all the time? The hosts of this podcast Kaitlyn Tiffany and Ashley Carman beautifully explain the psychological manipulations of gadgets or apps that make you check it all the time.

    Note To Self

    Manoush Zomorodi asked some tough question hilariously in this podcast about tech. We use these techs on a daily basis. You’ll get to know about some in-depth pieces. It’ll explain Amazon’s role and different polite lies that we frequently pass on each other.
    Popular episode of this podcast: “Talking To Myself,” a mirror’s AI version, explains how your flaws come even in the kindest mirror.

    Future Tense

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation invented a new podcast called Future Tense that holds a different perspective on tech from the American perspective. It naturally focuses on the tech news as well as its broader implications.
    The episode of this podcast that we liked is  “Persistent Activism,” how tomorrow’s protest is going to be changed.

    This is only a test

    The team explains in this podcast various new gadgets, events, pop culture and experiments.
    One of the popular episode of this podcast is: “Christmas Light Wars,” a hilarious discussion.


    TechDirt never focuses on traffic in BS. It teaches you how to tackle meaty and substantial issues related to tech policy, ethics, law, etc.
    Popular Episode: “When Godwin’s Law Met the Streisand Effect”. “The Streisand Effect” is coined by Mike Masnick and Mike Godwin in this episode.


    Boagworld has been ruling the industry for many years now. You’ll find plenty of excellent material. Marcus and Paul are the hosts of this fantastic podcast. From client’s dealing to usability everything has been discussed here.
    Popular Episode: “The time episode.” They discussed testing expenses, time management and a lot more.

    Reply All

    Nowadays we cannot think of a single moment without the internet. It has a powerful impact. Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt explore hacking attacks that are weird. Sometimes it’s funny and malicious. The official website is
    Popular episode of this podcast: “The Prophet.” A man attacked a woman in Mexico City. Now, the woman is trying to identify that man by some simple legal move.

    HBR Ideacast

    The HBR Ideacast podcast gives you in-depth knowledge about technology. From the techniques of dealing with the dumb ideas of your bosses to Chinese investment especially in African factories, you’ll get to know everything.


    McAfee revealed the pop culture’s hacking and how professionals pull it off. Sometimes Hollywood is not at all close to reality. Hollywood screenwriters sometimes write plays that are less scary. The official website is

    Innovation Now

    If you are running out of time, then this podcast is for you. It will give you so many great ideas in just 2 minutes. Within only 30 seconds you’ll get different valuable information. The official website is
    One of the episode from this podcast that we liked was : “From Hawaii To Australia.” This one is about the scientists. Without even going under the water how they map coral reefs.

    Linear Digressions

    This one is a podcast that focuses on the data science. You’ll get to know what the companies do after collecting all the data through this podcast. You’ll also get to know the latest news and where it goes wrong. Along with that it also explores what actually interrupting in finding data science.
    Popular episode of this podcast: “Google Flu Trends.” It shows at the time flu prediction how Google decided to beat the CDC.

    American Innovations

    Wondery’s podcast, American Innovations focuses on the history of science and technology. It starts with the structure of DNA. You must have learned about Crick and Watson. But it’s not the full story.
    Popular  episode : “The Stuff of Life”. You’ll get to know the skill of Rosalind Franklin and her contribution to DNA discovery.

    IRL: Online Life Is Real Life

    Veronica Belmont from Mozilla published it. This podcast discusses different complex topics and internet phenomena that are weird and underreported and also make it relatable.
    Popular episode of this podcast: “Bot or Not.” It explores how pervasive robots continuously crawl the internet for different reasons and make regular people’s life more difficult.


    The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson is trying to find out the reasons of the transience behind the tech industry. Usually, companies focus on their own sake. This podcast focuses on to limit damages arise in the tech industry.
    The best episode we liked from this podcast: “Why Can’t Facebook Tell The Truth?” It completely covers the structural problems of a big company, Facebook and also how the constant mistruths damage a company.

    The Upgrade

    The Upgrade is the best technology that always helps us to find the best in us. It can be any topic, from being funnier to various self-improvements; the exceptional team of Lifehacker will always be there beside you.
    Popular episode of this podcast: “How To Pursue A Side Hustle.” It shows how to build a side career.

    15 Best Podcasts Related to Business and Marketing

    business podcast

    If you’re going to thrive in the world of marketing and business, continuous learning and updating oneself are top two priorities. Stagnation is definitely not going to work if you aim for building and retaining success. There are excellent resources to succeed in marketing and business podcasts. Even if you have some years of experience in marketing and business, there is still a lot that you can learn from the experts to update yourself.

    For startups, it is mandatory to learn the basic marketing and business podcasts before dreaming about success. But, it is impossible for anybody to subscribe to all of the podcasts. Therefore, here is a list of the 15 latest and most useful marketing and business podcasts that can lead you to great success:

    Noah Kagan Presents

    In Noah Kagan Presents, Noah is the host who broadcasts marketing and business tools with industry experts. If you are a startup, this podcast is definitely for you. The tips that you get here are great for the growth of the business. That’s the reason why beginners rely on this podcast to get good results.

    Startups for the Rest of Us

    Startups for the Rest of Us” is one of the most popular podcasts. Its two lively hosts are Rob Walling and Mike Tabler. They have more than 20 years of experience in the field of business and marketing. They have endless tips to share with software entrepreneurs. So, entrepreneurs and startups are suggested plenty of strategies and techniques for the development and growth of their business. You can quickly learn how VA can be used in your business and how you can test the success rate of your company’s products.


    Andrew Warner is the person who hosts Mixergy. It can be described as one of the most useful business podcasts for startup entrepreneurs. In each of its episodes, they invite a successful entrepreneur. They have already interviewed 1129 major founders. The entrepreneurs share their marketing and business strategies with the viewers. The best part of it is that the primary focus of this podcast is in the initial stage of a business. So, this show is particularly useful for beginners in the field of business and marketing.

    Copyblogger FM

    If you want to improve your writing and content marketing skills, Copyblogger FM podcast can be a great help. In this show, Sonia Simone gives updates and newest trends in the areas of email marketing, content marketing, conversation optimisation and copywriting.

    Marketing Over Coffee

    Marketing Over Coffee is an excellent podcast, and this is the reason why its episodes are everybody’s favourite. The two hosts are Christopher S. Penn and John J. Wall, and each show is of twenty minutes. The uniqueness of this show is that it is always set in a coffee shop. The podcast intends to be conversational, casual and definitely not “newsy.” They give helpful tips on copywriting, search marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, social marketing, and more.

    Social Media Marketing Podcast

    Michael Stelzner is the person who hosts the Social Media Marketing podcast. The team members of the SME team are all knowledgeable and well informed about the best business and marketing strategies. Each of their podcasts focuses on novel social media strategies and features, giving listeners actionable tips. If an entrepreneur follows these tips carefully, he can see improvement in his presence on the social media within a very short span of time.

    Hack the Entrepreneur

    Jon Nastor runs ‘Hack the Entrepreneur’ podcast. It discusses the habits, fears, and struggles of entrepreneurs. Both successful entrepreneurs and newcomers in the business are equally benefitted from this show. It mentions specific patterns. If you follow them dedicatedly, you’ll undoubtedly lead to success.

    Growth Marketing Toolbox

    Nicolas Scalice’s Growth Marketing Toolbox podcast is among the best podcasts. Nicholas Scalice is a growth marketer and a skilled blogger. In Scalice’s podcast, he explains all the latest marketing tools as well as technologies for rapid growth. After interviewing industry experts, product creators and startup founders, he has prepared his list from which you can learn about the best marketing strategies.

    The Indie Hackers Podcast

    This one is an excellent community named Indian Hackers. Here the entrepreneurs and founders work together and build profitable side projects and businesses. Courtland Allen projected so many interviews of the founders and developers so that you could get an idea about how they established their successful online business.

    The SaaS Content Marketing Show

    If you want to know the latest content marketing strategies, then this podcast is for you. Pawel Grabowski publishes the interviews of successful founders, marketers, and CEOs every week so that you can flourish your business by applying proper marketing strategies related to content.

    The Growth Mapping Podcast

    Genius marketing minds use some unique strategies to take their business to the next level. If you are interested to know those novel strategies, you have to check this podcast. The co-hosts of this podcast are Aaron Agius and Sujan Patel. In each episode, they focus on how to gain more revenue and customers.

    Social Pros Podcast

    This one is the best podcast for social media practitioners. Adam Brown from Salesforce and Jay Baer from Convince and Convert interviews and comes up with excellent social media strategies based on the latest policies and trends in social media.

    Call to Action

    Unbounce created this podcast, Call to Action. You’ll get to know about the entrepreneurs, their strategies and success stories on their online business. These candid interviews will give you the biggest success mantra that you can apply in your real life.

    Perpetual Traffic

    Ralph Burns, Molly Pittman, and Keith Krance are the incredible hosts of this podcast, Perpetual Traffic. They have provided with some excellent strategies so that you can fetch more traffics, sales and leads for your business. The best thing is these strategies are applicable for all size businesses. All the PPC platforms including LinkedIn Ads are covered by this podcast.

    The Tim Ferriss Show

    The author of “The Four Hour Work Week,” Tim Ferriss has launched his podcast The Tim Ferriss Show which has already ranked as one of the top business podcasts. He interviewed renowned celebrities who shared their routines, tactics, and tools to get success. You can utilise these strategies to get success in your business. You can even listen to the interviews of Amanda Palmer, Jamie Foxx, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Final Thoughts

    All these podcasts are informative as well as entertaining. These are also packed with full of knowledge. The experts of the industry shared their experiences and unique perspective with you. By applying these novel methods, you can also test success in your respective field. We divided these podcasts into four parts so that you can find out your area quickly. Hope you enjoyed. Many thanks for joining us.

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